Ladamira’s mystical story

15 May 2019

"This is impossible!”

Over 20 years ago, I was just beginning to comprehend the skill of healing and did not know about the infinite powers of my spirit. I was elated helping others. My whole life has been dedicated to helping people. I, Ladamira, remember, there was a moment when I had about a hundred of visitors a day coming to me and asking for healing. I refused noone. But at some point I started losing my powers. I could not understand why ...

You have to learn to walk through walls …

And then I turned to my mentor for help. I asked him why my powers were leaving me. What should I do? The master took my hands and said that I had move to a new level and reveal my superpowers even more. I had to start learning how to walk through walls. I was amazed!!! So much so that the only thing that could answer my mentor: "This is impossible."

He smiled and looked me in the eyes intently: “Ladamira, everything is possible in this world. You just need to believe in your power and understand why you need it. ”

The words of the teacher made me think. If he believed in me and knew that I could discover hidden potential in me, then why should I doubt it?

And yet I was in the agony of doubts. How is it walking through walls? I am a living person, not a spirit ...


A hundred attempts and a feeling of complete powerlessness


Our Master invited us to Siberia for a spiritual retreat. Far from the bustle of the city, surrounded by the nature, we had to undergo training and discover new abilities in ourselves. On the first day, he said that my dedication would be here.

It was here that I had to walk through the wall of a huge wooden house. Having only seen it, I gave up in despair. I won’t make it! It does not work like that! There are laws of physics, all in all! .. The last instructions of my teacher were spinning in my head: “As soon as you overcome yourself, you will see limitless powers of the spirit. Your abilities will become stronger, and the wall will disappear. "

I ran my hands over the logs, feeling every bitch and the natural unevenness of the tree ... Such wall will not disappear. Fire or another natural disaster is needed to remove it.

“I will walk through this wall. I can do it!"

 Fear and doubt did not leave me.I thought would never be able to complete the task of the Master.

Having calmed down a bit, I moved three meters away from the wall. I began setting my heart on: “I will walk through this wall. For me there are no material obstacles. I can do it". But the fear still did not leave me even for a second. I collected my thoughts, resolutely approached the wall and stopped the last moment. Again and again I stormed the obstacle, but ineffectively.


In the end, with the strongest energy pressure and confidence, I decided that I would definitely walk through it, now or never ... I took a jerk in the direction of the wall and hit the bridge of my nose strongly. With tears in my eyes, I knelt down by the wall — it was a painful lesson for my pride and anger. A small crook on the nose still reminds me of this.

Fire retreat

In the evening, after unsuccessful attempts to walk through the wall, I left the house. I had a grudge against myself and many questions I had no answers to. I did not want to stay alone, so I joined the rest of the students.

After a busy day, everyone usually gathered around a big campfire. It not only united us spiritually, but also warmed us. Everyone shared their impressions of the day, thought on the possibilities and forces of nature, listened to the advice of more experienced students and the Master. I have always loved and still love those evenings. At such moments you feel like a part of a large family and get filled with power. That evening was special.

Fascinating sight!

I approached a two-meter fire and saw that the Master was dancing in it. He was wearing a linen shirt and trousers. Surprisingly, the clothes did not burn. Each step of his dance was like the movement of the tongues of flame. It seemed to me that I had become part of an ancient fiery ritual. Fascinating sight! The students stood around the fire and clapped their hands in unison, creating a trance shamanic rhythm.


The man in the fire was the main figure of the shaman ritual. He invisibly led all the people around the fire, set the tone for the rhythm.

I watched the fiery dance like enchanted. At that moment I understood why the Master did not burn and what his power was. He danced not for himself, not for his ego, not for the sake of showing his abilities. He danced for the people to show them the might of spiritual power. His dance contained the power of the nature force, the love of life and humanity. I couldn't take my eyes off it.

The contemplation of fiery splendor and ritual neglect of personal physical «I» for the sake of mankind helped me rethink the task of the Master and understand why I lost the power of the healer.

Walk through the wall

I returned to the house thinking of the Master, with his image in the heart. He was next to me, I could feel him in every cell of my body. Images of pupils gathered around the campfire flashed in my head. Faces of people who I could not help. I could hear the rhythm of pops in my ears ... I closed my eyes and listened to the beating of my heart ...

Seconds, minutes ... I do not know how long I have been in this state. Having opened my eyes, I took the first step toward the log wall. Deep silence reigned around ... In the place where the wall should be, there was an emptiness ...

There was a low-frequency radio sound, which is impossible to describe in words. My nose bridge ached ... My breathing became calm and my heart stopped beating fast. I took another step ... and felt how the air around me became dense, filled with complex mystical matter. One more step ...

A starry sky and a huge moon opened in front of me.


Crickets were chattering around. I heard the hoot of an owl. The branches rustled from the wind. I could hear the voices of the students from far. I walked through the wall and returned to reality. I kept looking at the sky for long, thinking about my gift and mission.

Having realized everything that happened, I can say with confidence:


“ if you want to reveal your superpowers, you must be led by love for people and a desire to help them.”


That is why we organized the Love Field project. Thanks to it, we help hundreds of thousands of people around the world. We solve their problems, prevent natural and man-made disasters, provide support to those who need it most: people with disabilities, sick children, orphans, the elderly and women affected by domestic violence.


Join us! Visit our trainings and seminars, pray, talk to the mentors! Together we will make the world better!


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