Sixth race: who are the people of the future?

17 June 2019

Any changes in the Space and the world always require the emergence of a new human generation. It has already happened for more than once - one race, stronger, smarter and aimed at creating complex technologies, came to replace another. What is he, a man of the future? Or as he is called, the man of the sixth race?  

Six stages of evolution

There were several races on the Earth one theory says. For example, "Lemurians" could live in water, in the air or in fire. This race was able to control the forces of nature and master them.

The fourth race was the Atlanteans. They appeared 4-5 million years ago. The height of Atlantis reached 3-4 meters. They could speak, although they did not lose the ability to communicate through the transmission of thoughts.

The fifth race is ours; you have a good idea of it. Certainly, you can ask if each race is stronger and more developed, then our race is flawed? After all, we do not have the superpowers our predecessors- the Atlanteans - had. No, it’s not like that. Our race has even more powers than the Atlanteans. But due to the fact that the Atlanteans almost destroyed the Earth (we will tell about it in the next article), we were given, so to say, a fuse- element that does not allow us to reveal all our abilities.

That doesn't mean they can't be revealed. They can be! Think of Christ or Buddha, saints, healers, and others who are endowed with an unusual gift. All of them have revealed their abilities and therefore could do what is beyond the power of an ordinary person. These are the representatives of the sixth race.

Its representatives already live among us!

How to identify people of the sixth race?

No, they don't look like aliens or robots or monsters. They look just like us. How are they different? They have a closer connection between the material body and the subtle plane, use internal spiritual reserves for levitation, telepathy, and have high mental and psychic abilities.

People of the sixth race can see parallel worlds. Parallel with respect to cosmic existence, and therefore can observe other forms of life. These properties are inherent only to the chosen ones. Ordinary people are not psychologically ready for such deep transformations.

The question arises: if a person has not received a divine gift from birth, can they become elected representatives of a new, sixth race? Yes, it's possible!


What do you need to do? We have never talked about it before, but today we will share it with you.

First, we need to reveal the main superpower of our race - the ability to love! Yes, this is our divine gift! And it is not only about love for neighbors and relatives, but for all people. This is how Christ loved people. Buddha. And saints. Remember, we have already spoken about them? Having revealed their gift, they received super powers - to heal and save people, prevent wars and disasters.

That is why all our masters, representatives and many students are constantly involved in numerous charity projects. This is an opportunity to reveal the gift of unconditional love - to help those who are weaker. Help the sick, people with disabilities, orphans, the elderly.

You can start developing this gift right now by becoming our volunteer or helping other charities.

Second, we need to do spiritual practices. For what? To be fixed in the moment “here and now”, that is to disconnect from the so-called “white noise”. All unnecessary information that is imposed on us by advertising and society. Not to think about the hallmarks of success (career, house, latest model smartphone or new shoes). Do not think about socially approved patterns (family, children). No chasing the trivialities. If you release this space in your head, clear it of information debris, then you can concentrate on your superpowers and reveal them!

And, of course, and thirdly, it is best to do it in the Place of Power. Where the energy of the sacred place helps you unleash your abilities. And where there are no distractions from spiritual development. On the contrary, unity with nature and solitude enhance your gift. That is why there are so many hermits among the Holy people. That is why shamans try to live far from megacities and people. And that is why our masters conduct retreats in retreats.

And such retreat is in a special Place of Power of Kazakhstan. It is here that a new spiritual center will eventually emerge and representatives of the sixth race will live. This place is karmically clean, there is no hard and painful historical experience. Anyone who touches the sacred stones of the majestic mountain will be saved during Armageddon.

You will ask if the end of the world will come, because it was predicted so many times, but it never came. Yes, Armageddon is inevitable. Because humanity, our race, is consistently destroying our common home - the Earth. Our technology and advanced intelligence provide not only, for example, drugs that can stop epidemics and terrible diseases. But also lead to wars, man-made disasters, and increase environmental problems. This can't continue forever. If nothing changes, our race will be destroyed, as it happened to the Atlanteans.


Camilla, United States:

“Since I was a child I always thought I was not like everyone else. That I have special abilities that other people don't. So I read a lot about unusual people who, for example, know how to levitate or read thoughts. My interest was purely theoretical. But once, my sister offered to go with her to the Place of Power. She said that this retreat will be dedicated to the disclosure of superpowers that (surprise!) everyone has one.

Needless to say, I agreed)))

The retreat has changed my mind. I have never and could not think that there are effective techniques for revealing super-powers. It was incredible!

And one more thing happened before I returned.  I had a vision. Short, but very scary. I saw myself at home, escorting my husband to work. I clearly remember that we were standing in the bedroom and discussing plans for the evening, and at this moment he was tying his tie. Bright red. I then thought that my husband would never wear such a vulgar thing. He packed up, kissed me, got in the car and drove off to work. He  had an accident on the way. Doctors could not save him…

I came home, a week passed and one morning when my husband was going to work, I saw him tying a red tie! Just like in my vision. My insides turned upside down! I asked him in horror where he got his tie. And he said with a smile that his mother had given it to him. And since today he was having dinner with her, he had to wear his present.  

My eyes darkened with fear. I started screaming that I wouldn't let him go anywhere. That I had a vision about the accident. Of course, my husband thought I was a little crazy. “You’ve become totally crazy after this trip,” he said.

But I couldn't, you know, I couldn't let him go! I knew how this trip would end. I had to work smarter. I said I missed him so much and I wanted to spend the day with him. I asked him (and I did it convincingly) to take a day off and stay at home. I said that I will not survive if he leaves, because I really was very excited, he agreed!

He just said that important documents still need to be taken to work. And since I'm not letting him go, let the driver take the papers. The driver left, and an hour later we got a call from the police. A truck crashed into the car at full speed. The entire right half of the car, where my husband usually sat in the passenger seat, was demolished. The driver was badly injured, but survived. But if my husband went with him, I would become a widow…

After that incident, my husband began to react differently to my classes and trips to the Places of Power. He believed in my ability to clairvoyance and now always listens to my advice

And I'm going to Kazakhstan this summer to choose a strong protective amulet for myself and my husband. By the way, I was my husband to asked about the amulet))) Now he believes in the power of the spirits, and was laughing at me before . But I'm not offended, as long as he was alive and well.”

Self-destruction program

Why did ancient advanced civilizations die? They succumbed to greed, egoistic aspirations, and thirst for power. As a result, there was an energy failure. Majestic cities, pyramids, ziggurats, dolmens, which previously filled people with intellectual power and mystical abilities, exhausted so much that a program for self-destruction was launched.

Egypt, Atlantis, Mesopotamia, Easter island and many other places lost their sacred power, and some of them completely disappeared. The program for self-destruction is launched, and only in our power to help humanity stop it.

Many thousands of years ago, the ancient diviners sent people to Places of Power to create great civilizations, build magnificent buildings and worship the gods. We now call on the chosen ones to become part of the light army and help create a new power center that will be home to the sixth race.


Why a new spiritual civilization will be founded in Kazakhstan?

First, because it is an energetically and karmically clean place that has been hidden from people's eyes for a long time. The energy here was accumulated and multiplied, the great future was known only to the chosen ones, the representatives of the sixth race.

Secondly, Kazakhstan is imbued with strong natural and cosmic energy. And it is able to everyone with it who will become part of the new era. Thirdly, this place is incredibly picturesque and beautiful.

There are very few super powerful places that can save humanity from Armageddon and take a new race of people in the world. Kazakhstan will soon become a new spiritual center, where temples, pyramids and educational centers will be built.

Many people are not even aware of the fundamental changes taking place on Earth and in Space. But why should we wait for this, when we already know about this energetically powerful place? Already now we have to change our life and become at the origins of a new spiritual center!

Come and join our retreat in Kazakhstan and you will become the representatives of the new era!

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