Halloween: holiday of Darkness or Light?

29 October 2019

What rituals will help attract good luck for the whole year

There are several special days in a year when you can turn to the spirits of the four worlds and get protection and help from them in everything, be it career, health, self-realization, relationships. Halloween is one of such days. But in order to put in a program of good fortune on this day, one must correctly celebrate the holiday. How? This article will tell you about it.

Ask  the forces of nature for help 

Halloween falls on a special period between the astrological points of the Solstice and the Equinox. At this time, all the elements are activated, natural energy flows are intensified. And we can turn to our long-dead ancestors directly. Gain their support and good luck.

It is during this period that we get the opportunity to help restless souls rest in peace. And then these spirits will become a strong foundation for your lineage, and subsequently will contribute to its strengthening and prosperity.

If the roots of the family tree are not strong enough, then in your life all kinds of troubles, associated with finances, career, health, will take place in your life.

The ancient tradition of Halloween always implied rituals with mummers. Costumes of magical characters and frightening makeup on the face were needed to drive the spirits of the Lower World from their lives, scare them with bright colors, dances, music. This is the main idea of ​​the holiday - to chase away evil spirits.

But over time, Halloween has lost its true essence. People began to organize ordinary costume parties that day, with silly jokes and horror stories, with eating sweets and drinking alcohol. Many do not even suspect that such a pastime attracts negative energy and the spirits of the lower world.


Not just a Sabbath

You, of course, have heard about witch Sabbaths on Halloween night. What were they in deed? Long time ago Women of Power gathered on the Sabbath. They possessed unique magical abilities, controlled time and space. They were able to change the surrounding reality. They influenced their own destiny, fate of their lineage, because they knew sacred knowledge and possessed secret techniques.

A huge ritual bonfire, bred at the Place of Power, was a symbol of unity of the elements. Women danced around it their special ritual dances, and the process of continuous exchange of energy with nature and spirits reached its climax.

The eve of this holiday is considered a special turning point of fate. That is why, on Halloween, the leading, wisest women called on the spirits of their ancestors and the forces of nature, and charged the whole lineage with this powerful energy.

But there were people in those days who thought these actions were scary. The Sabbaths frightened them tremblingly, and they set society against the Women of Power.

They declared them witches and started a real hunt for them. And the most powerful  representatives were burned at the stake.

It was a terrible time ...

Today our project Field of Love revives the most ancient traditions. We strive to help women all over the world feel a source of powerful female energy in them. At our classes, we teach how to properly manage this magical power, how to merge our energy with all the natural elements, how to direct their flows to strengthen and prosper the lineage.

How to celebrate Halloween in the right way:


1. If you have children 

Be sure to prepare bright magical costumes for them and, of course, a mask. The more terrible the mask is, the higher the probability that it will scare away the spirits of the lower world from your child.

It's great if you and your child make a mask together. Ask your kid to draw everything he\she is afraid of on the mask. After the holiday, this mask needs to be burned, and the ashes should be dispelled. So all his fears will pass away from the child’s life.

By the way, this also applies to adults. The ritual burning of fears, complexes, and grievances is very effective precisely on Halloween.

2. Purify your house of evil spirits 

To purify your house of evil spirits on Halloween, you need to let the goddess Choktal into it. To do this, light candles. The goddess of fire will fill the space of your home with warmth and joy.

It is important to remember that before lighting candles, you need to conduct a special ceremony to purify your house. Therefore, visit our seminars or group lessons in advance, our tutors will tell you how to clean the house properly.

3. Prepare Objects of Power 

Magic objects and shamanistic amulets work very well on Halloween. If you have them in your home, be sure to ask them for help. They will help create a powerful defense against evil spirits and any negative from the outside.

It is best to charge the objects before the holiday at our seminars, and create a special altar for them at home. How to do this, ask our teachers.


4. Talk to your ancestors 

On this day, only once a year, you can feel the energy of the lineage and get saturated with the power of your ancestors. Prayers for ancestors are of particular importance on this day, and become most effective and heard by the Higher powers. On this day, you can receive forgiveness of your ancestors and forgive them for their mistakes. All this will strengthen your lineage, make your family successful, happy and rich.

5. Spend a day with like-minded people 

Of course, not every person knows how to communicate with the souls of ancestors or the forces of nature. To do this, you need an experienced mentor and the right atmosphere. You will find them at our special seminars that we hold during the holiday. You can go through special rituals and ask the good spirits for help. Join us now!

Greta, Los Angeles: 

I was wondering all the time why rather successful parents have unlucky children. My mom and dad were happy together, by the age of 30 they had a wonderful family, excellent work and general recognition.

I was their only child and grew up with the constant feeling that I was replaced ... No, seriously! I was not the best student at school. I studied at a prestigious college, and later, having got a job, I occupied the lowest position ...

But by virtue of my nature, I did not change anything, I went along with the tide, and was sure that all my misfortunes were predetermined from above.

I spent lonely evenings in front of a TV with chips and popcorn. I watched endless talk shows. I raved against my fate for my failed life and could not understand why dreams did not come true.

One of these evenings, cousin Christine came to see me. I had not seen her for nearly five years. Seeing me, she was horrified. I burst into tears and told her all the accumulated grievances and sorrows. It was from her that I first heard about the Field of Love.

Unlike me, Christine never sat back and did nothing. Especially in front of the TV. Especially hugging a pack of chips. She just put me in a car and drove me to the Love Field seminar. By the way, I it was not long to drive — literally a couple of blocks from my house. Wow, how close was my Destiny! I wish I knew about it earlier ..

On the way, my cousin told me that she has been attending classes in our city for a long time and her life has changed a lot. I had little faith in such stories. Indeed, in my life there have been practically no good events ...

When I arrived at the seminar, I was very surprised that all the participants treated me very kindly. We united in a big circle and started the Field of Love prayer. I have never experienced anything like it. I felt a tremendous power that passed through me. My soul was filled with great amazement and joyful glee. I realized that there are wonderful things in the world that I had no idea about before. The Field of Love prayer became my first stepping stone to a new life.

I made an appointment for an individual consultation with a tutor. And during the session it turned out that all my problems come from the depths of our lineage. From time to time, one of the members of the lineage receives such a kind of heritage - to attract trouble. In our generation, I was this “lucky one" …

I was very lucky that I got to the right place. The tutor deepened into my past lives and found a problem there. She cleared my fate and created for me a special protective Object of Power.

Three weeks later, happened something that changed my fate dramatically. This event was Halloween. I did not even imagine that this holiday has such a meaning. Indeed, on this day, the forces of nature are within man’s power. And they can relief them of suffering, problems, evil entities.

On the very eve of the holiday, we held a special ritual. I have never felt such power! I felt the energy flowing in me, my heart was opened towards the natural elements. On that day, I felt myself a part of the divine spark, felt a serious power in my hands.

And that purification that I went through that night changed my whole life. A week later, my longtime friend phoned unexpectedly and offered me a fairly high position in her company.

And the group classes (now I attend them all the time) revealed my talent. I started painting.  And two of my works were even taken to the exhibition! There, by the way, I met my soulmate. But this is a completely different story)))

In the modern world, it is very important to revive old traditions. After all, our life is full of negativity, disease, aggression, cruelty. And only strong feminine energy can purify our planet from evil spirits, subjugate the elements and direct them for the benefit of humanity, call on good spirits and make us happy and successful.

Become a Woman of Power with us! Sign up for our seminars and trainings! Share information about us and our activities with your loved ones, friends and acquaintances! Come to our seminars at Places of Power! Find happiness and help the Earth become a true paradise!

The power of a live shamanic drum calls you to the Places of Power! Trance practices, flights to other worlds, contacts with ancient civilizations and the discovery of destinations - all this awaits you at our next seminar. Be with the Power, be in the Place of Power!

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