Why do dreams not come true right away?

7 October 2019

Many people, for years, even decades, have been waiting for the fulfillment of at least one dream, but receive nothing. What is the reason? Why do dreams not come true?

What do you know about depression?

Unfulfilled hopes, unrealized dreams - all this energetically leaves a person without power. Not surprisingly, more than 70% of people today think about suicide. Someone is depressed, someone has panic attacks. People do not want to live, and enjoy life.

In the modern world, depression is treated an official disease, even to the extent that being depressed you can be given a sick leave.

Depression is the reason why a person stops seeing meaning in life and stops believing that their desire to be happy, loved, well-off, find their dream will ever come true.

Dear, do not give up! In fact, when our desire is not fulfilled, it is not our fault. We just don’t know how to properly ask the Universe about it.

Ask the Higher Forces for help

Neither at school nor at institute were we taught "How to Realize the Desired." And this is possible only when we are able to correctly contact the Higher Forces.

In ancient times, people always worshiped Higher Forces, spirits, any manifestation of God. They prayed more, created and performed rituals. Rituals were needed for the most simple, everyday tasks: hunting, cooking, etc. Prayer kept men alive, made women happy and children healthy.

It was because people lived in harmony with nature, cosmic laws, the God. Indeed, before, to eat, a person could not go to the supermarket. A person depended on the elements. In order to feed the whole settlement all year, it was necessary to pray very strongly. To prevent a hurricane or rain, and crops and houses remained intact. People prayed that there would be fish in the ponds, so that men would not be killed by vermin.

Today this tradition is forgotten. A person no longer asks the Higher Forces for the help. They fight all misfortunes alone and often fail. As a result: the eternal question of why dreams are not fulfilled. And also suicidal thoughts, panic attacks, stress.

Wake the pyramids up!

And we don’t want to live like that! We want to change society, because the power of the lineage and the future of our children depend on this. Therefore, we invite you to unite. We will help our planet restore a healthy climate. Learn to live according to ancient traditions, honoring the spirits, the forces of nature, the Divine Power.

If you read these lines, then you are a special person. We will discover the secret why dreams do not come true, and tell you how to achieve what you want.

The secret is that in order to have your dream fulfilled, you need Power to fulfill it. To do this, you need to be in the Place of Power at a special astrological time and have your own mentor who will teach you how to properly turn to spirits. After all, we were not taught this at school)))

Therefore, we organize shamanistic tours for you, which will take place in the strongest places of our world: in the Egyptian and Mexican pyramids!

The power of these places calls for the brightest, good, kind souls to unite during a special ceremony to activate the pyramids. During the ritual, the point of light, that the Higher beings inhabiting Sirius will see, shall lit. They have long been living in love, peace and harmony. They have been trying to help our planet to start living according to these laws too for millennia.

But they can not cope with it alone! This is why they are calling you for help – join our tour! It is important that our tours, according to the ancient tradition, are divided into male and female ones. The power of prayer is developed in a woman, and women must unite to pray. The power of protection is developed in men, and men must revive this Power within them.

Only then order will reign in the world: men will become strong, courageous, worthy, and generous. Real defenders. Women will become the guardians of the lineage: caring, beautiful, tender, best ones.

If right now your girlfriend or colleague is wondering why dreams do not come true, suffer and become depressed, take her with you on our tour! Together we will help the world! We are waiting for you!

Diana, France:

Once at the Field of Love seminar my tutor gave me a special object of power - a very beautiful pendant. The tutor said that this amulet will help me understand my predestination. But this will happen only in the Place of Power. So, two months later, I was in Egypt, in the Great Pyramids.

Together with other women, we performed a very strong ceremony. And so, during prayer, I felt that my pendant ... is heating up! I took it in my hands and felt the warmth and enormous energy that came from the magical object. This Power filled me and seemed to remove the veil from my eyes - I realized my predestination. I realized that I should help other people. It doesn’t matter to whom: women, children, orphans, or the elderly.

I consider that day my second birthday. And cooperation with charitable organizations has become the main business of my life. But the most amazing thing is that after I became a volunteer, my daughter, who has been suffering from asthma since childhood, has recovered completely!

This is a real miracle, in which the object of power and the tour to the sacred place helped! Now I’m 100% sure of that!

You have obtained new knowledge, and now it's time for you to become a ray of light for new people. Share this article with them. Invite them to become part of the Field of Love, come together to our retreats and classes. Help people and God will help you!


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