How to become rich? How to become happy?

At the free training resources about success we can find a lot of stories about people who achieved bright success. Forbes usually write about such famous people trying to inspire us to achieve more.

This is one of the most amazing and popular topics in the modern world. Almost every person has read more than a dozen books on these issues. Since separation of the seeds from the chaff is a complicated and laborious process, many people are satisfied with what remains of the precious grains. Together, we will gradually become well-informed about business issues.

There is a popular wisdom that says :

"The one who wants to be successful is seeking opportunities, but the one who does not want to, is seeking excuses."

  Of course, it is impossible to become successful without making efforts, because a real businessman is a man of action. He always makes certain steps towards the set goal. It would be naive to believe in eloquent slogans at the free training resources that promise getting everything in no time due to the repetition of different affirmations like: “Every day I am becoming richer and more successful!”, “My wallet becomes heavier and heavier each day”, “All the Swiss banks are mine”, etc. We imagine beautiful pictures of ourselves lying on the couch, eating the second dozen of chocolate buns, and glancing at the “blue screen” with one eye, pronouncing the mantras of success. All that we can hope for at this intimate moment is that our wife will bring us a couple hundred more buns with love and tenderness. And there will be no more energy left to repeat the affirmations.  

"The winners wish, and the rest of people just want to wish," said Goethe.

If all the crucial issues were solved only by self-suggestion or imagination as  free training resources promise us, then all the people would be happy and rich. Then the product market that teaches how to become a successful person would be closed as it would be unnecessary. Although, this is not happening, because everything is not that simple. Life is a tempting, extravagant, and unpredictable game. That is why playing it brings a real pleasure. Any person, literally everybody, wants to be successful, and rich, wishing to live in prosperity and to never experience poverty and need. Coaches of the international project “The Field of Love” know the secret of how to become a truly wealthy and successful person.    

Success is when you do what you love, and this brings benefits to people! 

The paradox is that all the rich people who imagined success in such a way had never fanatically strived for money. Cash has never been their highest priority, which is why they’ve always had a plenty of it. We will take these really successful people as our role models. Each person has his or her own potentials and abilities. The task is to understand and to find our favorite activity that we will be good at and that will bring us joy and benefit others. We should start small, it will be impossible to pick up the constellations of wealth at once. It is necessary to work a lot, but not to overwork. All people are different; each person has his or her own mission, which must be implemented in life. The state of happiness will be an indicator that you are engaged in the business that totally suits you.    

However, it is worth understanding that fortune may treat people in different ways

Some of us achieve a decent life quickly and easily, while others have to work all their life. Each individual has to learn his or her own lesson. But everyone can provide a decent life for his family. In the world, there are plenty of opportunities to understand what to do and how to make money.

"But when choosing your business, the voice of conscience will be the best clue."

For example, many businessmen who think about the health of the future generations have engaged in the production of natural food, such as milk, butter, honey, cheese, etc. far away from the cities. Some of them began to build their own mills in the wild and produce high-quality flour or whole-grain crops. Some people manufacture clothing made from natural fabrics such as cotton or linen, while others are engaged in embroidery, knitting, collecting herbs, making natural balms, etc. The choice of business depends only on the person, on his or her inner convictions. After all, even in the profession of a doctor, you can choose whether to help a new life to appear in this world, or to accompany people in their last journey on Earth, being an obstetrician or a pathologist respectively. The most important thing is to care about the way how to make people's lives better, and not about how to fill your pockets. It makes no sense to invent unnecessary, harmful, and useless products to ensure endless consumption. There exists a completely different way, which is much more efficient, and which involves constant internal development. And if you still do not know your mission of life, what talents to develop, ask shaman at the individual business consultation

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