Story of Kadyn Akayas

8 May 2019

My spiritual path is to teach people to value life and each other

Many years ago I, Kadyn Akayas, was at the beginning of my spiritual path. I was developing skills. I was doing various spiritual and physical practices, evoking the Power of feminine shamanism in me. One of the most difficult and important tests was a 40-day fasting. Every day was rough for me. I was meditating and playing. I spent the last day of fasting, hoping that the spiritual and physical purification stage was over. But it turned out to be just the beginning...  

I had a vision that night

I saw a big city by the sea or the ocean surrounded by picturesque mountains. It was an ordinary working day. I saw a school. There was a class where the youngest students - of about 6 years old - study. They seemed to have a geography lesson. The teacher was showing the globe to the students. They were listening to her, mouths open in surprise. For some reason, I especially remembered a serious boy wearing glasses and a girl sitting next to him - a smiling little girl with two pigtails.

Then I saw a huge shopping mall with lots of people. A broad boulevard - cars, cafes, shops. An old building of a railway station, where everyone is in a hurry, bustling, meeting and seeing off each other. I saw a port. And there was a huge number of cargo ships and one cruise liner. A snow-white saucy ship. In one of the cabins, I saw a married couple. A really elderly couple. They were, probably, going for lunch. A tall gray-haired old man was helping his wife to do up a string of pearls around her neck. His finger barely obeyed, but he was going it good. They were both laughing.

And then a dark cloud started covering the city. A strong wind had risen. A hurricane began. And here the wave rose on the sea. A huge one. An enormous one. It was a tsunami! It fell down on the city. The liner leant sharply to the left side and began to sink. Everything happened too fast, there was no chance of saving the passengers.

I saw the cabin of the elderly couple. A joist or part of a wall fell on the woman. She was not breathing. The old man was covered in blood. He was crying. He was trying to pull out his wife, move a very heavy pile of iron. The pearls scattered around the floor...

I saw the train station. Like in a horror movie, it was going under water. Together with all the people who were inside of it. I saw the boulevard. And then, I could not see it anymore. There were no trees, no cars, no people - just a muddy fast stream that blows down houses, bridges, mice and men.

But no, it was too late. The wave covered the school. The strong stone building fell apart like a house of cards. There, under the ruins, there was a boy in glasses and his neighbor. They were dead. The globe split into three uneven pieces...

The first thing I did in the morning was turning on the TV. And I was speechless. All channels were broadcasting breaking news. There were tremors at the bottom of the Pacific Ocean. An earthquake could intensify. A tsunami was about to hit one of the coastal countries. Authorities began evacuating residents.

I stared at the screen, but I did not see the city from my vision in the news. Maybe, it was in a neighboring country? And nobody there knew that danger was lying in wait for them too?

I was terrified. Kadyn Akayas, you must save these people! But how? How?!

The healing power of feminine shamanism

At that moment, the spirits gave me a sign that it was necessary to conduct a shamanic ritual for salvation. Despite the terrible weakness after fasting, I did not lose a second.

I invited 12 strongest and most experienced shamans to carry out the ritual. They, of course, agreed to support me. We formed a circle, in the center of which I stood. During the ritual, I realized that I lacked strength and energy, and with the last of my strength I turned to a shaman ancestor for help.

I asked the spirit of the ancestor to give me the strength to do what I had to do. Having opened my eyes, I saw the spirit of the ancestor was approaching me. With its every step, I calmed down more and more, I felt that I was filling with the strongest energy. Having reached me, it put its hand to my heart. And the miracle happened...

There was a bright flash, which lit up everything around, from the powerful flow of energy. Feeling strong, I began to pray even harder. At the same time, I started seeing visions one by one.

I saw that city. The sun was still carelessly shining over it. The sky was blue, without cloud. Life was in full swing in the streets, in shopping centers, train stations and in the port.  The snow-white liner did a prolonged whistle, inviting passengers, who went to the city, to board. An elderly couple came out of the cabin. He gave her his hand, and they went down the hall.

The bell rang at the school. Six-year-old students raced off their seats with joyful screams. Only two remained in the classroom. The serious little boy in glasses and laughing girl with pigtails. The both were staring at something on the globe, clinging their heads to each other...

I continued praying, such revolving energy was coming from me that my physical body rose above the ground

The other shamans were supporting me with prayer and helping me energetically all the time. When Kadyn Akayas rose almost half a meter above the ground, everyone fell silent... I was in a state of great happiness, grace and unity with the whole world. As an old shamaness told me later, only the strongest ones have such power.

After the ritual, I literally collapsed exhausted. But my heart felt so good. I felt I had prevented so many death and so much pain! When I got to the TV, I again watched the latest news. But the faces of newscasters and reporters expressed undisguised surprise.

It turned out that the scientists who determined the occurrence of the tsunami, defined the wrong place where it was supposed to hit the coast. The country on the other side of the Pacific Ocean was in danger!

Then I saw the city from my visions on the screen... And I almost burst into tears. But I kept watching the news. And for a reason! At the moment, as reported by all the channels, the probability of a tsunami was zero percent. It went somewhere in the middle of the ocean and there sort of dissolved. Scientists could not understand how this happened. Miracle!

I, certainly, knew...

I now transfer this knowledge to all my students. The power of love and prayer, good and light can withstand any calamity and catastrophe. Love each other, help those in need, make prayers! Only love can save the human race on earth!

with love to all world,

Kadyn Akayas


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