Diagnostic of predestination

How to find your place in this world?

Sometimes it happens that we feel out of place. We dislike the business we are doing, we can’t see any reason for being as well. Why does this happen and  how is it possible to change such a situation? Yes, the Diagnostic of predestination will help you.

The past will tell you the future

It has been proved that the human soul is born many times. However, we could have left unfinished projects, goals or dreams in our past lives. If we were trying to reach some goal, but didn’t succeed, this goal will be transferred into the next life. And this means that a person will feel the constant discomfort.

For example, you long to visit London. There aren’t any certain reasons for such a desire, but you keep on being irresistibly pulled to this city, so that you see it in your dreams and all your thoughts are occupied only with this idea. And you are not aware that in one of your past lives you were an English earl and one day you were rushing for a London ball from your estate when the robbers suddenly attacked you.

You got serious injuries and didn’t manage to visit the ball. But this desire to get in London by all means you could carry even through several lives. At the subconscious level, your memory constantly sends a signal that your life depends on this trip. Therefore, you are trying to realize this unfinished event in reality.

Of course, this example is a simple one

 If we want to go to London, or Paris, or New York, it is not necessary to look for the reason of our desire in our past lives. We just buy a ticket and fly wherever we want. But there can be other cases.

For example, imagine that we are tormented with a sense of our existence impropriety throughout our entire life. And we can’t understand what we’re doing wrong. Only the Diagnostic of predestination can shed light on the mission with which we came to this world.

Sometimes even a routine diagnosis is not enough to find out the true reason, and then you have to conduct a deeper analysis. In this case, the shaman plunges into the past lives of a person, studies his past incarnations in order to see firsthand what is the basis of his predestination in the present and what is the mission of his soul in this life.

Charlotte, Miami:

From the moment I was born my parents have known who I would become. We have a family business that is passed down from generation to generation. And as for me – I am the eldest heiress, with a talent for successful economic activity. Therefore, no one asked me who I want to become when I grow up. Of course, I had a lot of hobbies – vocal studies, tennis, swimming, gymnastics. I did not feel miserable at all. But I was not happy either.

As a teenager, I felt some slight dissatisfaction with my own life. Although I was very successful in all my personal endeavors, something was wrong anyway…

I became a junior companion in my father's firm, and my transactions were the most successful on the East Coast. But I did not experience the joy of my work.

One day, fate brought me up with a hereditary Siberian shaman and a tutor of the International charity movement “Field of Love”, so that I decided to undergo the Diagnostic of predestination. I was sure that this ritual would help me to understand why I did not enjoy my work or life in general. In order to see my true predestination, the shaman had to spend a lot of efforts. And the true reason of this was hiding in what happened more than 10 lives ago.

In that life, I was the granddaughter of a witch from the Argon forest. Already from the age of seven, I had vivid abilities for witchcraft. I felt not only the forest, nature, but I also got a wonderful ability to heal animals and understand their language – it was a true present from the spirits of those places. I could hear the call of a wounded roe deer in the distance, a chick which fell out of the nest, a fish thrown ashore. And I rushed to the rescue of their pets faster than the wind. During the shamanistic ritual, I practically lived that life, felt a furry bunny nose that poked into my palm in search of carrots, felt the smells of flowering herbs and pine needles, heard the twittering of birds.

After this ritual and purchase of a special amulet I found out what my predestination was. I realized that I had to follow the call of my heart and create a rehabilitation center for animals that have suffered at the hands of people or the nature forces. This has become the true goal of my life. Within a few months, my shelter received its first guest. Now we have more than 100 animals. All of them live in conditions close to natural.

Today I deal only with a shelter. My parents understood me, not immediately, but anyway they and met me halfway. My younger brother took a place in the company of our father, and nowadays he successfully copes with all his duties. As for me – I finally felt happy having found my true predestination.

Diagnostic of predestination

Accept the fate

During the Diagnostic of predestination shamans don’t only determine your mission here on the Earth, but they also advise what should be done in order to remove obstacles that impede your mission’s  implementation. Therefore, when you come to the shaman, you need to be prepared for everything. Sometimes a shaman will whisper to you just one phrase, but after thinking about it in details, you will be extremely surprised. It will turn your whole life upside down.

Sometimes it can be difficult for a person to accept that his predestination is contrary to his usual way of life. One of our students had been resisting his mission for eight years. And only eight years later he accepted what he was told about during the diagnosis. Now he is immensely grateful to the shaman for revealing the truth to him and giving him an opportunity to become a happy person.

If you still don’t know why you were born, if you can’t see any purpose in your life, contact us for help 

After diagnostic of predestination, we will reveal the deep meaning of your existence and tell you how to realize your true mission and overcome all the obstacles on a way to it. Sign up for our classes! Bring friends and relatives to them, share this article with your friends! Be happy!

Attention! The protective amulet and ceremony that will be held at our seminar will help you to resist all the problems of your lineage, clear the karma of the lineage and open the way to a brighter future. You need an amulet and a protective ritual!

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