”Slander can only cause harm to my students”: Diana shares two true stories

14 January 2019

How a date can turn into a rape 

Many times in my life I had to face slander, dirty rumours, gossip and all kinds of fiction about myself. Diana this, Diana that... The reason was envy, every single time. There is always someone who believes that your life is easier, richer and more successful than other people’s lives. It hurts me even more when these rumours are spread by people who are supposed to be “spiritual”; who think they are messengers of love and kindness. I only pray for them; I know it’s not their fault. I know it’s evil forces that darken their light.

 Like a star 

Celebrities suffer from it more than anybody else. On one hand, millions of people adore them, but, on the other hand, thousands are poisonously jealous. They make loads of dirty comments on the Internet, they create malicious memes; they write incriminating articles and publish dingy pictures.

I, Diana, am not a star and have never dreamed of becoming one, so I used to be sure these things would never ever touch me. But life had something unexpected for me in store...

Fifteen years ago I first arrived in a beautiful sunny country by the ocean coast. I had already given seminars and trainings for women before. Halfway around the world I realized that people have the same problems everywhere. Women in any country can be not confident enough, unhappy in their love life, not successful in their careers and have inferiority complex. What scared me the most was the fact that, trying to escape from loneliness, they are binding their lives with disgraceful men who humiliate them both psychologically and even physically sometimes.

That is why I decided to continue helping women who have nowhere else to go. They feel they are not needed; they feel they don’t deserve happiness. But it can never be true! Every single one of us deserves to be happy, wealthy, successful, beautiful and loved!

I’m happy to have made thousands of my compatriots believe they do! Their success stories are inspire me and other women. But it turned out that not everybody feels the same about it. For example, my competitors and haters don’t. They start to spread some unthinkable rumours about me. The most popular myth I’ve heard is about sexual slavery. Their logic is simple: if I work with women and after my trainings they become beautiful, sexy and relaxed, it means I prepare them for prostitution. When they are ready I sell them and that’s how I get money.

A millionaire with seasickness   


About money, by the way. I was blamed several times that I thrive on miserable women. Help should not seek profit, they said, and Diana organizes seminars only to get richer. They even said that I lived in a luxurious villa that costs a few million dollars and had a yacht and a staff of servants.

Actually, I lived in a villa. There were 15 of us - the participants of my offsite seminar and I. The house was really luxurious, with a large garden and ocean view. Unfortunately, it wasn’t mine. Otherwise I wouldn’t have to pay tons of money to rent it... We didn’t have any servants. There was only my personal assistant who was arranging organizational things (not “washing the underwear of future prostitutes at night” as I once read on a famous website! I don’t have a yacht either; I don’t even have an inflatable boat! What I do have is a seasickness, that is why I’m not really into yachts).

It was even amusing sometimes to read all those bedtime stories. Unfortunately for my enemies, it’s not me they damage. I know myself; I know I am not a millionaire pimp. These people cause harm to my students. Sometimes it can lead to horrible consequences.

I will give you two examples.

Dark thoughts

The first episode happened five years ago. A woman who was also organizing women-oriented trainings called me. Her name was Marisa. She invited various “experts”, she tried to give some exercises herself, but her business didn’t go anywhere. She didn’t get any income. Life seemed to be at a standstill... I was literally her last straw. We worked out all her problems. Marisa started to organize seminars with me, and her life changed dramatically! She got rid of her diseases, she raised her self-esteem; she found new customers. She was blooming! I was happy for her and was looking forward to her future success and wealth.

At the time someone published another incriminating article about me! It was about prostitution and illegal incomes again. Diana appeared in her usual role again. I had known Marisa for more than a year by then. I was sure we would laugh at this “revelatory” masterpiece together. She had been to my place many times, she knew my lifestyle, and, of course, she attended my classes. But she believed! She believed my competitor’s frame-up instead of trusting me, the person she knew so well!

It was horrible. It was horrible for me because I lost my friend. It was horrible for her because she let negative thoughts in. The door for bad things to happen in her life was now wide open. And bad things started to happen... Someone robbed her house and stole her car. Her teenage daughter fell seriously ill... Of course, I didn’t left her in the lurch, but it took me a long time to regain her trust and clean her life from the negativity. Her daughter nearly died. Thanks God, we manage to sort it out...

A date with a bastard

The second episode happened only 8 months ago. One day an overweight girl came to my training. She had serious problems with her thyroid, which was the cause of her obesity. Paola didn’t actually come to my training herself - her mom brought her in a wheelchair. She was crying because her daughter had tried to commit suicide. I could understand why: she had no love life at all. Paola was ashamed of her body; she avoided men, but even those men who she rarely saw were bullying and humiliating her. Her self-esteem was close to zero, let alone health problems.

We started to a course, and Paola bloomed very soon. She had always been a beauty but she couldn’t see it. She didn’t believe in herself. She lost almost 25 kg. She started to get attention from wealthy and handsome men. Her mom was treading on air - she was so happy for her daughter! At that time a few Instagram bloggers published some content about me... all the same old things. Of course, someone paid for this frame-up to sling dirt at me again.

For some reason Paola got really scared. I don’t know.... maybe she actually believed that Diana was going to sell her for sex slavery when we finish the course and she becomes a stunningly beautiful woman? Anyway, she was so scared that she threw away her talisman I gave her and asked to carry with her all the time. She threw it away and went to the first date in her entire life! She had been waiting for it for so long... preparing for it, dreaming about it...

The result was horrible. The man who invited her out robbed and raped her. I didn’t have time to do the usual photo diagnostics because that darned article was published that day...

Now Paola is undergoing a rehabilitation course with me. I believe everything will be alright. I will do everything I can. Sometimes I’m just really scared how destructive slander and jealousy can be.

I am begging you - listen to your heart. Don’t trust every piece of information you find on the Internet or other mass media! Trust your intuition! Trust what YOU see and hear and you won’t put yourself in horrible situations!

Yours faithfully, Diana


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