Healer Zhannabel: miracles of astral surgery

February 21st, 2019

Saving a child who fell from the 8th floor

Healer Zhannabel recalls a story about a miraculous healing that became a reality thanks to her knowledge of astral surgery.

Spirits Calling for Help

I saw a lot of things in my life. This story happened about a year ago. I was at a Place of Power walking nonchalantly by the sea and talking with sea spirits. Then all of a sudden I heard a lingering moan. At first I didn’t realize the whereabouts of this sound. But I felt as if something called for me. Those were spirits. Spirits-helpers who ask for our attention: for the attention of the Knowledgeable people. People who see and hear the world of spirits. I, Zhannabel, am one of those people. That very moment I started to move in the right direction.

On the seashore I saw a deserted nine-storey building – the construction of the high-riser was launched about fifteen years ago but then it was abandoned. Local boys came there to challenge their own courage. They used a rope to go up to the 9th floor and then descend. So a youth wishing to show off decided to climb upstairs. I approached at that very moment when the boy reached the 6th floor. I got that sinking feeling which usually comes when you see the disaster coming. The air seemed to thicken and the darkness surrounded me. However nobody else felt like this. I understood that spirits called for me. Zhannabel, a healer and a sorceress, had to prevent a tragedy. I rushed to the rope and began to shout so that he came down but the boy paid no attention to my cries. His five friends stood beneath him inciting the boy to climb higher.

He was close to the 8th floor when he slowed and looked down with uncertainty as if he regretted what he had done. As if he wished to come down. His friends stopped talking as well and were looking at him. He hesitated for a minute and grasped the rope a bit higher to reach the top. I felt as if struck by lightning.

Spirits howled. The rope tore. In a deafening silence the boy was falling down.

Piece by Piece

It was all like in a slow motion. I couldn’t just stand there and watch but I couldn’t do anything else but delay his fall. Silently I ‘lay an energy pillow’ under his body and concentrated on his weight. The boys abruptly jumped aside when the body thudded on the ground. We immediately rushed to him. He was unconscious…

His friends called for an ambulance. But the ambulance wasn’t enough – when they arrived it would be too late. I understood that. So I leaned to him and began to carefully examine his limp body. Yes, ‘the body’ was the exact word for it: just a bunch of broken bones and mutilated limbs remained. The skull was smashed and the spine – crushed. He had a few minutes to live. The energy pillow cushioned his fall but the height was too high. The 8th floor. Nobody survives after that.

The boys stood aloof in astonishment. They had never been in similar situations and didn’t know what to do. But I wasn’t going to give up. Spirits wouldn’t have called for me if everything had been predetermined. I know the astral surgery, I am a healer thus I concentrated on his injuries.

With great care I began to recover his crushed bones and fix his skull and spine.

I gave him all my energy and I was completely exhausted. I was about to feel nothing and just kept on silently performing energetic surgery on his breathless body trying to bring him to life.

As in a fog I saw the ambulance arrived. Doctors came up to us with a litter. It had been too long so they could have easily pronounced him dead. They weren’t in a hurry realizing that it was over. They didn’t know that I, Zhannabel, was a healer. I did my best and was ready to pass the body over to the doctors. Suddenly I saw the fallen boy moved slightly under my arms and gave a feeble moan.

We were all in s state of shock. The doctors began to examine him hastily and take his pulse. I stepped aside. They saw numerous bruises and grazes, saw a sticky blood puddle under his head. They thoroughly palpated his skull and didn’t find any fractures. They were extremely astonished. They turned to other boys and looked at them as if they had been fooled.

One of the doctors said with a reproach: ‘Why did you do it? Why did you tell us he fell from the 8th floor?’

Five boys rushed to the doctors and began to explain zestfully that everything was exactly as they said. They desperately pointed out to the rope and then again to their friend. Then they waved at me and said: ‘This woman saved him as if she were a healer. His body was completely mutilated and now he’s ok’.

Real Miracle

Still with some skepticism the doctors kept on examining the falling boy and taking his pulse. Then they put him on the litter. They placed him to the ambulance while I smiled and with a light heart followed him with my eyes. I turned and went away.

It was a great weight off my mind. Joy and serenity filled me up. I helped that boy, I saved a young life. The healer took heed of the call of spirits and was grateful for that. But even more I thanked my masters who taught me the astral surgery. They made me believe in its power and usefulness in such situations. They made me believe that I was a healer and knew how to save lives.

On my leave I heard the doctors saying: ‘It’s impossible! So few injuries. After such a fall there are no chances to stay alive. It’s a miracle. He was lucky. He’ll survive.’

I understood that astral surgery could really do that. An ignorant person can take it for magic or miracle but for the Knowledgeable people it’s a usual proceeding.

I walked by the sea and gentle tide shared its power with me. Spirits refilled me with energy and silent happiness came to my heart…


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