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11 April 2019

Astrology is the science about life

Having the access to the knowledge about extraterrestrial civilizations, people coordinated their lives with the laws of the Cosmos in ancient times. They knew that life manifested itself in its various forms, and everything around us was filled with it. How to understand the language of Universe, to listen the signs in order not to make mistakes?  Individual counseling services give you all answers.

Everything in the world exist by the influence of cosmic laws 

“It may seem weird to you, but when doing business you need to take astrology into account. In particular, you should consider favorable and unfavorable moments for making deals. The mere fact that you are being offered to do something at the unfavorable moment indicates that there is something is wrong here, and this is not a good offer. However, to understand this, you need to know astrology very well; cheap predictions on TV will not help you, as this is a real profanation. It’s not really worth trusting different fortune tellers either, there are a lot of charlatans among them, you should know a thing or two about astrology yourself. You need to get the key to your subconsciousness”, — Diana concluded. “And if you face psychological or intellectual difficulties in finding an answer to a question, you will be able to enter a particular state and set a program for your subconsciousness”.

From the book “Adventures of the Mystics”

Everything in the world is subjected to the influence of mechanical laws, specifically, to the global cosmic rhythm that moves galaxies, stars, and planets. The Earth and the life of humans on it do not exist independently of the life of the universe; they are inextricably linked with it.

Any event, no matter if it is a war, a disaster, a harvest, a marriage, a discovery, a birth, a creation, does not occur according to the will of people, it is caused by the effect of cosmic forces. In the highest sense, everything is predetermined. People act according to a set program, otherwise the predictions of the astrologers, prophets, fortune tellers would not be possible.

Irina, Los Angeles:

“Due to knowing my negative aspects, I was able to postpone the meeting with my business partner till the day that was good for me, and the deal which I had been working on for six months, was successful!

It took place, despite all the negative prerequisites! Thanks!"

Astrology is the science about life 

individual counseling services

Having the access to the knowledge about extraterrestrial civilizations, people coordinated their lives with the laws of the Cosmos in ancient times. They knew that life manifested itself in its various forms, and everything around us was filled with it. In the modern world we have access to ancient wisdom due to Individual counseling services.

It is impossible to say that a thing having a low speed of life is dead. One must not neglect, hurt, and insult it! They knew that the stars and the planets were living beings which determined the fate of the world, influencing it energetically.

Therefore, wise druids and magi came into contact with celestial bodies and asked for protection, conducting sacred rituals of worshipping the planets, through which they changed the destinies of the entire nations.

Ask about the astrological consultation and individual counseling services at our seminars when you find out the causes of your failures or illnesses and become able to prevent negative situations in the future, learning how to find happiness.

Money Astrology 

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The American financier and billionaire J. P. Morgan has never relied upon the services of astrologers. This was because he himself was well-versed in astrology.

In one interview he was asked the following question: “Do You, a billionaire and a financial genius, believe in astrology?”And he answered:

“The larger Your business is, the more inevitable the need for astrology is. If a millionaire, this mediocre representative of the world of capital, can do without the faith in astrology, the billionaire definitely believes in it!”

Even if You have not become a billionaire yet, knowing the astrological aspects of financial prosperity will help determine the scope of activities that will bring You success and money, as well as aid in defining favorable and unfavorable periods for doing business and avoiding deliberate losses.

Your Way to Happiness

individual counseling services

Astrology gives us a map and a compass enabling us to discover a path on which we will find love and happiness.

Everyone seeks to meet their soulmates, and never part with them.

The beauty and happiness of great mutual Love is celebrated in many legends and ancient writings. The masculinity and femininity do not conflict with each other in the Universe. The energy of Yin and Yang intertwine harmoniously, forming a beautiful mandala of unity.

??? Why does a person suffer from the fact that he or she cannot find happiness in love and sexual harmony on Earth?

??? Why does it happen so often that people who are destined for each other cannot meet, and loving hearts are forced to split up?

At the seminar in your city, you can find out how to choose the right partner and to determine if both of you are compatible, as well as understand the cause of conflicts in the family.

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