What is the best way to get ready for celebrating Summer Solstice?

14 June 2019

The Day of Summer Solstice is the most powerful and sacral day of the year. The article below will be devoted to organizational issues of preparing and celebrating such a holiday.


When should The Day of Summer Solstice be celebrated in 2019?

Summer Solstice should be held two times a year – in summer and in winter. In that day the Sun comes to its highest point. This year The Day of Summer Solstice in Central Europe (Germany, Poland, France, Spain etc.) will start at 17.41 on the 21st of June.


Preparation for celebrating

The Day of Summer Solstice is a sacral period when the borders between the worlds are opening.  At this time the nature is flourishing and everything is celebrating the Magnificence of the Sun!

On the 20th-21st of June the most powerful rituals for financial well-being and success in career, women’s beauty, health and sexuality, creating harmony in family, home safety are held.


The celebration always starts from the meditation and worship to spirits, only after that Shaman and his students start preparations. Ritual swimming, circlet of flowers, round dances and dancing around the fire, worship to the spirits are the elements of ancient holiday which should be definitely provided on The Day of Summer Solstice.

On this day the energy of the Sun is the most powerful, therefor it’s important to spend this day surrounded by nature. The best option is when there is a river or lake, forest, valley or any kind of field. Take care of the place beforehand and inform the other participants of the shamanic ritual.

It is very unwilling to make the celebration inside the building. However, if there is any kind of reason for doing the ritual of Sun Greeting  at home, you need to prepare a plate for setting the candle on it and get the Shaman’s permission.


What will be needed for celebrating?

Holidays celebration in Shamanic practice are always closely connected to the rituals and following the rules. On this day women should wear long dresses or skirts. Men should put on baggy trousers. If you wear some ethnic clothes from natural materials, it will help you to charge yourself with the high energy of the holiday.

Every person should clearly realize why they have come to the holiday. There is no space for loud modern music, alcohol, and dirty thoughts.

Participants should bring something for tea ceremony, bread for worship and feeding of the spirits. It will be great if food is homemade!

For the ritual you will need paper shits, pencils and goods referring to the world of higher spirits. Personal magic object, talisman -   manifests the world of eternity , for the world of future it is feather, for the world of now – flowers, for the world of past – broken staff or image of death. If you have images of High Shamanic spirits or Shamanic Taro cards, you may use them.

From the mysterious view celebrating this holiday unites all 4 elements of nature – fire, water, air and earth. Spirits are happy and they celebrate together with people, that is why it is important to use all the elements of nature in the rituals.

Don’t forget to clean up after yourself and show the gratitude to the spirits of the place.


Julia, Sun-Remo:

“Last year I was diagnosed with cervical cancer. I was terrified! I was scared that my life is going to end so soon. I have so many things to do more…

Doctors prescribed to go through radiatio therapy. It made me feel even worse: I was sick and I had huge headaches all the time. Chemical therapy didn’t show the expected results, so I was started to get ready for the surgery. Though, unfortunately, the surgery didn’t go well: they cut out the опухоль, but some inner organs were injured as well… I was almost dying…

After the surgery I was lying in the hospital and saying goodbye to my life. I was thinking about all the people I love. I was crying a lot. At that moment my friend came to visit me. She looked at me and realized everything. She said that I gave up too early and I always need to fight till the end. She told me about her aunt who was diagnosed with severe decease and there was no doctor who was able to do anything to help her. But she recovered! She was helped by Shamanic woman. That was the first time I heard her name – Aayla. I asked my friend to give me her contact.

That was the beginning of new life! Aayla looked at me and holding my hand said that she will definitely help me. She made a few very strong and powerful rituals. I felt much better even after the first session.

For better effect Aayla suggested me going with her and other people she was curing to the place of Power on the Day of Summer Solstice. That was an incredible and mysterious experience!

After half of the year past I went through the annual check-in in the hospital. I remember my doctor’s face. He was nearly fainted from such a surprising finding. All the results were good. I was cured, I was totally healthy!”

More information about how to celebrate holidays, make rituals for spiritual and physical well-being, fulfilling your energy buttons for the whole year long you may know during our sessions.

How to celebrate the Day of Summer Solstice read in our next articles!


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