How to build a successful business

To build your own project from scratch is a high-flying but manageable task. One of the ways to minimise the risk is  to ask the guidance of the highest powers through Tarot card reading. Read the article and find what to do to create a successful business.

Principles of Business Magic

  1. Support of Supreme Forces 

The first principle of business magic is to get the support of Supreme Forces. For this you should find a good purpose for helping people that will justify your demand of money from the Universe, e.g. help seniors, handicaps, nature or animals. Thinking of your children or relatives is selfish this is a wrong purpose. Nowadays a lot of millionaires do not leave any inheritance to their children as easy money leads to retrogression. So you have to act for a higher purpose of compassion and sympathy. If you are sincere, the Existence will begin to help you and you will be able to build a successful business.

If you still do not know your highest purpose you could ask shamanic tarot card through reading or consultation about life-mission.

  1. Prudence

Dishonesty is a widespread phenomenon in our country. A swindling mindset is well developed: quite a number of people try to make money on deception and this is the main hurdle to business.


  • an employer tries to find the ways to avoid paying wages;
  • an employee – to figure out how to skip his duties while getting money or where to cheat (for example to provide the competitors with the information about clients);
  • partners may think of how to set up one another and seize a successful business;
  • making bank deposits is a risky thing as the bank may be closed at any time;
  • as well as purchasing shares – the broker may go bankrupt;
  • investing in construction is insecure as it may be aborted for different reasons.

There are a lot of swindlers everywhere who offer you to invest money in yet another Ponzi scheme, sell franchises etc.

Thus your awareness of such things and prudence are the basis for carrying out business activity and survival in our country. Very often shamanic tarot cards reading is the best way to know the truth 

  1. Intelligence

You should know well the business sphere where you want to develop your activities, learn it in detail and work there yourself. Only those who have necessary experience may build a successful business.

And even when you started working you have to control everything due to our mentality: many people are used to doing nothing and getting their wages or worse – to cheat, deceive employers or set up partners.

Thus if you have no permanent control your business will be blown up.

Many people are inclined to dangerous gullibility and nonchalance when thinking that they can hire an executive and let things aside.

Such perilous fallacy will lead to a collapse of a successful business. 

  1. Graduality

You should adopt a start low, go slow rule and do without any loans or extensive investments as it is necessary to test the waters, learn your business sphere trying different methods.

Even if you have money you should expand your business activities gradually to avoid failures due to errors that are inevitable. Do what you know best and initially do everything yourself to watch and learn the whole system. This is the basis for a successful business.

  1. Good Time

All activities have good and bad time to start. Those periods are defined by the astrology. You should consider this in your business: work under lucky astrological aspects while adopting seat-and-wait mode and being more prudent under bad aspects.

  1. Positive Attitude 

Never give up, never lose heart.

Everybody makes mistakes and faces failures. Successful become only those who keep on trying and think of failures as a lesson necessary for further development.

A successful business never does without mistakes.

  1. Staff Recruitment

A person can do very little alone so you should become a leader and build up your own team selecting people very thoroughly. Keep only those who are honest, loyal, who are ready to work well and get rid of tricksters or swindlers who are able to betray you.

Using the methods of sans-phycology allocate the appropriate type of tasks to team members so that every person does what they know best. You should as well be able to generate your team members’ resolve for achieving success.

  1. Unique Opportunity

Here in our “FIELD OF LOVE” project, and you have a unique opportunity to ask any question related to business, earnings, debts, loans and get an answer from experts of business magic who will help you to make up leeway and show how to build up a flourishing career or business and make money. And what is the most important – they will prevent you from failures, swindlers and bankruptcy and explain you hot to become a successful business lady.

  1. Conviction

Business magicians who achieved a lot in their lives wield an art of conviction and hypnosis whether they conduct negotiations with partners or create a special working environment for the team.

Moreover for successful advertising you should learn Gyud methods and human psychology. If you know your way around these aspects you will create a flourishing and successful business.


All is possible as wise men say

We need just the strong intention and knowledge how to do it. Come to our seminars and you will learn all energy and cosmic laws of successful business together with soul-mate people.

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