Shamanic Tarot cards: how to use them right

When our ancestors had some problems or they had to take a difficult decision, they went to a shaman or a wise man. The modern person also has to take fateful decisions. But she often does it using intuition or logical thinking. There is another option — shamanic Tarot cards. Free tarot card reading you can find at the seminars or weekly classes


The one who knows all answers.

Each of us has the person we trust to unconditionally. We come to her (or call or write in messengers) when we need help or support. When something happens in the personal life or career. Or just at «bad days» when we feel lonely and unhappy.

Anyone can be this person: a friend, a family member, a partner. We have the specific, very strong spiritual link with her. But whatever strong it is, even such person won't answer all our questions. Sometimes we have to take the decision our future depends on by ourselves.


How to do it and not to make a mistake?

In Siberian shamanism, people were initially divided into initiated and uninitiated, knowing and unknowing ones. Shamans belong to the group of the initiated and knowing answers to all questions. They used to live in some distance from everybody. Solitude allowed them to be closer to the nature and the world of spirits, to devote more time for meditation.

In those ancient times, Tarot cards weren't used and only the shaman could tell fortune and perform rituals. Nobody else had the right to contact the world of spirits. Authority and wisdom of the shaman were doubtless.


What questions were addressed to the shaman?

We wonder, what did our ancestors ask shamans and wise men? What questions do harass the modern person who has come to the knowing people?



Before declaring a wedding, parents of the groom and the bride or the newly wedded couple itself came to the shaman. He performed rituals and determined whether two families could join, whether the marriage and the future of the new family would be happy. The shaman talked with spirits of two families, was looking of energetic common points and only after that he made his judgement.

Needless to say, the marriage is one of most responsible steps in your life. If you want your marriage to be strong and harmonious, come to the shaman before the wedding. It will save you from a mistake.



Each parent want the life of his or her heir to be happy, wealthy and successful. The shaman cal also help in it. By the way, he “works” with the destiny of the child as early as before his or her birth. He chooses the time for conception and names for children, performs the ritual for purification of the woman before the childbirth and gives instructions to the new mother.

These rituals will help you to give birth to a healthy and happy child nowadays.


Purchasing a house,  land

Both in the ancient and modern times, such important questions as purchasing the real property are solved using the shaman. He addresses the spirits that will protect you from a wrong deal.


Purchasing pets

Needless to say, how much happiness a new puppy or kitten can bring into home. But even if all family members have said “yes” to the new pet, it's worth to know the opinion of the house spirit. May be, he is allergic at the cat's fur) Of course, it's a joke. But only the shaman can win over the house spirit to the pet. Don't ignore it!



At the past, people used to leave their native places due to wars or natural disasters. Nowadays, such reasons for relocation still happen. But they are more often related to the job or the marriage. Talismans protect from a bad eye and envy in the foreign land, but sometimes you need hints at the spot. At the moment when people have begun to move around the globe more frequently, the issue of the distant support has arisen. Then they have started using Tarot cards, and it's possible to tell the fortune without the shaman.


Work and career

Do you need to agree with terms of the contract, to go to the business trip, to sign the agreement? The higher you climb the corporate ladder, the more doubts these or those steps cause. How to become successful at the job or in the business? Of course, consult the shaman.


Money and credits

Money is not only the opportunity to make your dreams come true. They may attract evil entities and spirits of the lower world into the life of the person. That's why it is important to discuss issues of credits and finance with the shaman.

Remember that if you have undertaken responsibilities and haven't performed them, it destroys the energetic balance of your family. 7 generations of your successors will suffer from the irresponsible attitude to the life and money of the single family member!


Who may use Tarot cards?

It's important to remember that only white shamans that go up to the higher worlds may use Tarot cards, tell the fortune and perform rituals. Black shamans don't answer questions about the future. They, being rulers of the lower world, contact with dead spirits, open secrets of the past.

Many people are profoundly mistaken as they naively believe that the shaman is mainly responsible for taking the decision. The shaman does not take the decision himself. He performs the ritual, offering, consults with spirits of the higher world, the guardian angel of the person. Only after it he can answer all your questions.


May somebody replace the shaman?

What to do, if the person is far away from a mentor and a wise counsellor? Of course, protective amulets, intuition help. But what to do if you need help right now?

Shamanic Tarot cards are hints for those who are far away from the shaman and cannot receive his advice or help. Free tarot card reading you can also find near you

You may use shamanic Tarot cards, tell the fortune and to do the meditation on your own. You just need to make the set of rules for cards to help.


Shamanic Tarot cards are created using spirits of the higher world

To tell the fortune, Tarot cards are consecrated by the shaman beforehand and are given to the person with individual instructions and hints. It is needed that no stranger won't be able to understand the meaning and the purpose of this or that card. Free tarot card reading  is done in solitude and the state of meditation.

You should have a conscious approach to fortune-telling. If you are distracted by external stimuli, you may get a wrong answer to your question.


George, Thessaloniki:


“This story happened many years ago in sunny Greece, in the city of Thessaloniki. At that time I was finishing my studies of dentistry in the medical school. This period was difficult for me. I had to take so many vital decisions. Whether was I to leave the city and to relocate closer to my fiancee (she lived at the other side of the country)? Was I to start a dentist's practice at the new place? Or was I to stay home and to continue my studies?

I couldn't decide anything. At that moment my friend invited me to the Aaila's seminar. When she saw my confusion, she took out Tarot cards.

“It's time to take a decision”, she said. “Are you ready to accept the sign of fate and to act upon it? Just remember that the decision depends not only on the card but on yourself too”.

I was hesitating for a long time and was looking at two cards offered by Aaila. Which one is to choose? And how to accept the sign of spirits? I finally made a choice and I immediately felt relieved. The shaman woman gave me those cards as a gift and told how to tell the fortune using them and to make rituals of offering to spirits.

I soon came to my fiance and opened my dentist's room there. Nowadays, when many years have passed, I am sure: if I took an other decision, I wouldn't be able to be successful in my occupation and to create a strong, happy family.

You may tell your problems to the trainer on our seminars and training sessions. He or she will give the recommendation of whether shamanic Tarot cards will help you or you will need to perform any other ritual. Book your place!

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