The system of health improvement

November 7th, 2018
 (accordingly to G.P. Malakhov)  

Herbal treatment


Herbs for treatment are collected in ecologically clean areas using a special way and certain rules.

Herbal treatment is also a kind of cure that’s why it’s important to keep in mind there might be some contra indications.  

 Healthy diet

food pyramid turn into pie chart against white background   Drink liquids (water, juice, tea, etc.) 10-15 mins before your meal. Don’t drink during 1-2 hours after the meal. After starchy foods (porridge, bread, etc.) you can drink in 3 hours, and after protein food – in 4-5 hours. If you have a sharp desire to drink (especially that can happen in the beginning of healthy diet practicing) you should rinse your mouth with water and take 2-3 little sips.   Stop eating after you feel the first sense of fullness. Keep in mind that it takes some time before nutrients come into blood and you will feel full. If you eat too fast you eat more than you need. If you feel a big hunger – eat a little portion and then take s little walk or do some light physical exercises. You need to take your mind off your meal for about 30-60 mins. Nutrients will have time to come into blood and sharp strong hunger will disappear. You’ll feel a healthy sense of fullness and you won’t want to eat in the nearest 2-4 hours. Eat fruit before your meal or make them a different eating. “You should deserve your breakfast” After physical exercises: jogging, brisk walk, work after your house, etc. it’s better to have alkaline food (fresh juice, fruit, vegetables salads).   jogging   At a lunch time eat protein or starchy food (eat protein food and the next day starchy food), putting together with neutral food. In the evening not later than 5-6 pm eat alkaline food (season fruit or soak dried fruit, soured milk) which will not load the body with the digestive process and let it have a rest totally at night. Also you can drink fresh juice or herbal tea.   herbal tea   Abide the right sequence of food products while eating and their compatibility. Begin each meal with fresh plant food, fruit, salads or fresh juice (it’s a very important recommendation for weak and ill people). Eat one proteinic concentrated course in one meal. Eat at a different set:   Keep measures for dysbacteriosis sour milk   Stimulate digestive capacity of your stomach and intestine (that’s a recommendation for all people): middle physical activity 1-2 hours before your meal lets your organism be energetically ready and make it warm from the inside. Make the delivery of nutrient materials to the sells easier (that’s a recommendation for all people): Visit sauna not less than 2 times a week or keep absolute diet during 36 hours per week and even more better to do that during ekadashi days (the 11th day after new Moon and on the 11th day after full Moon). Take care after intestinal hormonal axis: Absolute diet from 5 to 10 days. Two or three of such absolute diets per year will be enough. Clean your organism regularly to make your digestion smooth. It’s better to do that during the days of fasting:
  1. Clean large intestine
  2. Clean liver – very important
  3. Ease the digestive tract functioning.
The answers to many important questions concerning eating in cure and phylactic purposes such as: you can find in books by G.P. Malakhov “Golden rules of healthy diet”, “Dietetic therapy and separation diet”.   Body cleaning - Large intestine (combine with cleaning from parasites) - liver and gallbladder - kidneys - connective tissue. In the beginning 3-4 large intestine cleaning, 5-7 liver cleaning. Hereafter you should choose a period of 1-2 weeks 1-2 times per year in the time of the vernal equinox and fall equinox for deep body cleaning. It includes preliminary softening and cleaning of large intestine and liver. Or you can do a preliminary fast for 3-10 days during special fasting days. Preparations of body for the cleaning: Large intestine cleaning Fast with the following healthy diet Fast 1 time per week during 24-36 hours. The first meal after that should be fresh salad with carrot and cabbage without oil and species. The digestive tract cleaning. Shank prakshalana. Liver cleaning During a month you should make 3-4 cleanings (liver consists of 4 parts. For 1 cleaning you can totally clean only 1 part of liver. For 2 – the second part, etc.) Kidneys cleaning (the best time for cleaning is winter) The treatment should be made in courses for 20-30 days with breaks 10-20 days till total recovery You should do this cleaning for 2-3 weeks till satisfactory result. Take 1/3 of glass of warm liquid 3 times a day during 1-2 weeks. Yogic poses complete preventive measures for kidneys diseases: During cleaning you better: Young children body cleaning You should feed them with the right food then there is no necessity in cleaning. The best cleaning for them is to take their own urine or warm baths followed by cool water swill. Instead of body cleaning You should do fasts for 7-10 days 3-4 times per year regularly. Nevertheless it’s preferably to clean liver. To reach clean body while eating is impossible. If you want to live a long healthy life you should fine the time for cleaning procedures. Inner body cleanliness – the best guarantee for your health and longevity The most useful recipes, exercises, rules of making fasts are in the books by G.P. Malakhov:   “Ekadahi” is translated from Sanskrit as “the eleventh”. That is 2 days in a month (11th day after full Moon and 11th day after new Moon), which are considered to be the  most fortunate for fasting practice. There are 2 ekadashi in a month and 24 in a year. Ancient Veda texts (puranas) say about the benefits of fasts in Ekadashi days. They say the fast during those days make negativity of our actions aftermath of smooth which caused our unsavory ventures. Traditional Indian approach is a total refusal from food during those days. But this rough method doesn’t fit everybody in view of health condition, hard labor efforts and other factors. That’s why there is a list of food products which you can eat during ekadashi days or which ones you should avoid. During the Ekadashi you should avoid: Food products you can eat during the Ekadashi: In the morning of Ekadashi you should take a shower and try to keep your mind and body in cleanliness and calmness. That’s very important to understand that the fast is not just refuse from taking food or some food products. If you admit the turn from moral code and ethics or give free swing to temper and annoyance – in fact you’re not fasting, you’re just not eating. You should get in the right mindset to keep fasting, otherwise don’t torture yourself. Going out from the fast you should make the next morning 2-3 hours after sun rise. Preferably your 1st meal consists of fresh fruit (or fresh juice).