How to change your fate for the better

Most of the hardships in our lives happen because of various problems with our karma. Let's find out why sometimes we are overwhelmed with troubles and how karma diagnostics can help.

What is karma?

Karma is a combination of our actions, deeds of our ancestors, and their consequences. This is a storage of energy from numerous generations. It can emit all the accumulated negativity at some point in your life. To understand the real reason of your problems, you need the help of a specialist.

If a certain event repeats constantly in your life, it is the first sign that something is wrong with your karma. It can be related to financial status, health, relationships, and other important areas of your life.

For example, you can notice cars with the same license plate number all the time. Although, there might be more serious situations, such as a serious illness that repeats every five years or break-ups every eight years. Maybe, every generation in your family goes broke. It seems to be endless. No matter how hard you try to change a situation, nothing works.

Karma diagnostics

In such cases, you need karma diagnostics. The shaman will turn to spirits and travel to your past, maybe even to your past lives. Only there he/she would be able to see how it all began. Having discovered the source of the problem, he/she will help you stop the series of troubles and unravel this karmic knot.

Barbara, New York:

Since childhood, I was rather pragmatic. I had a mathematical mindset and never trusted in premonitions and superstitions. I always supported evidence-based medicine. I never thought that the troubles in my life had a supernatural character.

It all started at school. However, I realized this only when I turned 28 years old. It was the time when I suddenly realized that all the troubles that overwhelmed me were connected with the number 30...

This revelation came right on August 30, when I was on a business trip in one of the Southern states. I was in a hurry to get to a meeting in time when someone tugged at my sleeve on the street. Outraged, I turned around and saw an untidy woman who was staring at me intently.

I had no desire to talk to her. I went away without saying a word. Nevertheless, her piercing voice literally nailed me to the floor. She said that I would die at the age of 30 because I did not listen to my fate. I turned around right away but the woman seemed to vanish into thin air...

From that day on, her words settled in my head. I was constantly thinking about it. I remembered many events in my life that related to number 30. When I was 12 years old, my father suddenly died. It happened on the 30th of April...

When I was 23, my boyfriend and I had an accident. Our car fell into a ditch. My boyfriend did not have any injuries but I broke my leg and then spent a lot of time getting well at the hospital. My boyfriend's car license plate number was 30-30.

When I was 26, I got pregnant. By that time, I was married to a wonderful man and we were waiting for the baby with great excitement. But something went wrong and on the 30th week I had a premature birth. It was not possible to save the child.  I could not recover for a long time after serious bleeding. It was terrible... My first marriage was destroyed because of this.

These are only the most serious tragedies of my life, I'm not talking about little troubles. When that woman appeared and told me I would die at the age of 30, it seemed something clicked in my head. I figured out that it was number 30 that became fatal in my life.

So it was true, I had little time left to live. It was hard for me as a skeptic to realize the full extent of the problem. I was simply crushed by the understanding that nothing depended on me. There are higher powers in the world that control us.

Then, destiny sent me salvation. It was an invitation to the seminar “Field of Love”. I decided to visit it. It was the turning point of my life.

I wrote down my story in detail without missing a single thing and came to karma diagnostics. The shaman put a special shamanic amulet in my hand and said that the spirit of this amulet would help in the ritual. During the ceremony, the shaman had to go deep into my past in order to find the problem with which it all began.

I was four years old when my grandmother and I were at the shopping center. A woman walked by us. She was very upset and in a hurry. She did not notice her wallet falling out of her pocket. My grandmother was distracted at that moment, and I picked it up but said nothing.

When we returned home, I put the money I found in my piggy bank. There were exactly 30 dollars. The money became my fatal number that was haunting me throughout my life!

Although I was very little and did not understand the true meaning of my act, it laid a heavy burden on my fate.

Karma diagnostics was one of the numerous rituals I went through at the “Field of Love” seminars. I was lucky, I had several individual rites for the purification of karma. I am very grateful to the tutor for the fact that she began to work with me individually and changed a lot in my life.

I have safely passed my thirty-year milestone. Now I am 35, I have a wonderful husband, three healthy children, and excellent job. I am an absolutely happy person. I am no longer anxious on the 30th of every month and I am not scared of the bus with number 30.

You are constantly plagued by failures and you cannot find its cause? Karma diagnostics is the most reliable way to discover the problem. Describe your problem in detail and contact the “Field of Love” tutors. They will explain everything in detail and give you peace of mind.

Come to the “Field of Love” seminars!

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