7 May 2019

Find your amulet or talisman

At certain stages in our lives, we may need the help of the Higher Powers. In this situation, amulets and talismans are great and reliable aid for us. Both amulets and talismans can not only protect you against evil and negative energy, but they can also bring you success, power, luck, happiness and help you to become a better and stronger person.  

How do amulets and talismans work?

There is not much difference between amulets and talismans. Usually, they are small and discreet, that can be ring or pendant, certain ornaments or stones, which carry magical and protective symbols. Depending on your predestination, the energy of magical amulets and talismans can change your energy field and inspire you, invoke certain qualities in your character so you could achieve your life purpose.

True story which inspires

One of our disciples, Diana, has told us a very interesting story: she always used to wear a protective amulet, which protects her from  negative energy,  which she received as a present from her sister. That was a pendant necklace with a beautiful purple stone. She loved it from the minute she saw it and always believed that it will protect her and bring her luck. The amulet was filled with love and positive energy, which her sister wanted to share with her. One day, Diana planned to take a bus to another city and attend the seminar. Her bus departed every two hours, she was ready on time and suddenly, already at the doorstep, Diana realised that a stone from the amulet was missing. Horrified, she thought she has lost it somehow and started desperately look for it in the house. After some nervous minutes and hectic search, Diana finally found the stone. She was happy despite the fact that she missed her bus. Later that day, she found out that a bus that she supposed to take had crushed in a major car accident on the road. Diana believes that her amulet saved her from an accident.

All kinds of amulets and talismans have always worked for the benefit of a man, both of them are tools which can help you and guide you on your mystical journey

The magical signs that are depicted on them can strengthen a certain quality of a person or, opposite, can help a person to get rid of bad habits and guide them so they could fully realize their potential and become happy. For example, one of our disciples, Clara played the violin in the orchestra for 7 years, until she has found her talisman, which helped her to discover a natural gift. Now she tours as a solo artist and performs in the biggest concert halls, she is even compared with Vanessa May...

How to attract love, luck, and money to your life: types of amulets and talismans

Usually, we attract amulets and talismans to improve our lives. Amulets and talismans are objects that are believed to have powers which cause good things to happen. What types of amulets are there?
  • Items of force made of birch, cedar and other trees (for women);
  • Shamanic leather items of force;
We give the priority to items of force and talismans made of birch and leather. Those talismans are charged with the necessary energy by powerful shaman. You will feel it as soon as you put it on: they act as storage for the spirit which protects and helps you.
  • Stones, crystals, and minerals;
  • Priestly amulets and items of force for women;
  • Shells and cones to improve the female sphere.

How to choose an amulet or talisman

Amulets and talismans may appear in your life in a variety of ways. The best way is when you receive them from a person with an open heart, the one who loves you and wants to protect you, that way it is charged with positive intentions and thoughts. You can also choose it at our seminars. A shaman or shaman's assistant, a mentor, will help you to pick up the right talisman and connect it with the energy of the power object through initiation ritual, so that the spirit that is in the talisman would help you. It is not just the purchase that is important. What is more important is the energy, embedded in the amulets and talismans during their creation, as well as the meaning of it. Every item has certain signs that supposed to bring in your life luck, health, money, wish fulfillment, love, etc.

She forgot about her asthma attacks from which she suffered since early childhood an no one could help her…

Christina, a girl from a wealthy family and the daughter of a famous Hollywood actor - she absorbed luxury since childhood. At our seminar, when choosing the subject of Power, her hand reached for a simple cone. She was very surprised with her choice, because there were luxurious priestly necklaces, which she noticed from afar. But she took it in her hands and could not let go. She I felt a great power and immediate connection to it. Later, Christina find out that this cone came from Siberian forests and was charged by very powerful shaman named Ayla. Since that time she always carried it with her and miracle happened! She forgot about her asthma attacks from which she suffered since early childhood an no one could help her. Christina has gone to best doctors and they could not offer anything that helped.

Such power objects as talismans and amulets are connected to individuals, they are always meant for one person. Don’t share them with someone or pass them down

On our seminars and courses you will find custom made amulets and talismans which can be used for:
  • An attraction of good luck;
  • Protection from negative energy, including damage, evil eye, love spells;
  • An attraction of love and having a family, children;
  • Increasing material well-being and success;
  • Health
  • The discovery of talents and gaining superpowers.

I met Ladamira staff, and herself last time she came to Brazil, Brumadinho and neighborhoods. I chose a talisman, but i believe I could have it energized by Ladamira. Which I hadnt. I know she is back here in Brazil for the most amazing journey (again!!!) and she will be in my city –
could she energize it for me?
I love talismans all of my life. I discovered myself as shaman too.
I am Theta Healer through iTHINK Institute.
i live in Belo Horizonte.
Love and Energy!

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