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19 April 2019

How to discover your predestination? 

Do you sometimes feel that you are doing something that you're not supposed to do? You are working a lot but you don't love your job and you don't know if that is what you want to do for the rest of your life? You feel frustrated and powerless because there is nothing you could do to change this situation like you don't rule your life anymore...

Does that ever happen to you? Every one of us wants to know the answers to those very important questions. Individual and family counseling help to find all answers.


Thanks to karmical diagnostics with a shaman, Natalie realized all the reasons of her life problems 


We want to share with you the story which really impressed us. A while ago we had a disciple, Natalie from London. She was diagnosed with uterine cancer and she needed to undergo surgery to remove her uterus. Unfortunately, nowadays a lot of women are suffering from this disease. Doctor's prediction wasn't good at all – in addition to her frightening diagnosis, Natalie hasn't got a child and she thought that she could never become a mum. Natalie had given up hope of being a mother after she found out her diagnosis. She thought having children wouldn’t be possible. Horrifying words for any woman! She was depressed, lost and she didn’t know how will she live.

Natalie asked us to help her and we started to work on her problem through individual and family counseling. It turned out that her disease was a  karmic history – her mum and aunt also had gynecological problems. Both of them had cancer too. In order to solve this karmic issues, Natalie needed to have the procedure of cleansing through the female line. She also visited a Place of Power and attended seminars.

Before she got sick, Natalie was very busy doing her career. She forgot about herself, her needs, wishes and even about her health. Her personal relationships was a disaster, she never had a family or long-lasting relationships.

Through mission diagnostics, she finally found the meaning of life, her karmic, and spiritual realization. Natalie also discovered a true reason of her disease – her own predestination was not implemented. That has had a huge influence on her life, Natalie told us she has never been so happy. She found herself and she could finally let herself go and become the person she always knew she wanted to be. After her visits to a Place of Power, Natalie decided to quit her job and to open her own business – children's leisure center.

It took a while and after some time cancer was gone and surgery wasn't necessary anymore. The results were unreal! Shocked doctors were amazed – that is a miracle. They couldn't believe it and even checked Natalie's analysis, maybe there was a mistake in them.

And that is not all – in one of the business events related to her business, she has met a man. They got married after one year and had a beautiful daughter from their marriage. Natalie also wrote a book about her experience to work with children. Her history looks like a real-life fairytale… She did hard work and had a long way to go, but now she is healthy, happy, has a loving family and the job she loves!

Diagnostic of Predestination, Life-Mission 

individual and family counseling

Have you ever asked yourself why we were born? Who were you in your previous life? Why do we get sick, have problems and difficulties in our life? Is it possible to find the answers to those questions?

Yes, the answers always can be found. Look into yourself - if you are asking those questions, that means that you are ready to get the answers. Believe us, there are not many people who even think about self-development.  This means that you are special! Of course, we can’t find those answers by ourselves – we need a mediator who will help us to translate from space language to ours.

Diagnostic of predestination helps to identify your key talents, abilities and unique skills that are innate but could be hidden to past traumas, stress, and upbringing. That is so important to know your predestination and find your path in life, that is not possible to live without that.

How to find your mission in life

The aim of diagnostic of predestination is to call to spirits and receive guidance towards the right destiny path in life. The purpose has several levels: tasks in this life in this body (in society, in personal development), tasks for the soul over a number of lives (what spiritual experience is required to learn and develop, what problems for mankind bears the soul).

During predestination diagnosing a mediator looks through your past incarnations, searching for the cause of your problems and helps you to choose the path of healing and cleansing. You will learn the way how to return back your magic power. When you are full of power all difficulties are easily solved, you live in harmony with yourself and others, and without conflicts. Also, you will find out which tasks wasn’t performed in your past lives, what to do now, where to go, what skills to improve and develop, how to correct the destiny and find meaning in this life.

Individual Consultation 

All of us are individuals who need special treatment. Luckily, that is also possible to arrange the individual and family counseling with the healer to achieve happiness, calmness, and joy of life. We will always help you to diagnose and solve your problem via individual Skype consultations or in a face-to-face meeting. You can ask a question which worries you or describe the problem or situation and receive detailed instructions: where the issue came from and what you need to do. We promise that your life will change after the diagnostics and after you will start following the recommendations.

Individual consultation with the coach allows finding an individual way to each of us. It will help you not only to find your predestination but also to have business diagnostics, karmic diagnostics, family line purification, chakras/subtle bodies diagnostic, female essence/tantric diagnostic of relationship, diagnostic of your child's talents and shamanic diagnostic.

Rise up and enjoy this spiritual experience! Manage your thoughts and think positive! Positive thinking is one of the most important things you need to practice in your life. If you have a positive attitude towards life than you will automatically do everything right. Find your predestination and implement the kind of life you really want to live.

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