Do you have some situation which constantly repeats and you can't solve it by yourself?

    Do you feel what you don't have enough energy to achieve all your goals? Did you realized, you need some help and support?   But you know what? Everyone has been in that situation. Join us at Weekly Group classes and  free training courses if you want to change your life and you are really ready for it.Maybe you are already started to work in this direction by yourself or you are completely new to it yet…

History of Vera:

I have been married for fifteen years. We had one child and I devoted all my time and effort to our family. I have finished college but never worked, because my husband wanted me to stay at home and take care of our son. I was busy with my home tasks and daily routine, and haven't noticed problems in our marriage. My husband started to come home very late. He was often angry and irritated. One day he came and started packing his stuff. After all these years together, he just said that he is leaving! It was like he drops a bombshell on me. I wanted to talk to him but he told me he had already made up his mind. I couldn’t figure out where all of it was coming from. When I have joined weekly  free training courses , I realised how unhappy I was in my life – I always wanted to work and find some creative stuff to do. My husband thought I wouldn’t be a good mother if I will find a job. But, at the end of the day, he was the one who left us because I had no goal in life and was always unhappy. After attending classes I have changed my attitude and he changed too. I took a sewing class and I am already starting to have some clients! But that is not all! One day, coming back from the "Field of Love" weekly group classes, I was in a great mood, I Float above the ground, feeling truly happy, like a woman who deserves nothing but the best in life. I was filled with optimism, thinking bright thoughts about his future. When suddenly, approaching the house I immediately recognized him... My husband was talking on the phone, holding the phone, in one hand and a bouquet of roses in the other hand. Looking at the huge bouquet of flowers made me shake my head helplessly. I've never seen so many flowers in my life! This was followed by declarations of love and apologies, he said that he was wrong and that he can’t imagine his life without me. But now I know, that is better not to say yes immediately, and allow my husband to take care of me. I would like to thank "Field of Love" for the returning the love in my life! It's a true miracle, looks like we're back on our honeymoon together...  Start with yourself and your partner will change too!    

After attending Weekly Group classes you will feel the changes thanks to the high energy level and the knowledge you obtained

That is the best way to get the new experience for the development of your Soul and Body, which will improve all aspects of your life-being. You will notice the changes in your life for the better - you will get stronger, happier and your life will get better. Our weekly group classes are designed to help you to start your way or prepare for the next level of seminars with Master who is coming to your city every 2-3 months. Weekly group classes, retreats, and other local activities, which are held in your city, are made with purpose to help us to support a high level of energy between seminars. We also have great weekly practices and a new six-week course to help open and grow our souls! If you don't want to be alone with your thoughts and problems, you are welcome to share them with us. Join our journey and let’s develop a positive mind together!    

Why you need to attend Weekly Group classes

In general, you are happy with your life, but you want to develop and achieve more. You don't see the way how you could do that. At some point in your life, you can feel lost for a moment, you may experience confusion or uncertainty but don't worry – you will change your thinking already after the first session. The most important thing is that you will understand what you need in your life and see the way how you may achieve that.

Topics and themes of Weekly Group classes and  free training courses

We have various topics to choose from – depending on your needs at the current moment of your life.
1)   The course “Power of Lineage”
We will begin building a community based on traditions alive that are full of energy. These traditions have a mysterious power to break invisible patterns and karma that dominates our lives and our families. According to the 40.000 years old knowledge from ancient traditions, those issues are passing through the lineage, generation after generation, and it´s spread since hundreds of years, from your ancestors who might have passed away a long time before you were born. This Ancient Knowledge reveals great secrets which we will share with you in this special course through very simple but deep and powerful practices. The course consists of 6 modules, during which step by step, with the support of very experienced, real shamans of the modern age, you will work on different times of your life – past, present, and future. In this course you will get free from the past – yours and your ancestor´s – and overcome the problems of your lineage. You will also know about your own predestination in this lifetime. The second class will bring purification to the roots of our Family tree, and open the great Power and Lost Knowledge of our Ancestors.
2) Growing Goddess Circle. Women practices for empowerment. Divine feminine energy protection. FREE
This course is completely new.  That was developed in order to strengthen and feel our female chakras to cultivate our inner feminine essence. During the course, we will dance and work on sensuality and opening up the 2nd chakra. We will do the "I deserve" practice to strengthen our will. We will finish our practices with a meditation on the "Field of Love" - meditation of love which opens our heart chakra. We will sip tea and relax, bask in the feminine beauty, which we are. Feel free to dress beautiful and open your feminine energy.
3) "Happy Morning" Practices. FREE
Begin the day with sacred practice to invigorate your body, mind, and spirit. During the session we will move through the four elements by calling in Earth (shamanic running), Water (laughter), Fire (Earth and Sky practice) and Air (dancing).  We will begin with walking or running, continue with a couple of ancient spiritual practices, then yoga and finish with the Field of Love meditation. Bring this practice with strong energy of happiness and inspiration into your week!
4) “Field of Love” Weekly Meditation. CHARITY
This is a weekly gathering offered to the community members to practice the ancient prayer meditation of purifying our thoughts, emotions and physical bodies through breath and fire in order to create a "field of love" for those around us. See our website for more information!

How to register:

Join our Weekly Group classes which are held each week. Contact us to find more about locations and details.

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