Spiritual retreat yoga is a way to youth and beauty

7 March 2019

"Our body is the temple of our soul"

Do you agree? Certainly, yes!!!

Due to spiritual retreat yoga the feminine health and her inner power increase.

What do you think: how we can decorate the cluttered room so that it would be as beautiful as a temple? With flowers, paintings, luxury items, icons?

You are right: nothing from this list! Only order! It needs to be decorated with order. My dear, at the end of this article you will find a gift, accepting which you will learn how to clean up your soul temple, so that order and beauty will live there forever! Be sure to read this article to the end!

It’s the same also with us: we can decorate ourselves with gold, diamonds, beautiful clothes, but inside ... What is going on with our internal organs? Until they get sick, we don’t even remember about them!

Do each of us treat our body as a temple?

After all, it just so happened that without a healthy body, no one would let us switch to the health of the soul.

What do we need for this? Everything is very simple:

  • Separate nutrition;
  • Spiritual retreat yoga;
  • Massage;

And this, properly speaking, is enough. You can, of course, also add body cleansing, and daily regimen, and sports, and work with the subconscious, and herbal medicine, and  many more useful subtleties and wisdoms. But even these 3 points will be enough for your body to become healthy, light and free!

And another secret: - What is the reason for rejuvenation and aging of the body? 

- It is connected with the work of Svadhistana-chakra, that is, the sex center. A person becomes an adult when he reaches puberty. And when the activity of this center stops or decreases, it grows old and prepares for death, as the body has completed its reproduction program. But the work of Svadhistana can be resumed and strengthened with special exercises at Spiritual retreat yoga. Women’s menopause easily passes, wrinkles are smoothed, the body becomes younger. Men also acquire lost sexual function and return 10 years ago.

The free session on beauty and youth from Zhannabelle will help you to maintain the normal activity of your swadhisthana-chakra. After the first session you will see your changes, filling with special strength and energy. Do this session for 21 days and you will be surprised at the pleasant and unexpected miracles that will start to happen in your life!

I wish you love and beauty, my dear!

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