Pyramids are the center of space and earth energy preservation.

15 June 2019

From ancient times, temples have been built in Places of Power to worship gods. They were meant to receive and preserve cosmic and terrestrial energy. Pyramids, ziggurats, dolmens, churches and mosques, datsans and other buildings are the locations that accumulate strength within themselves and transmit it.

What is a pyramid?

The pyramids and ziggurats of Mexico and Egypt are considered to be the most powerful (and the most famous). However, it is very difficult to sense the special energy of these areas today. Millions of curious tourists, neglecting the discretion and rules of visiting holy places, invade the world of the sacred daily.

The destruction of relics, excursions, noise, entertainment events in places of worship, restaurants and cafes with loud music - all this does not allow ancient civilizations to recover and return the former power to holy places.

Why are tourists so drawn to the pyramids? What is so special about them?

What is the pyramid? It is a building with 4 equilateral triangles at its base that converge on top. Modern scientists and energy specialists proved that the strongest energy is accumulated under the dome due to its form. The ray created in the center penetrates the entire pyramid. The most important thing is that it points both to the center of the Earth and up into the Cosmos. If a person comes to the center of the pyramid, a huge flow of energy passes through him/her. This is an incredible feeling!!!

By the way, have you ever thought what the pyramids look like? They look like mountains! That is why some people believe that Mount Kailash in the south of the Tibetan Plateau is a pyramid disguised as a mountain of an unusual shape. Its edges are strictly oriented to the cardinal points. There are many amazing myths about its mystical power.


The Fifth Element

What could do those who want to experience the unique energy of the pyramids on themselves but doubt that it is possible in tourist destinations? Go to the locations without idle tourists. For example, in Kazakhstan. There is the pyramid that guidebooks and travel journals say nothing about.

It is encircled by majestic nature. The edges of the pyramid are directed to 4 sides of the world. It allows to collect the energy of the surrounding mountains, lakes and forests. So far, there is only one pyramid in Kazakhstan. That is why it is very powerful. When there are other pyramids built, the energy will start to disperse. So, you need to hurry up to get to this place now.

The pyramid in Kazakhstan is built according to ancient traditions. Therefore, a person receives a powerful flow through the pillar of Acharat (spine). It does not only heal the body, but also purifies karma through the male and female lines of the family. It removes the tough past of the entire generation. The flow also allows to establish a two-way connection among a person, his/her mind, body and the psychosphere of nature and the cosmos.

What sensations can be comparable to what is happening in a person? If you know the movie “The Fifth Element,” then you may remember one of the key episodes. When the main characters collect the stone artifacts that represent the powers of nature, they place them in a pyramid at four points. The woman has to bind them and start the mechanism to protect the planet from the dark, destructive forces. Her inner strength of love and sacrifice becomes the main fifth element.

Do you remember how powerful that energy flow is? The pyramid in Kazakhstan has almost the same effect on people. After a special ritual performed there, a radical transformation of a person happens. His/her superpowers are revealing, he/she is actually becoming a person of the sixth race. We will tell you more about this race in the next article.

Katharina, Hannover:

“In 2015, I was diagnosed with cancer. It was terrifying as my mother and older sister died of it. I started treatment immediately but the doctors' prognoses were unpromising. I had six months left...

I gave up. I understood that to fight the disease was useless. I decided I would enjoy every day, no matter how many of them I had... And then a friend invited me to the retreat. As she said, it was a unique place on earth. She assured me that I could be healed there. I did not believe, no, but I went there.

It wasn't just an astonishing place. It has a different energy. As soon as I got there, I felt a surge of strength and a desire to fight the disease immediately. And then our group was taken to the pyramid. We conducted rituals and prayed. I prayed for my recovery.

I remember how I stood in the center of the pyramid and looked upwards, where its walls met. And at some point, I was pierced with the flow of energy. It was an incredible feeling. It seemed to me that even cancer cells started to die.

A month after the retreat, I went to consult my doctor. He looked at the test results, then at me, then again at the results. He said that in 40 years of his practice he saw something like this for the first time. The results were perfect! I was an absolutely healthy person! Over the years, the disease did not returned. Doctors were puzzled with it. But I know - the pyramid healed me!”


Warriors of Light on guard of the spiritual protection of the Earth

How to get to the pyramid in Kazakhstan? Become a part of our big family! It is a great fortune and honor. We invite the chosen to unite in spiritual prayer for all living beings, for the salvation of all creatures of the planet, for a life without war and disease, for human happiness, for our children and relatives.

Only Warriors of Light with a pure soul have a unique opportunity to visit divine places and the sacred pyramid in Kazakhstan and to take part in ancient rituals.

You are the only ones who can save our planet from self-destruction and the complete abolition of humanity! Is it possible to reject the right granted by the gods to be the protector? No. It is a great honor. It depends on you whether the Earth can make a spiritual breakthrough and enter an era of divine balance and harmony!

Warriors of Light are energetically interconnected by an invisible web. This connection is unbreakable and obtained during the sacred rituals in special Places of Power in Kazakhstan. Being in different parts of the planet, the protectors form a complex closed system, similar to the mandala. It covers the entire Earth and creates a powerful guarding field against all dark powers. This system protects the Earth from negativity and self-destruction.

What can each of us, the chosen Warriors of Light, do for humanity? Once a week we will perform a mystical protective ritual in various parts of the world. At precisely designated time, it will be necessary to replenish the energy of the Earth and strengthen the protective field. Only together we can save humanity from self-destruction.

We are standing on the threshold of great accomplishments and the creation of a new Place of Power, even stronger than Tibet, El Giza, Mecca, Jerusalem... We are the authors of the new Bible, witnesses of the emergence of a new race of spiritual people, meant to create and love.

It is possible that all participants in today's events will be mentioned in the holy chronicle of human history. Are you ready to become a Warrior of Light and go down in history? Then join our tour to the Place of Power in Kazakhstan! We are waiting for you!

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