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24 June 2019

I advanced from an ordinary assistant to a CEO of an international company to understand one thing: success and money do not always bring happiness and health. I had to go through a lot and learn a lot to find my predestination.

The Mistress of Elements

I was born in an ordinary Soviet family. My growing-up scenario was scheduled right from the childhood: school, college, work, family ... A car, an apartment, a career... Just like everyone else.

The only thing that set me apart from my peers was the amazing gift of interacting with the elements. Even more - I commanded them! It all started when I was about five. Spotting the first signs of bad weather, I did not try to hide from the rain and wind, like everyone else did. On the contrary, I climbed as high as I could- on a tree or on a hill, embraced the rain and welcomed heavy raindrops on my face.

I was yearning with all my essence to absorb the power of the elements; I felt every single brook of energy and literally devoured that energy. I felt the power taking over me, and at that moment I could do a lot of things: stop the rainfall, trigger waves or, on the contrary, calm the sea.

Of course, if I told someone I could disperse the clouds with my own hands, everyone would think I was nuts. That’s why I kept my interaction with the elements in secret.

Energy balls

When I was 6 years old, my grandfather, all of a sudden, decided to die. Hospitalization, emergency examination, terrible diagnosis and... There was no hope. It was too late, so the medicine was powerless.

It was a real shock for our family. Grandpa had never complained of health, but there we go... My parents were deeply depressed by the news, but they didn’t give up. They rushed around looking for psychics, healers and other alternative medicine practitioners. It was rather strange of them, considering the fact they believed in nothing other than the bright future of communism.

And the fate brought us together with such a person. He literally brought my grandfather back from the dead and became my first spiritual teacher. It was him that first saw a gift in me and taught me the basics of dealing with energy.

He led classes through funny games. Shortly, I learned to make energy balls and to throw them at the teacher, and he joyfully threw them back at me. I learned how to disperse clouds, control energy flows, and feel the aura. Once I silently came up to my mother, who was doing the washing up. Getting a sense of her aura, I began to rock it gently. You should see my mother's eyes when she understood what was going on! That's how amusing it was for me to learn to handle my gift.

But my parents thought of my classes as a waste of time. So I had less free time, when I went to school...

Getting rid of pain

As a teenager, I had a problem. I would even say - a huge problem! My period cramps were unbearable. I went through so much pain that it drove me up the wall. Painkillers, injections – it all was useless. I passed out from the pain, but the doctors had no idea how to help me...

I finished school and and obtained 3 degrees. I got a job as an ordinary assistant at an international company, and just in a few years I got promoted                             to the position of the director of one of the largest international holdings.

I had everything: a beautiful apartment in downtown Moscow, a luxury car and financial means to fulfill any dream. Still, I had an unfulfilled dream. I badly wanted to recover from dysmenorrhea! I visited a lot of doctors and clinics – both Russian and European – but nothing worked.

The story of my grandpa’s healing was still on my mind, that’s why I turned to alternative medicine healers. And I realized there were both quacks and real healers among them. The second ones really helped me: for a few months I got a relief from my inhuman pain. But then the disease returned.

I was completely desperate... And then my godmother came to see me. She said she would take me to a place where they could definitely help me. I agreed, though I no longer believed in miracles...

We came to an ordinary apartment in the residential area. When I entered, the person sitting on the sofa in the lotus pose did not even move. He did not look like a healer: gym clothes, an indifferent expression on his face. Finally, he turned to me and spoke. We talked for two hours! When I was leaving, I felt as another person, perfectly understanding there is no way back to the old life ...

I realized that I had to find myself, unleash my abilities and learn how to help people. This person became my guiding star in that period of my life. It was he who later introduced me to my true Master, who revealed my supernatural abilities and taught me to give all that energy to other people.

But it happened later. I had to overcome another challenge. It was a death challenge...

A Vow to God

On that day, nothing foreshadowed tragedy. It was an ordinary business trip. We drove late at night, and the winter highway in Siberia was dismal. But I did not think of anything bad; I didn’t even have any premonition of danger. I calmly fell asleep in the back seat, unable to foresee that my driver (a most experienced professional, by the way) would do the same dozens of miles away...

Awakening was horrible. I heard a loud bang and a cracking of crumpled metal. Car crash! For a while, I could not open my eyes. I felt as if on the verge of life and death... Then I had only one thought in mind: if I survive, then God needs me for some reason.

So, he wanted me alive. Moreover, I got off only with minor injuries, though the accident was terrible. Our car crashed into a truck at full speed! The car was damaged beyond repair. And my driver was taken to hospital in a serious condition.

But the most amazing thing that happened to me on that day was the apparition. I saw forests and cities burning. I heard people screaming with horror. Children left buried under the walls of crushed houses. Those houses were swaying and crushing down, like houses of cards. I felt the fear, pain, and death...

Later, I often recalled that vision, but I could not understand what it was about. And only in 2016, when I led a retreat at the Place of Power on Mount Shasta in California, I found out what it meant. There were severe earthquakes in California that fall. The most severe hazard level was predicted on the day of the autumnal equinox, September 22-23. Then, 6-7 points were foreseen!

It was then that I realized that the spirits sent me to those sacred places with a special mission — pray to the spirits of all elements, begging them not to punish the humanity. Thanks to the rituals of the prayers I conducted with my students, the hazard level reduced twice! And the epicenter of the earthquake moved dozens of miles away into the ocean! People were rescued...

Journalists got interested in this incredible phenomenon. I was contacted by the representatives of an American TV channel and was asked to give an interview. They wanted to know the shamans’ advice for an earthquake preparation. The interview was posted on Voice of America TV in Los Angeles.

After the accident, I did not forget the vow to God that I’d made. And I changed my life drastically. At first I actively contributed to the organization of events. And then I made a very difficult decision: I left my career, home, and Moscow... moving to Brazil. I became an assistant of the facilitator of the coach. That's how my spiritual path started.

For a long time I worked as a facilitator of the coach. Then I developed directions in different countries, organizing trips to the Places of power. It was followed by a school in Moscow and a video course that helped thousands of women suffering from dysmenorrhea. After all, I have felt it on my skin how painful this disease was. But the main one was the trip to Kailash...

Two kilograms of hair

My Teacher assigned me a very difficult mission. He asked me to pray for all the people who had any problems, on the sacred mountain Kailash in Tibet. Three months before the trip, people from all over the world started sending me their hair. After all, a person's hair contains the DNA and complete information about their lineage. I had to take their hair with me to Kailash to conduct a ritual of karma purification there for those who could not get to that sacred place.

Frankly speaking, my medical conditions did not allow me to take that trip. But, of course, I did not reject it. I received more than two and a half kilograms of hair! Can you imagine now the scaling of this event?! I shed tears all the time I was on Kailash. I felt huge energy streams flowing through me when I was praying. I felt the pain, fear, and resentment of every person who sent their hair.

But I was not crying of feeling unwell. Those were tears of joy. I finally found my place in this world. I was doing something I was born for. No, neither the car, nor the apartment and career were the meaning of my life. The meaning of my life was this amazing feeling of oneness with people. And a great desire to help them. Now I knew how to do it.

Most of my life I lived in Moscow, and I perfectly know that atmosphere of stone jungles. It lures people into its web, sucks their energy, and turns them exhausted and sick. That’s why people living in urban areas, subconsciously tend to get closer to nature. It’s the only place they can recharge their energy and restore the balance between the material and the spiritual.

If there is no balance and, let us say, the material wins, there will be no happiness. I am living proof of this. I had all the features of material success. But no amounts of money could save me from terrible pains or help me build a family. I had what it takes to be a successful businesswoman: determined, strong, pragmatic. But my personal life was miserable. The only way to change it is by revealing your feminine power and femininity.

That’s what I am teaching to women all over the world — to seek and find that balance. It is the very thing that helps to change your life for the better. It attracts good luck, success, wealth, health, and love into your life. It allows reaching personal fulfillment, finding the meaning of life and achieving everything we dream about.

It's never too late to change your life! The point is to realize that something is wrong with your life. And then destiny itself will push you in the right direction and bring you together with the right people who will teach you how to become a happy person.


Excellent pieces. Keep posting such kind of information on your page. Im really impressed by your blog.


Highly descriptive post, I liked that bit. Will there be a part 2?|


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