The meditation prayer in circle “Field of Love” is a real method to make an absolute MIRACLE

20 August 2019
meditation prayer

Why our wishes are not fulfilled?

Do you know what is between us and our dreams? Skepticism and disbelief in the possibilities of the Universe.

There are people who watch wonderful miracles happen to others, and begin to invent some explanations for this, criticize, doubt.

Do not do this! You better attract a miracle in your life. How to do it? “Field of Love” circle meditation prayer is a key for a happy life


The Field of Love is the most unique way of combining the emotional energy of many people! This is an amazing opportunity to direct the power of prayer to the healing of even the most complex diseases, the solution of any problems, and the prevention of disasters.

The real method to make an absolute MIRACLE!

The circle meditation prayer Field of Love is a collective prayer to a special music, with a unique mood that helps each participant initially fill with bright energy, and then direct it to prayer for strangers. Thus, the prayer is cleansed of all that is selfish and becomes true, healing.

Prayer for strangers increases thousandfold the ability to fulfill the aspirations of your soul and brings peace and love to your home if you hold in your hand the protection amulet with the healing power !

The procedure of the ritual of love meditation prayer.

During meditation, all participants sit in a circle with a burning candle in its center. Pictures of people who need help are put perimeter-wise around the candle. Images of saints are also laid to keep the necessary the mood.

One initiated person takes the lead role. He/she explains to all the participants the purpose and the order of the meditation.

After all the participants sat down in a circle, the master of the ritual reads stories and shows photos of people for whom the whole world is praying. After the story about the person and their situation, the photo can be passed around the participants for a better mood. Then, the photo… 

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I have been married for fifteen years. We had one child and I devoted all my time and effort to our family. I have finished college but never worked, because my husband wanted me to stay at home and take care of our son. I was busy with my home tasks and daily routine, and haven't noticed problems in our marriage. My husband started to come home very late. He was often angry and irritated.

One day he came and started packing his stuff. After all these years together, he just said that he is leaving! It was like he drops a bombshell on me. I wanted to talk to him but he told me he had already made up his mind. I couldn’t figure out where all of it was coming from. When I have joined weekly healing circle Meditation Prayer “Field of Love” , I realised how unhappy I was in my life – I always wanted to work and find some creative stuff to do. My husband thought I wouldn’t be a good mother if I will find a job.

But, at the end of the day, he was the one who left us because I had no goal in life and was always unhappy. After attending classes I have changed my attitude and he changed too. I took a sewing class and I am already starting to have some clients! But that is not all! One day, coming back from the "Field of Love" weekly group classes, I was in a great mood, I Float above the ground, feeling truly happy, like a woman who deserves nothing but the best in life. I was filled with optimism, thinking bright thoughts about his future. When suddenly, approaching the house I immediately recognized him...

My husband was talking on the phone, holding the phone, in one hand and a bouquet of roses in the other hand. Looking at the huge bouquet of flowers made me shake my head helplessly. I've never seen so many flowers in my life! This was followed by declarations of love and apologies, he said that he was wrong and that he can’t imagine his life without me.

But now I know, that is better not to say yes immediately, and allow my husband to take care of me. I would like to thank Shakuntali for the returning the love in my life! It's a true miracle, looks like we're back on our honeymoon together...  Start with yourself and your partner will change too! 


 The  “Field of Love” ritual is completely charitable and is included in the list of spiritual practices through which you can receive and provide (free of charge!) assistance to each other in the group. However, you should receive special initiation if you want to conduct the prayer meditation “Field of Love” for the group of people in your city. Only certified specialists are allowed to channel the special flow of energy. Ask here for more details.

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