The Breath of Dying Trees

5 June 2019

How we gave life to the relic grove

Today I will tell you how several years ago we managed to save the relic grove - the strongest source of natural energy.


The call of the dying grove of yew and boxwood

It is hard to describe how the dying forest breathes, how the great and once-powerful spirit of nature suffers from anguish. The large Olympic festival in Sochi passed. Crowds of foreign tourists and bystanders left the conservation area. The next year after the Olympics, our large shamanic family decided to visit our favorite Place of Power.

Over the years, we’ve been to Sochi quite often. We were walking along the gorges and secret trails of this genuine wild relict forest. We conducted summer shaman seminars. It is difficult to say where our students did not set foot in: the yew-boxwood grove, the Agura, Orekhovsky and Zmeykovsky waterfalls, the Mendelikha waterfalls park, etc. Time and time again, we conducted healing rituals in the Mamedov Gorge, where the ancient dolmens are located. All these places are soaked with the most powerful natural energy.

Recently, we started to visit Altai or in Kazakhstan more often. We went with our seminars to large cities and countries but we forgot about the Caucasus for a while. I was always incredibly attracted to the yew-boxwood grove. I was often mentally carried away there in my dreams. Who would have thought that dreams bore a call and plea for help...

Communication with the spirits of the relic forest

Having arrived in the grove, we traditionally greeted the spirits of the area. During the prayer and the appeal to the forces of nature, many of us heard a very strange humming sound. Surprised, we looked at each other and began to peer into the thick forest. It turned out that the sound came from the top branches of trees. We looked up and were horrified... The branches were tightly wrapped in cobwebs and plastered with caterpillars that were devouring leaves. The relic forest was sick and panting...

The caretakers of the protected area and invited biologists from the university could not solve this problem. The reagents and chemicals sprayed on the trees couldn’t cope with the distribution of caterpillars. Every day a new tree would become a victim of pest attack. The relic forest was dying...


Carrying out the shaman rite 

We were terrified. The strongest Place of Power was perishing. The decision was made lightning fast. Without saying a word, my students and I began to prepare for the shaman rite. We had to save the trees by any means!

Our first step was to appeal to the ancient spirit of the forest. Joining hands in a ritual circle and starting to pray, we felt its intense pain. He cried from helplessness and asked for help...

Countless flows of tourists filled the trails. Pieces of paper, plastic bottles, bonfires, noise, disregard for the spirits, consumer attitude to the gifts of nature, invasion of caves and construction of cafes in protected areas - all this deprived ancient spirits of their power and allowed the insects to capture the trees as prisoners.

Insects are the visible result of the work of the powerful creature from the lower world. He was sated with human indifference and seized power in the forest. With his nasty and slimy tentacles, he was approaching us too...

We were forced to admit that we did not hold shamanistic rites in the area for several years. We didn’t maintain the balance between nature and people. With our departure, the spirit of the area lost its human support. It was extremely embarrassing that we did not hear the call for help and could not support the spirit in such a difficult time.


New Life 

We had been fighting with this essence for three hours. At some point, the students began to weaken and lose faith in their power... I turned to the great White shaman with a prayer for help. Only his power allowed us to complete the ritual and feel that the demonic essence is defeated.

We spent several days in the forest. All this time we watched it reborn. The number of caterpillars rapidly decreased. The long-awaited rain washed away the web, revealing to our eye new healthy foliage. It is real happiness to see and know that you helped the Earth.

Of course, no one wanted to admit that the forest had recovered with the help of the shaman rite. The scientists appropriated to themselves the merit of saving the relic forest. But this is not the point. When leaving, we were so inspired by what we did that we promised the ancient spirits to come here as often as possible.

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