Sacred places in the world heal our life and relationships

29 March 2019

Friends and enemies. How to treat your enemies?

Have you ever thought that sacred places in the world can heal your relationships with yourself, your friends and your life? The topic of relationships is rather complicated and usually difficult to understand who is right in any conflict. Our followers often ask us how to treat enemies? And how to protect oneself from those who wish us ill? As human relations can’t always be seamless.

Actually life has one powerful law: your worst foe is your friend, your best friend is your foe. Many of you may be shocked or confused by hearing this. However let’s try to think of it and understand it in a proper way.

The thing is that your friends often hide the truth from you. They embellish the facts to remain your friends. Watch the communication of two close people. They exchange energies on a ‘favored’ level: ‘Well, I’m feeling good with you so you’re my friend and I’ll always be telling you good things.’

What does enemy do?

The enemy always tells you the truth that hurts. However if we’re interested in self-development at that very moment we may try to stop being the pot who’s calling the kettle black.

And so that the truth couldn’t unsettle you, you should take it in a proper way. The easiest way to accept the truth and use it for your spiritual development, is to be at  sacred places in the world.

Imagine that your ill-wishing colleague tells you: ‘You have bandy legs and an awful hairdo.’ At that moment you feel strong tension but try to hold your anger and just tell yourself: ‘I accept this. I accept that this person doesn’t like my legs and my hair do.’. And if during this spiritual practice you have the support from the sacred places in the world, you will not be hurt by inner reactions or self-judgment.

The fact that somebody doesn’t like you doesn’t make you bad. With this knowledge it’ll be easier for you to take the energy emitted by that person. If you learn how to do it, you’ll learn to control it and the ill-wisher who was your small tyrant will soon leave you alone. He’ll have nothing to ‘be charged’ from you.

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Do not give up! it is a challenge!

‘I’ve always loved my job. But with our new boss our office became a hell for me! She didn’t like me from the first sight. ‘Those heels make you a hog on ice’ or ‘Any halfwit may have done such a report.’ These nasty things were just a small part of those I heard every day.   

I couldn’t come up with a decent answer. Hearing yet another barb I just withdrew into myself when once my friend advised me to see a Master. I had nothing to lose and I decided to do it. I described my situation and the tutor gave me some wise advice.

The very next day I started to apply those tips to life. Now that I heard foul things from my boss, I just accepted her words on an internal level. I felt that the aggressor had no more power on me. The most remarkable thing was that the boss herself felt it too! Two more days she still tried to nag me but then left me alone. Now the situation is settled and we have usual business relations.’  

Aleksandra, Moscow

That’s the example of the way we can ‘annihilate’ claims and don’t let them upset us. When we get disappointed and feel negative emotions, our foe is charged by our energy. However if we don’t give enemies such an energy and accept calmly their opinions, we don’t charge them.

Very often such “enemies” are not humans but some bad spirits

There are external devastating effects from the TV, advertisement, negative movies, etc. This makes you feel tired, blue and leads to bad health, chronic diseases, premature ageing and death.   

In a frenetic pace of life a person loses the most important things – happiness, success, joy in relations with his close friends and relatives – without noticing it… And this is what really scares.

If you feel similar things and want to learn how to protect yourself energetically, we’re waiting for you on our seminars at the  sacred places in the world. Learn Sampo methods to fight negative influences.

During the course you will handle the most efficient methods of managing the energetics of your body and the environment. The development of these skills gives a person the opportunity to move to the top level and to achieve everything in life: wealth, health and realization of all your wishes.

Knowledge and practical experience that our pupils get during the course helped thousands of people all over the world to gain freedom and independence from external energetic influences and to learn how to control their energy and be the true masters of their own fates.

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