Shamanic Amulets

How talismans and amulets change lives 

The world is full of negativity. You can protect yourself and your nearest and dearest from troubles waiting at every step by purchasing a shamanic amulet.

 The origin of the tradition 

How did the tradition of creating shaman’s amulets appear? Once upon a time a man asked a shaman for help. He needed to get to a neighboring city to the trade fair, but there was robbery gang acting in the district. The person did not want to risk the goods, but he could not defend his goods on his own. And then he turned to the shaman with a request to send good spirits with him for the journey to protect a valuable cargo.

The shaman thought over, consulted with the spirits, and came up with an excellent solution to the problem. He lifted the ordinary strobile from the ground and placed the spirit into it. He ordered the man to make a pocket for the strobile-amulet and wear it around his neck, so that the spirit always protects him.

 And of course, the shamanic amulet worked

The man calmly went to the trade fair, sold the goods and, pleased, returned home with sale proceeds. That time a robbery gang wandered all the day in the woods at the very side of the road, but couldn’t find anyone. The guardian spirit swirled the robbers, clasped their eyes and confused all their plans.

Returning home, a satisfied man shared his joy with his neighbors. And the procession of the afflicted, who needed the help of the spirits, went to the shaman. Everyone wanted to have an amulet with a real living spirit to protect himself from various misfortunes.

That was the time, when the tradition of shamanic amulets originated. But, unfortunately, people almost lost it. It’s good that now it is being gradually revived, gaining its former popularity.

Let's think, where does an ordinary person get protection for himself and his dearest and nearest? He has no spirits, he doesn’t feel them, he simply knows that they exist. That’s why he goes for help to the shaman who controls the spirits and can create an amulet of any power for each of us.

Shamanic Amulets

 Modern amulets 

Nowadays, the shaman creates the cist for the spirit using not only the common objects and decorations. He can settle them in ornaments, in modern attributes of clothes, in accessories. And of course, spirits prefer a cist made of natural materials: wood, stone, leather, bone, metal, precious stones. After all, spirits are living and constantly interact with the environment, so the natural shell is a natural conductor of power between spirit and reality.

Life is constantly on the go. And shamans also keep up with the times. Modern shaman’s amulets can sometimes not be distinguished from fashion accessories. These can be rings, pendants and other interesting small things. Therefore, wearing a new talisman, you’ll hardly stand out from the crowd. You not only emphasize your sense of style, but also protect yourself from external negativity and troubles.

Nowadays, the reality surrounding us is overfilled with the spirits of the lower world. They are full of anger and hate, disease and stress. They compel all the positive energy and strength from us, our nearest and dearest, especially children and sick people, leaving them broken and unhappy. That‘s why it is simply necessary to have own protective amulet and purchase amulets for the nearest and dearest at our seminars.

 More often than not, shamans perform a rite of spirits’ transmigration into special objects, which should help people

 From this moment, the object ceases to be an ordinary knickknack. It gains the great power of a good spirit and becomes a talisman. The person who received such an amulet gains powerful support and protection.

When creating the amulet, the shaman sees the image of a person who will be its owner. Quite often, a spirit enclosed in an amulet awaits its person. It selects him or her from hundreds of thousands, lures, attracts and finally harmoniously merges with the person. Therefore, looking for a talisman, keep your ears open. Perhaps you will hear the call of your spirit. If this happens, the spirit and a person will become a single great power that can overcome any misery. 

At our seminars, real shamans help the reunion of a person and a spirit, select amulets for each situation or problem.

Shamanic Amulets

Myra, Canada:

My grandmother always said that each person should have his own personal amulet. Once I accidentally got to the class of Diana Suemi the “Fields of Love”, acquired a shamanic amulet of power and felt just fine.

 The next time visiting the class I took a little son with me. He was only 5 years old at that time. He was a sharp and mischievous child. On that day, he saw an amulet in the form of a small mammoth. The teacher made it for one of the students and simply did not have time to give it away. The son took this amulet and didn’t want to part with it.

The entreaties didn’t help. Paul assured everyone that this elephant was made personally for him. Then the shaman said that apparently the spirit wants to choose this child as his owner. After all, there are no such coincidences. From that day on, Paul did not leave his amulet for a minute.

 A few months ago, my ex-husband took the son go hiking with him. Half of the way they had to sail along Lake Ontario to one of the islands, where they wanted to overnight in the camping for a couple of nights, to go fishing. And then they wanted to come back in the same track.

 When they embarked on this journey, there was nothing what could go wrong

 I let my son go with a calm heart. Moreover, they were not traveling alone, but in the company of the same enthusiastic tourists.

 On the third day of their journey, when they sailed along the lake, there suddenly was a gust of strong wind, the waves were huge. And suddenly Paul and the thirteen-year-old Alex sitting next to him were washed away by the wave. Alex was older and more experienced, so he managed to catch on board and the men dragged him into the boat.

But our boy almost immediately disappeared among the wild waves. It was terrible. After 15 minutes, lifeguards pulled out a boat with tourists. Paul was searched for two days. Bad weather continued to blow great guns. We were prepared for the worst. After all, the boy was completely alone. Although he was wearing a life jacket, the hope of seeing Paul alive melted hour after hour.

And suddenly it was announced over the radio: “Paul was found, alive.” Feeling relief I was ready to burst into tears. He was found on a neighboring island, in a deserted fisherman's house. It turned out that when he fell into the water, he immediately felt how some power was pulling him to the surface, and the shaman's amulet was giving off a lot of warmth at that moment.

Paul was almost immediately cast ashore, and when he saw the house, he got into the window and decided to wait out the bad weather. And all this time he was warming himself with the warmth of his amulet. This amulet helped my boy to survive for two days totally alone. We owe this miraculous escape to the good spirit that once chose Paul on its own. That's why it is so important to follow the heart when choosing an amulet.

 Shaman’s amulets protect their owners from various miseries

And sometimes they help save their lives. That’s why it is necessary to have own talisman. If you can’t choose, you can ask the shaman for advice at our seminars. He will help you to choose the right amulet, talk with the spirits and find exactly what you need.

Amulets protect a person, give him strength and energy, enhance his luck and success, and help in business, in relationships. Sometimes a person picks up several different amulets for himself to be lucky in everything – an amulet for love, an amulet for luck, an amulet for protection, an amulet for wealth. And such a person gets the maximum. Spirits protect from failures, help in everything, make him happy.

To ensure that your family is always protected by many good spirits, you just need to acquire shaman’s amulets. You can do this in our classes. Come along with your relatives and friends!

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