The first step towards freedom! Healing through meditation and prayer

22 August 2019
healing through meditation and prayer

What is most important to you in life?

In the endless pursuit of illusory happiness, we forget about the most important thing, namely the happiness of our loved ones! We live a normal life, but something is missing in it! Think of your childhood. Did you dream of a comfortable apartment or an expensive computer? During those happy and carefree years, you just enjoyed having fun, playing, dancing, and climbing trees…

But where we can find the freedom for our Souls? We need global healing through meditation and prayer

The real freedom! What is it?

Each of us thought about this question. Maybe, it is a good apartment, a new car, or a hundred more of these things, without which the lives of most people on the planet seems impossible… What is the real meaning of life? How we can help ourselves and others?

Look out your window, pay attention to the nearest playground. There is a crowd of happy kids cheerfully running around the yard. They are loudly laughing and skillfully climbing the trees, the stairs, small fences, and other possible structures, just like monkeys. Where are their mothers and fathers? Perhaps, they are at work or just busy with something. Indeed, if their parents were somewhere around, would they let children climb so high and jump so enthusiastically?

Try to look into the eyes of these joyful creatures. There is so much happiness, delight, and freedom in them! This is real life, the freedom to express emotions, the freedom to be yourself!

  healing through meditation and prayer

How parents should help their child to feel loved

Sometimes, a round-cheeked kid, wrapped up in a hundred of clothes, looking just like a cabbage, on a warm spring day, joins the company of these little tomboys for a short time. As he is dressed in his heavy and uncomfortable clothes, it is difficult for him to run and jump, but he still tries to climb the tallest trees. And then a strict mother’s voice is heard: “Michael! Where are you climbing again? You will fall down and hurt yourself! Go home, quickly! It’s lunchtime!" And the poor kid, being down in the dumps, obediently wanders home, looking depressively at his fellows, just like an animal in the zoo. Is this child happy? Of course not!This child needs from parents healing through meditation and prayer.

World of nature around us

Such channels as Discovery and National Geographic broadcast programs about the life of lions and their prides. In these films, it is often shown that when the female gives birth to the young animals, it cares for them just until the moment when they learn how to walk, to procure food, and create their own prides.

Nature has developed a special mechanism which evokes in the adult animals the affection to their babies.

These tender emotions help mothers to take care of their babies, until the moment when they learn how to stand up for themselves. But by the time when puberty period starts, the young animal becomes independent, and the need for maternal care disappears.

However, people are not as smart as animals

And there is a simple explanation to the so-called conflict of adolescence! Parents firmly believe that a child needs their care, despite the fact that he or she has already grown up. That is why children in this age are instinctively seeking freedom and pushing their parents away. The transitional age makes moms and dads feel upset, as they continue dreaming that someday, the young lion will again become a small and defenseless kid. But this is impossible! Our children need the healing through meditation and prayer, they need Field of Love.

You'll be surprised, but the lioness does not take care of a grown-up lion. This just never happens in the wild! Moreover, the female lion pushes her child and makes it start going to the watering place, or begin to hunt, helps it feel free and learn how to live its own life, by itself.

Zhannabelle will help you to learn how to raise smart and free children.

Jacqueline's story:

Our son is a late and long-awaited child. Of course, we did everything possible to make him happy. We provided him with the possibility to attend the best school. In addition, he had a tennis classes, went to the swimming pool, and was engaged in polo. Every summer he was travelling somewhere. One can only dream of such a life...

But I had a feeling that our son was unhappy. There was no sparkle in his eyes when he was engaged in sports activities, or flew a private helicopter over Kenya's nature reserves. Of course, we asked him what he would like to do. If he did not want to play tennis, we did not make him do it. We offered him to find something else.

But no new classes were really interesting for our son. He was withdrawing into himself more and more.

Guess what happened next?

Well, yes, we found the best psychologists for him. They perfectly studied our child and applied the most advanced techniques. But he still remained somehow passive.

I am so happy that at that moment, I came across the book titled The Adventures of the Mystics. As soon as I read the chapter called The Field of Love, about healing through meditation and prayer. I immediately understood what my child needed most. Actually, it concerned not only my kid, but all the children. They all want freedom, independence and the unlimited parental love! During individual consultation with Zhannabelle I took the special amulet for my son, which Zhannabelle’s spirits have chosen for him and immediately felt that my boy has the special talent...

When the holidays began, we told our son that we would not be able to go anywhere this year.

We informed our child that dad had a lot of work and he could not spend this summer as he had been going to. And then our son locked in his room... I was terrified with the thought that he would spend all his holidays playing online games. But I was wrong. My son used to play guitar all the day long. So that was what he had been dreaming of! He wanted to learn how to play guitar by himself, but not with the best teachers!

By the end of summer, he already played very well and even became the star of the school concert.

It's been 8 years since that moment, now my son has his own band.

They successfully play their music dreaming to receive Grammy. And I have no doubt that they will get it one day, not because I am his mother, but because I know what my child is capable of, if nothing prevents him from it and if he receives support in everything!

healing through meditation and prayer

Unfortunately, the situation with people is quite the opposite!

Parents bind their children to themselves very tightly with their restless care. And while the she-wolf intentionally pushes her kids away when they grow up, people try to keep their children near themselves all their lives, forgetting that this is against the laws of nature!

A person is born into this world not to follow in someone’s footsteps, but to reveal and actualize his or her individuality! Charity movement Field of Love protect children and teach parents healing through meditation and prayer.

Do you know how Osho, the great enlightened Master, grew up?

In endless freedom! Nobody took care of him, nobody controlled him, and nobody limited him in anything! He could not come back home for several days, but his grandparents never worried, because they trusted him. He was swimming in the river, talking to the trees, dancing with the fallen leaves, in a word, he enjoyed his life. People who surrounded him respected his individuality.

Moreover, they allowed him to open it up. And how did that work out? This boy having the unlimited freedom turned into the enlightened sage who could bestow happiness and freedom upon everyone who came to him. He was a person who changed the lives of people all over the world!

Pretty impressive, isn’t it?!

Actually, this is a good reason to reconsider the attitude towards your own children. After all, you want your child to be happy, don’t you? Then, please, try not to stand in their way! Use the method of Field of Love healing through meditation and prayer at a distance. Receive the initiation at the seminars of Field of Love with the best mentors

This is really a very fine line! How to support this little person next to you, without imposing your opinion, but revealing all the facets of his or her personality? You need a lot of patience, inner work on yourself and, of course, endless love. True love does not limit, it brings freedom.

Let your children be who they are, let them build their life as their heart tells them, just let them be. And please, do not worry that they will make mistakes, because these will be their own mistakes and their own life experience. Your children will be very happy if they experience freedom from childhood. And then, perhaps, the world will be illuminated by the radiance of the new Osho or Buddha, who will save our planet!

Have the trust for the nature and for the whole Universe!

You can ask for Diagnostic of you child’s talents from “Field of Love” specialists.This will help you to understand your child a lot!

Let your child take the first step towards freedom, feeling the taste of victories and defeats and experiencing true happiness from this!

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