Prayer and meditation “Field of love”

It is never too late to be kind

Sometimes one kind word or smile can heal from stress or the pain. How it works? How to purify karma and to open myself to goodness myself through prayer and meditation?

This weekend I attended the prayer and meditation “Field of Love”

At the seminar all were given the advice: “If you want happiness, bring good to people.” I admit, when I heard this from the tutor, my first reaction was: "Well, well. If I give the shirt of my back – I will have nothing left for me!" – this is what my mother told me.

But, I remember my grandmother saying: "If you even have one candy, before you eat it, think with whom you could share it."

The topic of the seminar was Power of lineage

We were taught that it is through the female line the karma of lineage is transmitted.

I am the daughter of my mother and the granddaughter of my grandmother. What kind of karma is waiting for me: my mother's or my grandmother's? Stay «without anything left" or always share candies with friends?

My age helps me find the answer. The fact is that now I can analyze the lives of both my grandmother and my mother. I made a prayer and meditation to understand this.

My grandmother lived in a village where everyone loved her

When she got very ill being old, not only people from her village visited her in the regional hospital, but even from neighboring villages. The shelves of her bedside table and the windowsill were always full of treats. She very quickly made new friends in the hospital, treating not only the patients, but also the medical staff. She was a universal favorite. And in such an atmosphere of love, friendship and mutual assistance she quickly recovered and was permitted out of the hospital.

Her example shows me that if you think less about yourself and more about others, then God will take care of you.

Prayer and meditation “Field of love”

Mom ended her life all alone

Dreaming of a prosperous life in the city, she left the village, where everyone treated her very well, forever. And so she was among the same people who were out of touch of their roots. She was married three times. But the three of her husband's “Sent by God” broke up with her, leaving her with nothing. When she realized that it was too late to be happy, she began drinking. She had neither a normal family, nor true friends ...

Prayer and meditation help to see my reality

Today, when I was going down the staircase, I met my old neighbor's gaze, who, as always, was climbing to the 4th floor with great difficulty; I realized that my whole life I was thinking like my mother: "It's too late to change."

I always only greeted this old woman - and that was the only contact between us. But the Seminar the “Power of lineage” changed something in me. Now I saw my neighbor through the eyes of my grandmother - she would definitely tell her something good, asked a question to find out if she needed help. And then she would certainly help!

I did not have the heart to say something, and we just missed each other. Like always.

Prayer and meditation “Field of love”

Suddenly received the help from spirit of talisman

Fearing to lose this fine thread that now seemed to connect me with another karma (my grandmother’s happy destiny) I squeezed my amulet, that I got at the seminar, as hard as I could and sincerely as never before I asked: “God! Help me! How can I change myself and start to do good?!".

Immediately, I felt the heat pouring in my chest. And I had an image appeared in front of my eyes, as if I spilled something, then I keep what was left in the bowl; as if  I lose something and start to take more care of what is still left; as if I something breaks, but I try to fix it. And I realized: I do this with anything, but not with my life.

Yes, for most of my life I acted like a mom. But how will I live on? I need to go to seminar and receive energy to change my life!

Thinking that it’s too late to change, become kinder, live like my grandmother, I essentially pour out the remnants of my life, throw in the trash what is left of it, break my destiny!

"Thank you, Lord! Thank you Aayla!"

I whispered, realizing that it was never too late to become kinder! And instead of doing my (endless) planned affairs, I ran into the store, bought some fresh, soft and useful gifts and went to visit my neighbor. When I rang the doorbell, I felt that now my grandmother was looking at me from heaven and she was happy. The shaman Aayla and Field of Love helped me change my destiny! Now I will look at everyone through the eyes of good people and thank God for having them in my life!

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