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Many people ask what to read about the Siberian shamanism. We have good news for you – they prepare to publish a book written by the Great Shaman himself. It will be called simply - “Siberian shamanism”.

Who are the people writing about shamanism?

As a rule, writers, covering this topic, most often very have very superficial knowledge about this ancient tradition. These are ordinary scientists: historians, anthropologists. Therefore, all their knowledge is based either on archaeological finds, or on fragmentary memories of the descendants of shamans.

There is still a category of people who position themselves as modern shamans. In reality, they are simply obsessed with spirits. Being under their influence, the so-called “shamans” experience certain sensations, which they later describe in their articles and books. However, this has absolutely nothing to do with the real shamanistic tradition.


Shamanism and shamanistic rituals attracted me since I was a child. I always read books about this teaching with interest, watched videos on the Internet. Once I came across an announcement of the book “Siberian Shamanism”. When I read it, I realized what the true knowledge is and what real travels to the subtle plan look like. I began to look for someone who could become my mentor. I found out about shaman woman from siberian tradition, and eventually met her. And with her, I made my first mystical journey during an individual ritual.

  It has changed everything in my life. First of all, it changed my attitude towards yourself and other people. I became quick on my toes. Although I used to consider laziness my main drawback. Of course, this produced a result. My boss noticed my activity, offered a higher and more responsible position. I happily agreed because I like solving complex problems and motivate colleagues to succeed.

  But that is not all! I have had chronic asthma since childhood. I tried all kinds of treatment methods, but nothing helped. After I started classes and got a magical amulet, attacks began to occur more and more rarely. And I did not have any asthma attack for the last year!

  It's funny, because I tried to be treated with the help of pseudo-shamans. That is, now that I have read the book, it seems to me that they were not real shamans, but some imitators. 

  I thank the chance that I had read the book “Siberian Shamanism” and attended the seminar - all this changed my life! 

Siberian shamanism

Simply about complicated things

Students have long asked the Great Shaman to write a book on shamanism. And it happened! The book is written! The Field of Love is proud to present it.

Its author is the person who knows shamanism from within, each of its features, knows the answers to all questions of the universe. Therefore, there is no false information in the book, only the truth.

The original book is written in Russian, because this is Siberian tradition. But our multiple assistants did their best and translated the book into different languages: English, Spanish, Portuguese and many others.

The book Siberian Shamanism is written in simple language. Yes, this is not surprising, because shamanism is available to every person. It doesn’t matter what you already know about it and how deeply immersed in the topic - it will be easy and interesting for you to read it. And also it contains a lot of practical tips and answers to all questions. After all, shamanism is a universal knowledge of everything. It helps to solve problems with health, money, success, career and, of course, relations with partners and children.


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