What is the secret of their effectiveness? 

Self-improvement is at the peak of popularity today. Life coaches, personal growth coaches, numerous free training promise to make everyone happy, loved and rich. They promise, but do not help. Tamara Ra explains how the sessions of the international movement "Field of Love" are different from others.

free training

Online or live seminars?

Many women do not attend free training and group sessions, because they simply do not have time for this. We offer many online classes.

Is it possible to achieve results if you study at home, as they say, remaining on your sofa?

Tamara Ra: Of course, you can and should study at home. We always recommend our students individual work. Especially since we have a huge amount of distance learning opportunities. I will talk about them in more detail later.

Do online trainings give results? Yes! BUT! Not so fast! This is a long process. Therefore, if you want fast results, then you should definitely visit our live events: classes in groups, seminars at the places of power.

And what is the fundamental difference in live group classes?

Tamara Ra: I will make such comparison. Imagine that you are the latest model smartphone. You have a super camera (and not one), a huge internal memory, a fingerprint sensor, a face scan function, contactless payment, and about a million more gimmicks.

Do you use them all? I think no. Dialer, messengers, Internet access - this is all that an ordinary person needs. It turns out that you are using the capabilities of your expensive and sophisticated phone at best at 20 percent.

The same happens in our life.

Every woman has great potential and diverse abilities. But does not use them, as most of the functions of her phone. Our  free training, group sessions - just reveal them.

Are you happy? Are you loved? Are you rich? Are you healthy? Are you successful? Yes, but only by 20%, and after our seminars you will be by 100%! Imagine!

Without any magic 

And all this can be learned at the sessions?

Tamara Ra: Yes, it is possible! Thousands of our students have learned! Understand, this is not some kind of magic (although it seems to be so from the outside). Once again, we work with your potential. With what the universe has given you. We learn to use it, to activate all applications, built into your “firmware”).

This applies to all spheres of life: love, health, career, relationships. To use your potential to the maximum, we have developed a special course "Secrets of 10 Great Women". Our trainings will make any woman confident, like Cleopatra, self-sufficient - like the Amazons, beautiful - like Aphrodite, able to inspire - like Thais the Athenian.

Well, but all this can be learned both at retreats and at seminars. Why then do we need group sessions?

Tamara Ra: Let's return to the comparison with the phone. Imagine that it is discharged. Do its technical characteristics matter now? No! The phone turns into a piece of plastic, metal or glass without charge.

The same thing happens with our students. After the seminar at the Place of Power, they raise their energy level by 100%, but gradually it falls down again.

How to raise it? There are several ways: 

  •    outdoor sport increase your energy level by 10%;
  •    energy practices recommended by our trainers, all online trainings “Field of Love” - by 20%. We post a lot of webinars, practices and lessons on YouTube and social networks. I conduct marathons and just chat with students on my channel in Telegram;
  •    classes in group in your city - by 50%.

Therefore, we advise you to attend trainings and free training group sessions at least once a week. So that your "battery" will not be discharged to zero again.

free training

Additional recharge 

And what discharges our "batteries"?

Tamara Ra: Ambient negative stuff. Stress, quarrels, conflicts, envy, anger. And just a daily routine. The battery is constantly discharged because of this. We recharge a little bit during the night, but by the end of the day our charge is again at zero. That is why we simply do not have enough energy to carry out our wishes, there are diseases, depressions, debts and problems in our personal life.

But can you use a portable power bank charger?

Tamara Ra: Of course! All objects of power, amulets and talismans are portable charges. The more often you use them, the less the phone of your life is discharged) At each seminar, you need to take at least one amulet for yourself and for your loved ones, and better a few - especially at the Place of Power.

Our coaches will tell which power bank to choose.

Special people 

The energy from coaches comes to our students. Can you reveal the secret where they charge their “batteries”?

Tamara Ra: Of course, I will not reveal all the secrets) I can only say that our trainers and coaches are special people endowed with supernormal abilities: the gift of clairvoyance, telekinesis, healing, astral surgery... We have posted a lot of articles on the website about how these abilities helped to save people's lives.

The masters are fueled on special retreats at the Places of Power, and then they transfer energy to our representatives in the cities. And those are giving it to you. Or you can personally receive energy from the coach if you come to his seminar.

Our energy techniques are not like any other trainings - even those of the most promoted life-coaches and personal growth trainers. We do not give advices like “Wear beautiful lingerie and become sexy”. We make our students sexier, richer, happier by exchanging energy. We transform their lives on the energy level, change their energy structure.

Our coaches have been studying this for years, one might say, all their life.
free training

Everything changes! 

Can you give an example of how your trainings change women?

Tamara Ra: Of course! As you understand, we have a million such stories) I’ll tell you about three women who came to the same seminar. Every woman with her own problem.

The first one, I will call her Maria, had a female disease and, as a result, infertility. For 3 years her husband and she have tried to conceive a child, they even did IVF - nothing worked. After the seminar at the Place of Power, the terrible diagnosis was withdrew. Mary gave birth to a baby! Unassisted! Doctors simply could not believe!

The second woman, Yana, lived with her man for 5 years. All was good, he supported her and cared. But he didn't propose! She worried that she was aging and would not be able to give birth to a healthy child. But he categorically did not want a "serious relationship". After the same seminar, literally in a week, Yana sent us a photo of her hand with a ring! The man proposed to her and said he was dreaming about twins, they say, he wants both son and daughter at once)

The third, Natalia, has worked in a large company for many years. They say she worked herself to death. But the management did not notice her diligence, intelligence, efficiency. Natalia was called to Canada after the same seminar. To lead the representative office of this company. Now she has 50 subordinates!

Anything is possible 

How it can be? One seminar, and the results are different...

Tamara Ra: That's it! Our free training group sessions, seminars change your life in all spheres! But business should be separated from love. And business+love+beauty+health and so on.

This is a complex, global transformation! Because there is not a single dream that you could not fulfil! None!

What do we need for this? 

  1. You should clearly understand exactly what you want.
  2. To direct all your inner strength to the fulfillment of precisely this wish.
  3. We teach this at seminars, so it is imperative to attend them.
  4. You should maintain this state of success, happiness, health that you get at the seminar. For this you have trainings, classes in group, webinars, marathons and everything I told you about today.

Believe me, when your charge level is 100%, you will shine like the sun. And everyone wants to bask in the rays of the sun)) You will draw success, wealth, joy and youth into your life. Everything you dreamed of!

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