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16 April 2019

Spiritual Name, a Quick Way to Uncover Your Potential 

All of us have a name given by our parents, but the thing is – that might not be our real Spiritual Name…

Our true Spiritual Name is hidden very deeply and needs to be discovered.

This is the name of our soul. Some say that a Spiritual Name is a destiny name.

Remember, that if you decide to request and receive your Spiritual Name that is only the first step. The next step is like a rebirth – you will need to adopt it as your spiritual identity. Free individual counseling will help to understand if you need the new spiritual name in order to correct your destiny.

You must have heard the saying that changing your name can also change your life

Receiving a new name helps to awaken you to your destiny. Your Spiritual Name was written in the stars at the time of your birth.

When you meditate on your Spiritual Name, you raise your energy levels with the help of the divine essence of sound.

How you can request a Spiritual Name? Spiritual names are given by the spiritual Masters and shamans at the time of the initiation ritual. The purpose of receiving a spiritual name is to leave the past behind and embrace your spiritual identity.

The name that’s given to you by Master shows your identity and a place in the world. It’s like a mantra. Every time that a person pronounces that name, he is praying and God awakens in him.

We all are welcome to receive a Spiritual Name, you may request it via individual consultation with Master. Making the choice to receive a spiritual name is taking a step toward leaving old patterns behind and progress towards your ultimate destiny.

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- A name is an individual mantra of a person.

- A name determines the fate and power that a person attracts.

- A new name, chosen according to the horoscope and taking into account the individual characteristics of a person, can completely change person’s fate.

Make up your mind right now!

Change your life for the better!

Shocking life-story. There is always a way out! 

Anonymous author, 27

I wanted to get rid of the past, of memories of him, to change my fate so much. It was terrible, embarrassing and painful to think about what happened to me. My ex-boyfriend sold me for drugs to gangsters to be a prostitute when I was going to break up with him. I got out of this slavery only after 2 months of constant beatings and violence. I couldn’t look anyone in the eye, recover myself, and rehabilitate myself. I moved to live in a new place. I thought of meeting new people, finding a job and forgetting everything calmly. But I felt worse than ever. I was constantly tormented by these memories, and I could not live a normal life. I couldn’t talk to men at all. Fear, and hatred, and embarrassment — everything at once rose inside me, and I just walked away from communication. Taking a new name was a turning point in my life. Or better say, it gave me a completely new life! The guides of Power gave me the sacred name of the Goddess (I don’t want to disclose it, because I became a public person). This name gave me a new energy, a completely new destiny, a sense of the world. It gave me confidence. I began to feel like a real goddess, alive and strong. It was as if all the past was erased, and new doors, opportunities opened before me. I began to reveal my talents. I have never written before. And now I began pouring out stories and scripts. And I seemed to rewrite my story. Eventually, I became a TV presenter. I communicate with interesting, creative people. I got married. My life is exactly how I wanted and dreamt of it.

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