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9 April 2019

Why do we get sick? 

A lot of people ask that question. They go to doctors or paid medical centers, spend a lot of money on medicines, want to recover and be healthy but still keep on suffering from diseases. So why do we get sick? Because we can’t find time for ourselves, for personal advancement, self-development. We have time for everything but for our health. Individual counseling sessions or health coaching support is the way how to motivate and discipline ourselves and find time for healthy lifestyle.

Laziness, irresponsibility, lack of will and gluttony are our main diseases

Individual counseling

People suffer from laziness due to decreased energy and absence of objectives. Quite often the reason for laziness is a mind parasite (essence) or powerful ego-center. Your negative personality traits are your diseases. Many people, especially the sick ones, give up when they face difficulties. A lot of them would like to be cured with minimal personal efforts and discomfort from treatment and lifestyle.  

They don’t want to suffer from discomfort but they’ve been sticking to their habits for too long and don’t want to break them. They don’t do any focused determined efforts. They just have a wish that faces the resistance of their own habits and vice. Life transforms human body to a landfill site that feeds diseases of all kinds. By removing this garbage from our body due to Individual counseling sessions, we remove its bad effects, or diseases.

Thus we come to a conclusion: no matter what kind of disease you have don’t hesitate to start cleansing your body and without a doubt you’ll see the positive result. You’ll find out that natural recreation is the best way out of the maze of illnesses. Only a conscious approach to your life, knowledge and action can solve any problem.


- is first of all lack of knowledge of a person’s own nature. The way they should behave in one or another situation, ignorance of Cosmic laws or unwillingness to know it!  

Successful healing depends on knowledge of body organization and causes of diseases!

Individual counseling

Your personal efforts to fight diseases will give you experience and enrich you spiritually. You will become the creator of your own health, will believe in your own powers and healing energies inside. Other means as good as they may be make you passive, weak-willed and dependent. By working on yourself you’ll understand: the parasites that consume your energy won’t leave you for no reason. Those parasites are personality traits, bad habits and all those that envenom your life.

‘I got this disease so this is me who should work on myself and nobody will do it for me!’ That’s the motto of any sick person who is willing to be truly cured.

You’re going to face a tough battle for yourself, to fight beliefs that have accumulated in your mind for many years forming a false personality. You need to get rid of this garbage to be always in good health.  Individual counseling sessions is the most effective way to get support from the world when we do not have enough time for ourselves.

If you wish to find out how to get rid of the spirit of disease and learn how to resist it, sign up for a one-to-one Individual counseling sessions with the most powerful shaman Aayla. 

Catherine's story:

“I have been sick for the past year. It seemed nothing special - just flu or cold. But it was constantly! The high temperature, chills, cough and weakness were terrible. Actually, I don’t really like to go to doctors, and I don’t usually have time, but then I went to the clinic, I passed a bunch of tests. It seemed everything was normal. The doctor really wrote me a modern immune drug, but it didn’t get any better.

I decided that I had some rare disease. I went to the best research laboratory in the country. And they didn't find anything there either! They advised to take a vacation and relax. I had no time to rest - I had 100 people under my command at work. But I took a vacation and immediately signed up for individual counseling sessions with Aayla, as my sister advised.

Aayla performed a special individual ritual to free me from the spirit of the disease. And it helped! The next day I was completely healthy! But the conversation with Aayla was not over. Shaman Aayla made a diagnostic and said that the root of my poor health is in the wrong way of life. I have built a career in a law company, but the whole life I was dreaming about being an architect. Thus, I developed myself in the wrong field in the society.

It was very difficult decision to start my new life when I was 40th

It was scaring to make a decision to to start everything from a clean slate at the age of 40, but I listened to Aayla and took a chance. After individual counseling sessions I was inspired and felt power to do this! I was ready to believe that I deserve the best and be myself.  It was really challenging to start the new life when you are 40th! Now I get architectural education. I am absolutely happy that I study again 🙂 Teachers praise my work. And I am carrying ideas for coursework - I think it will be a very beautiful building for children’s centers. ”

I thank Aayla for her big compassionable heart!


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