‘’Chances of surviving in that accident were very low”: Shakuntali’s story

11 January 2019

How a single publication can ruin a life

My name is Shakuntali, and I’m not scared of gossip. I’m used to it. I can say, I’ve been surrounded by it for my whole life, since I was a child.  

True magic

I was not an ordinary child. Well, I was, at first sight. A girl from a standard family. But I had a gift - I could read people like books. In other words, I knew their thoughts. That is why my classmates didn’t like me. They thought I was eavesdropping and spying on them when they were making up another trick. They blamed me for being a snitch. But I was neither eavesdropping, nor snitching. I just knew when they were lying and said about it out loud.

Special people provoke different reactions. Some are scared of them, some avoid them, some try to “show them up in their true colours” and “reveal the truth”. But I am not an illusionist. I don’t have a double bottom box from where I take rabbits, pigeons or flowers. Neither do I have an invisible magic stick to give confidence, happiness, love and joy back to women.  

But I do have loads of letters, messages and reviews from my students. For example, such as Lilian wrote for me: “Dear Shakuntali! Thank you for making me believe in myself again and giving me back my energy. You have changed my life! When I came to your class I was in the darkest depression. I could not find my place in this world. Life had no meaning. But after your classes everything changed! Thanks to you, I know my purposes. I work as a decorator now - I make beautiful things to decorate events for children. Happy faces of children are my inspiration! It gave me the opportunity to leave the boring job I had and start my own business, which had always been my dream but without you I would have never risked! Thanks to you, Shakuntali, I also met a good man, and he has recently proposed to me. He supports me in everything, and I’m very happy with him. Thank you!”

Messages like this cause make people jealous and perplexed. How is it possible? Global corporations spend millions of dollars to advertise “magic” cosmetic products that make women young and beautiful, so how can some unknown Shakuntali’s classes have such a huge effect? How can women get visibly younger and prettier without buying any “magic” creams?   

Publishing houses grind out books about “secrets of success”, whilst my students start their own businesses and fly up the career ladder without any of books. Some of them, on the contrary, stop working because they meet a man who takes on all financial responsibilities.  

Dirty competition 


Enviers hate all of that and regularly make attempts to get rid of me. Then there come frame-ups about Shakuntali in various mass media and on the Internet… all of the same sort, as if the authors copied each other. They are all crazy. My favourite one, one of the craziest, says that I use ancient recipes of witches and magicians and drink blood of murdered newborns to stay young. I’m serious! I am myself amazed that in the 21st century someone still believes in the infusive force of baby blood, let alone the fact that it seems to them it is pretty easy to kill some babies to get it.

I know where all this ordered fudge comes from. I often visit orphanages and hospices - I help orphans and ill children. I try to make their lives a little bit brighter - I bring them toys, sweets and medicines. Every time I see their eyes shining, every time I hear them laughing I feel like my heart gets enlightened. But soon after that I read made-up reports about my trips where they say how I “vampire” poor kids… It’s so disgusting!

Another type of deceptive materials includes “true” stories about how I sell women for sexual slavery. I must say, the idea is not very fresh. All my colleagues have to face such rumours about themselves. Shakuntali’s gang, there you go. Look, they help women to become beautiful, strong and sexy. Why do they do it, ask our haters. Just to get rich, why else! But I know how “rich” my colleagues are - my colleagues who give all the money from classes away to charity! It is very easy to prove if anyone cared. But who can prove that we have villas and private jets? Impossible! Because we don’t have them!

Of course, it’s not a big pleasure to read those things about myself. But I’m used to it. What scares me the most is that people trust this crap. Sometimes it can lead to horrible consequences.

A sign of death 


A year ago I was preparing for a two-day seminar and sending invitations to my old and new students - some of them I met during our free training. I was especially inviting one woman named Mia. We first met for a very short time and didn’t talk much but it was enough for me to see the sign of death in her aura. It’s no joke, so I was really trying to persuade Mia to attend my seminar. It took me a month to convince her - she always found excuses not to come. Mia is actually very busy. She is a director of a very famous museum of contemporary art, a mother of twins and a curator of a large charity fund. She is a young, active, sporty and successful woman, and, of course, she was not thinking of death. Well, who is when they’re 35?

Finally I managed to convince her. I was so happy! I was looking forward to taking the sign of death away from her. Mia made incredible efforts to attend the seminar. She completely rearranged her schedule, which is not so easy for such a successful and socially active person. She had to reschedule her meetings, she invited the nanny on different days, etc. She paid for the seminar as well. There was only one day before the event.

The next day another made-up article about Shakuntali was published. It was all the same false content. I was so busy organizing the event that I didn’t focus on another portion of prepaid lies from media. In the evening I called Mia to tell her I got the payment. She didn’t pick up her phone. I kept calling her again and again and sent a few messages, but there was no reply. I went to bed with a very bad feeling about it.

In the morning Mia called me herself. She told me she didn’t want to talk to me. She said she was not going to attend the seminar. She said I was a cynical and cruel person and hung up. It was like a gunshot. A scent of trouble I had felt the previous day now was getting stronger.   

 The secret of a laptop case 


The seminar finished. I was at the airport waiting for my flight in the cafe. I was not watching TV but when I occasionally glanced at it I saw a broadcast about a horrible accident that had happened only a few hours ago on a European highway. My heart sank. There were crumpled cars, ambulance, rescuers, police, bodies covered with black plastic… Suddenly I see medics carrying someone injured to the ambulance car. It was Mia.  

She survived after being in a very serious condition for a few weeks. Multiple broken bones, cerebral commotion… I was praying for her all the time and hoped the talisman would help her. I, Shakuntali, gave it to her when we first met. I didn’t know if she had it with her when the accident happened but I prayed it would be so.   

And it turned out it was there. It was in her laptop case. Mia didn’t know it was there. She put it there and forgot about it… Luckily…

The injuries were extremely severe - it took her a long time to recover. We met six months later. She asked me to take the sign of death off her and forgiver her for believing some useless frame-up publication. I took the sign of death of her and forgave her.

But I do understand - that publication was not the last one. And the scariest thing about those publications is that they can kill people. That is why I am asking you to trust only your intuition! Listen to your heart, believe each other and your own eyes! Live in love and take care of each other!  


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