Individual counseling with a psychologist or energy diagnostics?

2 April 2019

What is better for you?

Visiting a psychologist for individual counseling today is as popular as doing fitness, eating organic foods or being engaged in eco-tourism. Let's see, what is the reason for this popularity and if you need a consultation with a psychologist?

Relationship science 

Individual counseling

You have learned a lot of "useful" information for 10 years of studying at school. The sum of the legs of a right triangle. Hydrogen formula. Advanced  mathematics, geometry, physics, chemistry … 🙂

Be honest, did you use any of this knowledge at least once? Is that for doing crossword puzzles 🙂

While you were wasting time on studying unimportant things, really important things were happening in your life.

You grew up, fell in love, made friends, experienced betrayals, and searched the purpose of life and your place in this world.

All this time (15-20 years while at college and university) you communicated with people. But neither school nor university taught you this communication! They did not teach the main thing: how to build relationships, retire from conflicts, and recover your inner harmony.

Just think, our entire life consists of communication, and nobody teaches us this! Paradox!

You are self-taught, like millions of people in our country. Having made a bunch of mistakes that could have been avoided, you finally decide to seek help from a professional and receive  individual counseling. But how to choose one? What is better: consultation with a psychologist, a personal development coach, energy diagnostics or a fortune teller?

We recommend paying attention to 5 factors :

Factor # 1: source of knowledge

Individual counseling

You don’t even want to think where the fortune-tellers and magicians get their "knowledge" from. Let's leave these "specialists" aside. What options remain? Consultation with a psychologist or energy diagnostics with the coaches of the Field of Love international movement.

Most often, psychologist get their knowledge from books. Scientific works, descriptions of experiments, philosophical treatises. In general, this is a very serious job. And, of course, they help resolve many issues.

But the problem is that some of these books were written about 1,000 years ago, when psychology as a science first appeared. It means this knowledge, to put it kindly, is outdated.

It is unlikely that Aristotle will help a modern woman to find true love or not to walk into a trap of a Macho boy. And his advice on parenting, most likely, will not be useful for the parents of the twenty-first century))) Do you agree?

True knowledge is live. It is conveyed from teacher to student. This is how the Masters of the Field of Love study. And not 5 years at the university, but almost all their life - for 15-30 years of constant training with their spiritual masters.


In addition, the world is changing very quickly. People seek help from  individual counseling with new types of problems. Our coaches react instantly thereto. They seek and find solutions here and now, and not in 10 years, when the new method will be officially adopted. Academic science is very slow and clumsy. It is quite possible that it will help you become self-confident or find your purpose, but it will take a lot of time. That is why consulting a psychologist often does not produce the anticipated result.

Ilona's story :

“I was fired from work, where I had been a key employee for 10 years. I was shocked! I felt crashed. I didn’t know what to do with it. My husband said that he should see professional help. “To clear your mind,” he said. This is what we were doing…. My psychologist was a fan of Freud. I did not understand how the Oedipus complex and the method of free associations are related to my problem, but I strictly followed the recommendations, because I paid a lot for these sessions! Only in the Field of Love individual counseling and sessions I understood what exactly could help me, and after 2 months I got a new job. I am 50 now, I think about retirement, but the boss does not want to let me go, he raises my salary every time I start speaking about quitting."

Factor # 2: personality of the professional 

Individual counseling

Psychologists are the same people as us. They have their problems and difficulties. You think it is not like that? Many psychologists sincerely try to help other women to become happy and successful, but they are deeply unhappy. This is where the danger is hidden. If you are advised by an unhappy person, how can they make you happy? 🙂

“Field of Love” coaches, of course, are also living people, but everyone has one superpower - a condition of happiness, an endless source of energy that they share with others.

All our coaches always radiate joy, positive, power. It means they are able to convey them to you!

Only a person who managed to become happy can become our coach. This is the main requirement! How else would he make you happy?

Our student Olga shared the following story:

“I suspected my husband of cheating. I was very worried, could not sleep, I started to take medicine. I decided to ask for help from a professional. The psychologist listened to me and said that I needed to clarify the situation right away, before it was too late, to demand that my husband honestly confess everything. And I began throwing terrible temper tantrums that he almost filed for divorce. Then I learned that the psychologist that consulted me was left by her husband for a younger woman a year ago. And she became so angry with men that she gave clients advice that could ruin their marriages. I immediately decided to refuse her services. To my happiness, my sister took me to the sessions held by the Field of Love international movement. There they taught me to build a harmonious relationship with my spouse. Gradually, everything has improved, now we live happily, we do not fight. By the way, Aleksey, my husband, did not cheat on me. I got it all worked up.”

Factor number 3: improvement 

Individual counseling

Most often, psychologists are looking for the root of all your problems in childhood. Are you not happy in your personal life? This is my mother's fault – she persuaded you that men only trouble. Do you consider yourself ugly and stiff?  “Thank” your grandmother - she said that good girls should be mice of women. Always lack money? "Hello" from your dad: he also assured you that it is impossible to earn much money without cheating.

Many of our complexes really come from childhood. But most often the problem is much deeper. Unfortunately, in psychology there is no such thing as lineage karma; at the consultation, the psychologist will not try to learn how the actions of your great-great-great-grandmothers affected your current life.

People with an academic education simply do not attach any importance to this and even deny it.

But complexes, poverty, difficulties in relationships are conveyed to us from our ancestors. Like the genes.

You can deny it, but you can work it through – you are the one to choose! Only by cleansing your lineage you be able to live wealthy and happily. Moreover, you will change the lives of your relatives!

Our coaches will work with your entire lineage. We have developed a unique seminar “Roots of the lineage. Restoration of feminine power.

Our student Miriam shared the following story:

“I had big problems with my husband. Due to the loss of his job, he was deeply depressed and began to drink. And when he drank, he became aggressive. The individual counseling with psychologist did not help, we had a long discussion about what could have caused this, but nothing changed, we kept fighting. And I turned to the Masters of the “Field of Love” international project. The Master advised me to start working with the lineage. I did a lot of work, and Andrei, my husband, quit drinking after a month, got a new job and stopped taking antidepressants, and began leading a healthy lifestyle 🙂

But that is not all! I have a niece Inga. She has been living abroad for about 5 years now and about the same period she has not been talking to her mother, my sister. They have a very difficult conflict. Inga, when talking about her mother, called her exclusively by her patronymic name. Can you imagine?! But when my coach and I did the practice of lineage karma purification, Inga suddenly called my sister, cried and asked for forgiveness! This is just some kind of miracle! They made peace))) So how can you not believe in the lineage karma? ”

Factor # 4: recommendations

Individual counseling

Psychologists usually work not with individuals, but with types. First, they will determine who you are: sanguine, choleric, neurotic, objectivist, etc. And depending on this will give their recommendations. But man is not a type, but a personality! It is much more complicated than a set of behavioral cliches.

Our coaches conduct deep diagnostics on the chakra system, by kind (up to 7 generations!), past life (karmic diagnostics) and of course; the most demanded is Diagnosis of Destiny. Therefore, our recommendations always work, and in all areas. Usually women come to us with some kind of a single health problem, for example. After sessions, they not only forget about the disease, but they also improve relations with their children and husbands, their self-esteem is boosted and they find their destiny.

It is unlikely that a psychologist's consultation will help you free from 10 years’ baggage over the weekend, and our coaches easily do it in one seminar)

Marina shared her story:

“This is amazing! I attended only one seminar, and I was immediately promoted at work! They also gave me reward! And that was just the beginning! I have chronic sinusitis. All my life I suffered from it, I could not cure it. Even expensive pills did not help. It is gone now! Of course, I did everything that the coach told me. I did all the practices. I was so impressed with the results that I began to study in the “Field of Love” group all the time. Now I am working on a new goal - to find online job with a free work schedule in order to travel and learn about the world. ”

Factor # 5: a combination of approaches 

Individual counseling

Psychology basically affects only the intellectual center. That is, your thoughts, there are a lot of talks, analysis, discussions. This is good, but not enough. Of course, to change yourself and your life, you need to switch the “toggle” in your head. And this is a very long way.

Therefore, in the West, it is normal to visit psychologists for years, spend a lot of time and money, but more often it ends up in people quitting therapy without seeing results.

If you want quick changes, then come and have energy diagnostics with our Masters and life coaches. We work with all three centers: intellectual, physical and emotional. That is why women after the first seminar feel reborn - beautiful, confident, strong, sexy, happy. They get a lot of energy and their abilities begin to unfold.

Our female students say that visiting a psychologist does not give such a result.

Anzhelika’s story :

“After divorce, I felt terribly depression. I thought I would never have personal life again, this is how low my self-esteem was after my husband ... My mom said that I had to see a psychologist. She made me an appointment with the best specialist in our city. With the assistance of an acquaintance. I started individual counseling therapy. I visited the specialist for 3 years! Three! It didn't get any better. To be honest, there was a desire to leave this world. Thanks to the girls from work, they advised me to turn to the “Field of Love” international charity project. I recovered after the first consultation with the master. After a month of sessions, I threw away all antidepressants, started tennis lessons. Six months later, I met Michael. He is awesome! He calls me exclusively a princess) And he treats me accordingly) We are getting married in June. ”

Only you can decide who to ask for help: a psychologist or our masters. We can only offer you to visit our free workshops and courses. It’s like a test drive. You’ll see with your own eyes how our coaches work and decide whether the Academy is the right place for you or not.


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