Diagnostics of lineage

Why do you need it?

Diagnostics of the lineage will help to know why your family members are chased by misfortune, poverty and diseases.

What do you need for the diagnostics?

You won't need to gather the whole crowd of your relatives at the same place to make diagnostics of the lineage. Their photos are enough. The mandatory minimum consists of your and your partner's photos, photos of your children, parents from both sides, siblings and grandparents. The more relations you will show to the shaman the more accurately the power of your lineage and its special features will be analyzed.

Nowadays, it is much more easier to keep in touch with your family spread around the globe due to internet and social networks. That's why it will be easy to collect the most complete set of photos and to print it. If you took care of making your family tree beforehand, it's just wonderful! Take it with you to get the most complete picture.

 How is the lineage diagnosed

During the diagnostics the shaman lays photos in a special manner and carries out the ritual when spirits are considering each member of your lineage. He will carefully observe souls that came into your lineage from the external world. He will analyze connections inside your lineage.

Using the information he has received, the shaman will make conclusions. What power and what destiny are given to your lineage. What talent is passed through generations. And are there any obstacles for prosperity of your lineage and how to get rid of them For what line (maternal or paternal) you need to pray more. How to resolve the conflict between family members.

Diagnostics of lineage

 Dora, Dublin:

Since I was a child I've dreamt of growing up as soon as possible and starting my own life. Parents didn't pay much attention to us kids. Of course, my sister and me were always fed, clothed, we had good toys, a good school. But we didn't feel the parental love. Our parents weren't very happy although they didn't show it. Our Mom more often took to the bottle.

I was sure that my own family would not be like that. My first husband was a good man. We married for the great love but we could not get along together. Our everyday habits irritated us. It was all rubbish and small things but we always quarreled. Finally, our marriage did not survive a half of year.

A lot of time had passed before I decided to marry again. I dated Casey for a long time and we got used to each other. He also had an unhappy marriage in the past.

Finally, we got married and decided to have a baby. Everything was great. Our daughter was born healthy and pretty. We were happy for a while. But afterwards our relations became worse.

Casey got a job offer in a Middle Eastern country. The contract was very profitable. But its terms stated that my husband could not bring his family with him. He had to go away for a year and a half. I know that many couples live in different cities, meet each other once in a few month and spend vacations together. But it is not my thing. We either live together or not.

Honestly speaking, I thought that my husband would refuse from that job and would choose me and my daughter. But he left for Qatar. It meant the end of our marriage for me...

The most astonishing thing was that my sister's family broke up at the same moment and she had big business issues. It seemed as somebody had put a jinx on us... I thought that our whole family was unlucky. We just were not created for happiness and success.

Once I found myself on classes “The Field of Love” by a mere accident. They listened to my story and recommended to do the diagnostics of the lineage. I agreed.

The result surprised me.

 I could not even thing that my whole family pays for mistakes of my maternal great-grandmother. Once, when she was a child, she pocketed the artifact owned by her father's business partner. She made it more as a mischief than for a malice. But she didn't tell anybody about it for all her life.

I found out that the artifact was a small, seemingly nondescript pendant that my Mom gave me when I was a child. Spirits of the lower world have been living there all along. I don't know who lodged them there and when but they have been making harm to all women of our lineage for more than one hundred years.

The shaman carried out the cleansing ritual with that pendant and then several individual rituals to recover relations inside the lineage and its power.

Changed everything! 

My parents suddenly decided to move to Spain and started with a clean slate. I finally saw them smiling. And they are happy, I see it.

One day after the ritual Casey phoned me and said that he had bought a ticket to Dublin for the next Tuesday. He begged pardon and said that he had nothing more important than his family. He really was at the door of our house at Tuesday.

Since that we have never quarreled. However, we had to leave Ireland as my husband got the job offer from the USA. But we moved together, all four as our second daughter was born a year ago. 

Before our departure my husband and I took the individual consultation from the trainer of the Field of Love and asked her to give us a recommendation of how to preserve our relationships in the future. She recommended several energy practices and talismans for the whole family. Now, every member of our family has the personal talisman and amulet for luck!

Diagnostics of lineage

My sister is in the thick of business as it flourishes. He has recently opened a branch in Singapore and moved there.

Our family is spread all over the world. But despite being separated by thousands miles we have become closer to each other. We try to spend our vacations together on retreats of “The Field of Love”.

Sometimes people don't even guess that they pay for mistakes of their ancestors. Or they are just unaware that they have gone off the path predestined to them at some spot. Diagnostics of the lineage will help to find all of this. The experienced shaman will immediately see the issue and will suggest options to solve it. He will help to carry out the right ritual to make the lineage strong,  prosperous and happy. Register for our classes. Seminars of the Field of Love will help you!

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