How Mistakes From Our Past Create Our Future

February 14th, 2019

We are born like a sheet of paper — like a clean slate. During our life we write our story upon this slate. Sometimes we make mistakes.

Unfortunately, we can’t erase or cross them out and write a new scenario. So what can we do? What if the mistakes of our past don’t let us sleep at night?

Past Mistakes. How Can We Process Them?

Let’s take a closer look at how we can transform our negative experience into a seed of growth and blossoming. First of all, you need to understand and remember this:

  1. Every mistake is an agent of growth. Thanks to our mistakes, we can see the truth of the matter. Every time we make a mistake, we can look into the essence of a problem and find a new way to solve it. We can clearly evaluate which of our qualities created the undesired results.
  2. Character building. This is the main path on the road to maturation and becoming wise. We learn about people, learn how to build healthy relationships. Our hearts become kinder and our characters become tougher. We learn to accept ourselves and others without illusions or judgment.
  3. You become smarter.When you make a mistake in a situation, you later see many different ways in which you could have handled it. Mistakes activate our brain activity and help us find new solutions.
  4. Mistakes are a big part of the experience. From birth we use the method of “trial and error” to learn about our surrounding environment. We forget unpleasant emotions and are left with invaluable lessons and knowledge.
  5. Mistakes help develop your mind’s flexibility. This allows you to look at a situation from many different angles and to jump around to find various solutions to a problem. This skill is very useful in your professional career as well as in your personal life.

No one is perfect. We are not taught in school how to live correctly, how to raise our children, how to create a family. This is why mistakes are inevitable. But this isn’t a reason to worry. We must accept this fact and be ready for self-development. Our personality is formed by various events and they affect our decisions and choices. We can use this to our advantage. All great people made mistake while they were working on their theories and making discoveries.

Sometimes past mistakes weigh heavily on our soul and don’t let us live up to our potential. It is impossible to let go of some situations on our own, especially when it has to do with matters of the heart and our relationships of love.

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