Spiritual retreats, courses and seminars

28 February 2019


Nowadays all spiritual retreats, courses and seminars are trendy. New Era demands from us to use our-self more effectively through social and spiritual achievements to be successful.

One question our coaches sometimes are asked: "Why do all women have amazing results immediately after classes, but that isn’t true for me?". We’ll answer.

Spiritual retreats, courses and seminars

What's wrong with me?

One woman after the spiritual retreat of the project “Field of Love” completely got rid of cancer, although doctors said that it was impossible! The other one came to us on the verge of divorce. During 15 years of marriage relationship with her husband has been exhausted. And what do you think, they haven’t only saved their marriage, but have given birth to a child!

The third had its own leisure center for children, but the business wasn’t going well, there were no customers, so that the room wasn’t idle, she gave it to us for holding a seminar. Two days later, she called us and said that she now had the customers lined up until the end of the year. Now (it's been 2 years) she has a network of seven centers in the city and she has published a book on parenting.

Impressive examples, right? Her business on top now after the seminar.

Of course there are cases a bit simpler. For example, to one girl her husband presented a huge bouquet of 101 roses on the day of the webinar held by our coach! Prior to that, for four years of marriage, she hasn’t seen any gifts from him.

A week after the training another woman’s husband got a new job with a salary of 15000!
Spiritual retreats, courses and seminars

The secret law of attraction works!

The project "Field of love" with its spiritual retreats, courses and seminars has a great amount of stories like these. Such stories certainly please and impress us. But sometimes it happens that not everyone is happy. Some participants are amazed by the results of other women, but they grieve that nothing changes in their own lives, although they seem to follow our coaches’ recommendations.

In such cases, people usually say: " Something is wrong with me." This thought is fundamentally wrong! There are only four reasons why our seminars don't help. And they won’t, if not eliminate the several reasons!

Follow the recommendations of our mentors!

Remember what usually follows a complex operation? Of course, the process of rehabilitation. The doctor will prescribe the diet, permissible power loads and recovery procedures. If you don’t comply with them, the seams will disperse, and the patient will have to return to the operating table. And it’s the best case: for example, a harmless jog in a park after a heart surgery can simply kill. And it's also hard to imagine a person who runs a marathon after, say, shunting, right?

Now let's imagine that the energy work during the spiritual retreats, courses and seminarsis also a surgical operation on the energetic body. An experienced medical trainer removes diseased "organ" of the patient: insecurity, fear, resentment, sickness, weakness. And transplants "an implant" – a talent or ability, which will allow the patient to find happiness, love, prosperity and self-confidence.

Before "a discharge " the coach, like a real doctor, will prescribe a course of rehabilitation – the practices that need to be performed the implant to took root.

Unfortunately, at this point, many students decide that they don’t need a recovery period, because unlike real patients they don’t feel any pain, so they think that they can immediately return to their normal lives.

Stop! This is the main reason why seminars don’t help!

"I've accomplished almost all the tasks." Almost doesn't count! Don’t fool yourself! If you really followed all the recommendations of the coach, now you wouldn’t wonder why our seminars don’t help you.

There is another important point. To make everything work, you need to enlist the support of the higher forces, which is the Universe. What does it mean? If all your dreams and changes are selfish and are aimed only at you personally, the universe won’t hear you. It’s necessary to help other people. The more you give, the more you get. This is how the law of the Universe works.

Immediately after classes, our students experience an incredible emotional lift. They feel strong and already changed, capable of everything. They feel so good that rehabilitation seems for them a waste of time. It is wrong!

You need time to really change!

It is necessary to form a new behavioral habit, which usually happens after 21 days. That is why our coaches give "homework", which is designed for this particular period.

If you finish your practice early, it won't work! If you don’t carry it out in a prescribed amount, nothing will be acquired! If you don’t prepare the hometasks at all, nothing will change! The stitches will come apart, and you'll be back on the operating table wondering why others have a new home, a son studying at a prestigious university and a book of poems, and what you only have are uncertainty, loneliness and an empty bank account.

Because someone went out for a run every day, three times a week did yoga and four times — dancing. And what about you? Do you remember! First, the bad weather "prevented"— you are no fool to run in a pouring rain. Then at work there was a deadline and so, you skipped yoga, then your friend called you to celebrate her birthday, and you were eating cakes at the cafe instead of dancing.

"I've accomplished almost all the tasks." Almost doesn't count! Don’t fool yourself! If you really followed all the recommendations of the coach, now you wouldn’t wonder why our seminars don’t help you.

There is another important point. To make everything work, you need to enlist the support of the higher forces, which is the Universe. What does it mean? If all your dreams and changes are selfish and are aimed only at you personally, the universe won’t hear you. It’s necessary to help other people. The more you give, the more you get. This is how the law of the Universe works.

Stop doubting!

The second reason are your own doubts. There is a saying: "If you are afraid that you won’t succeed, don’t be afraid — you won’t." The worm of doubt gnaws an energy hole inside you, through which fly away all the acquired during the training skills. This worm, as a parasite, cannot be seen with the naked eye, but it quickly destroys our life.

"I would go to a seminar, but if it doesn’t help me?". "Of course I can spend my last money on a magic talisman, but will it work?". "I’ve heard a lot of good about this coach, but will he be able to solve my problem?". While you keep asking these questions, don’t wait for a quick result! 

Once two sisters came to us. The eldest Kristel was married to a wealthy man, lived in prosperity, but the relationship with her husband didn’t go well, they always quarreled. And Natalie's just graduated and couldn’t find a work of her specialty. She had to work as a waitress to have at least some money for the basic needs.

After the first lesson, the younger sister realized that the project ”Field of love " will help her, she performed all the tasks of coaches, attended group classes and offsite seminars. Kristel, though continued to perform, doubted and didn’t believe until the end that our masters can help her to improve relations in the family. Naturally, her situation didn’t change. She decided that she just loses time and stopped attend the seminars. Over the next two years, it turned out that Kristel's husband was connected with crime. In the end, he had been put in prison, and Kristel was literally on the street with the baby in her arms. All property of her husband was arrested, she has no profession, and all hope was only for the charitable organizations’ help.

All that time Natalie continued to attend our classes. And after a while friends suggested her to open a restaurant.

Moreover, Natalie got the position of a chef, she always cooked well, and all friends knew about it. Nowadays in her restaurant there is an obligatory booking for six months in advance, some people come from abroad especially for her signature dishes. There’re rumors going that the Michelin star isn’t far off, and the wedding with a very famous racing driver – a terrible fan of Natalie’s cooking. And not just the cooking))

Natalie knew what results our project could benefit, she was worrying about her sister, and repeatedly asked her to resume classes with the coaches. But once doubted the effectiveness of training, Kristel didn’t even try to change her life.

And what kind of life would you prefer: successful, beloved, the life of a woman who realized her talents, or of a single and useless? That's it! Let's agree, there is no doubt, it simply doesn’t exist! Now stand up in front of the mirror and say, "I'm sure the Field of Love will help me." Now look into the woman's eyes in the reflection. Do you believe that her life will change dramatically? We too! It's changing for good from now!

Spiritual retreats, courses and seminars

Positive thinking 

The third reason why spiritual retreats, courses and seminars don’t help is dissatisfaction with life. This isn’t just a status "everything is bad" in social networks, it‘s a dangerous disease. Like a cold, for example. Let's call it an emotional infectious disease (EID). It acts as the usual flu.

First, we "catch" the virus. Where? Well, anywhere! At the post office, in public transport, supermarkets, hairdressers and even at home. Unfortunately, the carrier of the infection can even be a close person. For example, a mother who isn’t happy with life (let’s note in brackets, with your life): not married, not working in the right place, not preparing eggs properly, not raising your children correctly. Or the best friend, who is constantly complaining about her chief, colleagues, neighbors, birds, too loudly chirping under her window, weather, prices and so on and so on…

What happens after that?

The infected body begins to fight the virus, push it through the cold, cough and temperature. The same with EID: if someone infected us with discontent, then we begin to "sneeze" and "cough" with anger, grumbling, envy and other unpleasant emotions. And then we wonder why colleagues stopped calling us for lunch, friends don’t put huskies under our posts, and husbands later and later return from his work. They just don’t want to be near us, and no one wants to get infected with dissatisfaction of life!

Valerie came to us one day. In one year, she buried both parents, and she herself was diagnosed cancer of the uterus. But at the same time she wasn’t angry at the world and fate, on the contrary, she was a very bright, cheerful person: she helped her neighbors (she lived in an area where there are many elderly people), worked as a volunteer in animal shelters and organizations that help women who undergone violence. Of course, we had a special healing ceremony with Valerie, but it wouldn’t have helped so quickly if this woman wasn’t so positive, giving others her time, strength and love!

And the disease has receded! Even the doctors were amazed — it was a real miracle!

Of course, this story isn’t about the miraculous healing, but about the right — positive — attitude. Smile to the world and it will smile to you. And all, that you wanted to change in life, will change!

Another story…

And it will be exactly the opposite, if you only pour on others your negative. Along with that bright woman there went to school other pupil Emma. She was always dissatisfied with everything: the music is too loud, the participants of the seminars are too stupid, the coaches aren’t competent, and  cannot be trusted.

If someone, even her close friends, had some joy in life (new dress, promotion, the first steps of the child), Emma wasn't only jealous, but tried to devalue other people's achievements (dress suits badly, the position isn’t high enough, the child is too active which will be a problem). All the anger and negativity that woman was broadcasting to the world returned to her: she was getting old before our eyes, looked very ill and once she even had the strongest internal bleeding, so, doctors barely saved her.

You need to understand, the virus of discontent isn’t only dangerous for others, it destroys yourself! If you don't stop it, it'll ruin your whole life!

Concentrate on the target!

Have you ever been to the desert? Do you think there could be any water? Just do not rush to answer! Water in the desert, of course, can be found. The only question is how deep you’ll have to dig to reach the refreshing moisture at the bottom. It’s clear that to make the deepest well in the middle of the Sahara is really difficult and long, you need a lot of strength and patience, you need to be able to overcome the pain and not to give up when the hot wind tries to spoil the fruits of your labors. But agree that it worth it!

Remember people who have achieved a lot in life

It doesn’t matter, famous athletes, scientists, writers or your former classmates. All life they dug the well accumulating all the forces, time, talents in one place. Lived for one purpose. 

After the first loss Rafael Nadal didn’t spit on tennis and didn’t go to the section of long jumps.

Your friend Irene, with whom you took piano lessons as a child, didn’t move to the volleyball section after the first failed audition.

And now she plays in the orchestra of the Vienna Opera, and you use the piano, like a shelf for flowers and all sorts of dust collectors.

Because at the age of 6 you wanted to become a pianist, at 8 you became interested in dancing, at 9 you “firmly” decided to become a veterinarian, at 12 — an actress, and at 17 you did not enter the selected institute and became what you became. You didn’t dig a well, but you’ve dug a lot of little holes here and there, and, of course, you didn’t find “living water” in them.

In an effort to change life for the better, many people also forget about the well, jumping from one to another: today there is one female coach, tomorrow another seminar on personal development. "I tried psychodrama - it didn't help me, I decided to balance myself with yoga and reiki." And then you still wonder why trainings don't help.

No need to spend time running from one "specialist" to another

In this case you will die of thirst while you search for someone who will help you.

For example, our student Kelly heads the largest aid fund of cerebral palsy in North Africa. But she herself lives with this diagnosis all her life! Nevertheless, the desire to help others was stronger than the disease and lack of funds. Kelly came to our project and for two years didn't miss a single training, did every (!) Homework, made a deep review of her life and ... met a sponsor who believed in Kelly and helped her create a charitable foundation!

Do you think it is just two years of life to devote to one business? No, it's not! It takes a lot of time and effort. And also faith and desire to make other people happy. Can you compare Kelly's foundation with water in the Sahara? Yes, and how!

With us you don’t have to jump from one hole to another - we make comprehensive courses where all the best from previous generations is combined. Courses "Secrets of the 10 great women" and "The power of the race" are just such. This is a turnkey solution for you to become a confident, strong, self-realized and happy woman.

This well we'll dig together!

Failure to do practice, doubt, dissatisfaction with the world and inability to concentrate on the goal - not the thieves, penetrated into your house under cover of night and stole the results of attending seminars. They aren't external enemies against whom selected troops can be put up.

Everything is much worse! They are parasites, and you yourself allowed them to settle in your soul and mind. Only you can beat them and only if you stop pretending that they are not. Don't engage in self-deception, kill the parasites and become one of the thousands of women to whom the “Field of Love” with its spiritual retreats, courses and seminars have really helped!

Conclusion-summary: 1) Follow the recommendations and prepare your homework always and completely! 2) Believe in your strength and positive result! 3) Develop a positive thinking  and attitude  to all the events of your life! 4) Go to the goal without turning to other directions. And then your results after our seminars certainly will be quick and amazing! Yes, even for you. Good luck!

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