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5 March 2019

How to Find True Love: 3 easy steps

Is it possible to find true love, the Soulmate due to spiritual retreat activities or is it just directors’ and writers’ flight of fancy?

Does love like in movies or books exist?

True love is like ghosts, which everyone talks about and few have seen. We’ve been dreaming of it since childhood but very often after several years of married life we understand that our partner is far from being prince charming whom we dreamt of back in the day.

Almost every girl wishes to find true love from her childhood. That very love that is described in novels or magazines, that is whispered about among young girls and that brings so much joy. So a girl meets a man, she is captivated by him, she trembles when she sees him. It seems that she can’t live without him. ‘How lucky am I to find true love’, - thinks our sensitive young heroine and plunges into the abyss of pleasant feelings, worries and that long-awaited desired intimacy.

You must have felt similar feelings at least once in your life. You would think: ‘What else can you dream about?’ In these moments you are strongly convinced of having found your true love. But that’s just an Instinct.

Breath of passion

Yes, this chemistry, the desire to be close to that man, kiss and hug him, and enjoy that feeling is not more than just hormones.

This is the so-called instinctive or primal love. This is the first stage of the true love. Recall your first love! Those butterflies in the stomach and that happy dizziness. When teens are having their first sex they experience the whole kaleidoscope of feelings. However you must have married another man – the passion is not enough to create harmonious relations.

It’s not so easy to find true love.

Primal love doesn’t last long. Instinctive drive passes and passion fades away with time or vice versa it lasts for years (in case of rare occasions to see each other), the partners torment each other but the relations are stalled. The result is a painful break-off and shattered dreams.

Why this happens? Why you are unable to find true love?

Such love is determined by hormones. Your endocrine profile may change and make your sexual desire to fade away as soon as you get your ‘prey’ (that phenomenon is most noticeable among men). As soon as the man feels that the woman belongs to him, he relaxes and tries to satisfy his prey drive elsewhere. By the way if you don’t know three main reasons why men cheat on their partners, you must read our article.

Mary’s story

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‘I met Mikhail by accident. Not a very pleasant but a memorable one. I’m a scientist and pass most of the day in the laboratory – the place where you don’t usually expect to find true love.

One day a fire broke out in our building. I crawled to the emergency exit that turned out to be closed. I remember the weakness I felt, I didn’t know what to do, cried for dear life and was about to lose consciousness. It seemed it would take forever. And here He came – my savior. He put his arms around me and took me out of fire. I felt a helpless woman who was in the hands of strong and brave man. Certainly I immediately fell in love with him and thought that I was lucky to find real love.

Each day the drive between us intensified.

We had an awesome sex, irresistible drive and true passion as bright as the fire that brought us together. At first we were wild over each other and had no doubt that we found true love. In reality we are quite different people: I’m an introvert, scientist with a phlegmatic temperament while he is a former sportsman, active and restless. We had nothing in common apart from our passion… We broke off but I awfully missed him. So we were on and off for several times.

Later I joined my friend on the  spiritual retreat activities a training organized by  international movement “Field of Love”. There I found out that our drive is the first, primal level of love and to find real love we need to find common ground on two more levels. Tutors taught me to find these keys and showed me special exercises for this. I began to work on the relations and eventually we got married. Now we have two children: a boy and a girl and we have a very happy marriage – we round each other out. I wish every girl to find true love!’

Kings Can Do Everything

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A fabulous sex is great, no doubt, but what about common hobbies, interests and social circle? Education, social status or the amount of money on the banking account. You think it’s not important? You’re wrong. That’s the second level of love – social one.

This is the compatibility on a social level. It shows more evidently in well-to-do influential families. For example, in royal houses. Let’s not take Harry-the-cutie who didn’t marry his ‘equal’, this is an exception to the rules. But usually such marriages are by no means based on the mutual drive between the newly-weds, it’s not about finding true love at all. As you know not a single king can marry for love even if he’s the best prize catch in the world.

What is social love?

Social love is when a man financially supports his woman, provides her with social welfare, cares about her and satisfies her material needs.

Moreover social love includes common interests and goals, similar pace of life, same views on work, vacations and finances.

They can talk to each other night after night.

The couples are close to finding their true love. The ‘degree’ of love is compatibility on a personal level. Such couples have stronger relations than those who are united purely by sex appeal. However a coin has two sides.

Sometimes it so happens that a woman marries a man only for money (or a man marries a woman just to get his future wife’s fortune). In this case the partners won’t be able to find true love. Surely there will be a material compatibility, the needs are satisfied but there is no drive. The partners are not compatible on a physical level, their sex is boring and flat and as the proverb says this man or woman isn’t your cup of tea. Pure convenience is not an appropriate ingredient for the plate named ‘happiness’.

All this leads to adultery of one of the partners or to the situation when each partner starts living his own separate life while the appearances are well kept up. The dream to find true life is shattered. If there is passion but woman’s material needs are not satisfied, there will be mutual reproaches or claims that may kill this passion and the couple will break off.

Elena’s Story

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‘My father is a very affluent person. He’s a serious no-nonsense businessman. Certainly he always believed that money should remain in the family that’s why from my 18 years my parents prepared me for the marriage with Ivan who was father’s business partner. He wanted me to become a business woman but I refused. He was 10 years older than me, very handsome, smart, affable and generous. His courtship was gorgeous: he took me to the best resorts in the world and presented me expensive jewelry. He never afforded any indecency. I liked him in general and I wasn’t thinking of finding true love – my father chose a decent man to become my husband.

We got married after my graduation from the university. The marriage was rather pompous – we invited my favorite stars. But I was soon disappointed with my married life. First of all our sex was a total disaster. Ivan seemed to save time: everything was too swift and a bit rude while I wanted some tenderness, long preludes, sensual sex… Second we had no common interests. My husband worked 20 hours a day while I was dying of boredom…

5 years later I applied for a divorce

I did no attempts to find true love anymore when suddenly my university friend asked me to become a volunteer for “Field of Love” spiritual retreat activities in our city. I had a lot of free time so I joined the charity program with pleasure. The help to seniors changed me! As if I have been stuck in a bog for 5 years and then faced a living world with interesting people and really important affairs. I started attending seminars, listened attentively to trainers and understood why my marriage collapsed. With Ivan we were close neither on spiritual nor on instinctive levels.

A year later on a charity event “Field of love” I met my present husband. We fell into talk and couldn’t stop for already two years! This is what I call an ‘all-round correspondence’. It turned out that finding true love is not difficult – it will find you itself!’

Affinity of Souls

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The third and the highest level of love is spiritual union, or affinity of souls. As experienced Sita and Rama. This is the level of deep cognition, the level that kind of requires some self-sacrifice for your partner’s sake. Here the couples manage to find true love.

This is the stage where one of the partners can give up on his goal for his or her soulmate. However this is not indulgence rather support in rough times.

This is the thing we’ve been dreaming of since our childhood, the thing that is described in books and the most romantic movies. Watch Indian series Siya Ke Ram released in 2015. It is amazingly beautiful and deep! You will understand everything!

At this stage a man takes full responsibility of his woman

He protects her, supports her not only financially but becomes her spiritual mentor.  When people get married, they promise to their soulmate to be true in good times and in bad, in sickness and in health but often they don’t follow their vows. The thing is that those pledges are made on a spiritual level while people get married mostly due to their instincts or social benefits. This very unity on all three levels helps partners to find true love. Nothing can separate the couples who managed to find keys to all three levels of love.

You will learn the way how to find these keys on our spiritual retreat activities. Come to our workshops to live your life with a decent man!

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