The story from Shakuntali

6 June 2019

Shakuntali has fangs and horns?!

Today, I want to tell you what happened to me a few years ago in Brazil.


How we became stars

Once, my colleagues and I went to Brazil for the largest psychological symposium. Three thousand people were waiting for us to find out the secrets of success, happiness and wealth. There was a crazy stir at the event. Those who wanted to have an individual consultation literally chased us, trying so hard to grab our attention. But it would be impossible to attend to everyone in need even if we did not sleep at all those weeks. Nevertheless, we tried to do everything we could.

There was another thing of great delight. The local newspaper wrote about us a great deal of material. Just imagine, there were two columns in one of the country's most popular newspapers! They wrote nothing but the truth about us, emphasizing our achievements and success in every way. They added good photos to it. The article was wonderful.

As a result, the next day requests were flowing from all sides. We were waited, called and lured. We were in high demand. What a wonderful feeling it is to know that someone needs you very much and you not only want but also CAN help people.

We were in a state of euphoria for a week. But then our organizer called and said that all our events were canceled. Why? Because of another article in a newspaper!


How we became "sectarians"

Naturally, it was another newspaper. It was not the main one but still very popular among residents. So, on the front page of that paper was our photo, only photoshopped. Fangs, horns, smoke from nostrils, hooves instead of legs... Basically, we were presented as demons for the readers. And it was not funny at all. I worked a lot in Brazil and I knew that people here were very superstitious.

The content of the article was no better. I will take a deep breath now and list what we have been accused of:

  • "we drink the blood of babies" (and therefore look so young);
  • "we bathe in the blood of babies" (to fix the effect, apparently);
  • "we fry cats" (I did not understand exactly either we did it to eat or purely for pleasure. But it was obvious that this crime was much more terrible than infants bloodletting);
  • "we select the most beautiful women at our classes to sell them into slavery" (and apparently, buy cats for the money earned);
  • "we are participants in a huge world sect" (the icing on a cake, ta-dah).

How we became winners

But the most terrible thing is that people BELIEVED these unthinkable, far-fetched things in the 21st century. Not all of them, of course, but only those for whom the word "sect" is the worst in the world. Of course, the sect will force you to give them your house, car, money and favorite cat Fluffy. And it is very insulting since we have been helping women for so many years not only to be beautiful and young but also to fix the financial situation. It is true that our students are given a huge amount of gifts. Everyone aspires to help them, to support. A beautiful and happy woman worthy of the most amazing gifts!

Then the high-ranking officials of the region explained to us that everything here is solved through gossip. It is the most effective way to bypass competitors. Everyone who succeeds at some point and climbs up goes through this.

We experienced it as well. We did not sit still. We arranged new events and eventually made excellent programs in three new cities for us!

Our story, of course, is not unique. Watch the news - every day someone is accused of something, even those people who really do good kind deeds. How often we hear allegations against philanthropic organizations. How many lies arose against Krishnaites, yogis, life coaches? Why?

Just because they are not like everyone else, they have a real impact on people. This is not forgiven. Nowhere and never. The whole history of mankind is an attempt to put in place prominent people who have overtaken their time. Think about the great women. The same thing happened to them! How many rumors were about Cleopatra, Thais of Athens, Roxelana... There is so much information concocted about Diane de Poitiers that it would be enough for a thousand piquant anecdotes. But these women still succeeded and made history. You can do it too!

That is why at each training session I urge my students not to believe in gossip and not to trust those people who try to humiliate others! After all, the same thing can be done tomorrow to you. Believe me, I know how unpleasant it is, how self-esteem plummets and you give up. Please judge rightly everything you see on TV or on the Internet.

The publications that live on the ratings pay false witnesses for deception. They are ready to tell anything in order to get their salary. Do not believe everything that is written! Trust me, I know what I'm talking about. My sister had been working on TV for many years. She knew how it worked.


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