Shamanic diagnostic

Change your life for the better

If you want to understand why your teenage dreams about a close-knit family haven’t come true, career ambitions haven’t been achieved, or you simply have bad luck, you need shamanic diagnostics.

 How to carry out the diagnostics 

If you want the shamanic diagnostics to be as efficient as possible, write down all the questions in advance. The shaman should tune in to the perception of your aura in order to see the spirits around you, which spirits hinder, and which ones help you.

In the course of the diagnostics, the shaman goes into a trance and calls for help of spirits. All his actions are accompanied by the sound of a ritual shamanic drum. But don’t be afraid. This is an obligatory part of the rite. Helper spirits come flying to the sounds of the drum. These spirits help the shaman to see what is happening to you. For example, maybe the spirits of the disease stick to you, or the spirits of the lineage take away your power.

The shaman can see current problems and troubles, as well as help to identify and develop your abilities you’ve never even thought you had.

Shamanic diagnostic

Marie, Antwerp:

When I was a child, I was a great singer. One day, a very famous vocal teacher heard me singing and started teaching me. Then, I began to perform at the best venues in Europe together with famous singers. They said I would have a brilliant career. However, when I turned 13, a terrible thing happened.

I still remember that day. After another concert at which I performed, my parents and I decided to sail on the yacht along the coast. We used to really like yacht trips.

There were six of us on the yacht, including my parents, me, my younger brother and two sailors who helped my father to steer. Suddenly a squally wind started, the storm began at once. While the men were trying to point the yacht, the wave hit one of the sides so hard that I fell into the sea. I didn’t drown, because I was wearing a life jacket. However, they couldn’t get me out of the water right away.

I stayed in the water for about forty minutes. And considering the fact that the North Sea in September is icy, I froze so much that when they took me back on board, I was teal and barely breathing.

I spent almost a month in the hospital. I lost my voice because of severe hypothermia. It was a blow to all my hopes. I will never be a famous singer!!!

They say, time is a good healer. I grew up, became a lawyer, got married. But I was unhappy. I missed the music.

 Once, my friend Gemma invited me to a seminar “Field of Love”. I thought that I could find out why the fate was so unfair to me, depriving me of the most important thing in my life – my voice. The shamanic diagnostics, which I happened to attend, showed that something else happened at the last concert before the tragedy...

At that time, I had a best friend. We virtually grew up together. But she never attended my performances. And that fateful day was the first time she heard me singing on stage, saw a standing ovation, which the audience gave after my performance. And she envied me with all her heart. The spirits of envy clung to me and brought bad luck.

After the diagnostics, the healer shaman performed a special individual ritual and freed me of evil spirits. I started singing during the ritual! No, I didn’t become a great singer, but I became an absolutely happy person! The special amulet, which was chosen by the shaman specially for me, helps me. Now I devote all my free time to music and tour the country a lot. I perform at all charity events, to which I’m invited. And now I can say safely that the shamanic diagnostics changed my fate! It helped me become happy and successful. I’m afraid to even think about what would happen to me, unless the fate had sent me this path.

Advantages of the diagnostics 

The shamanic diagnostics can be a defining moment in human life. Indeed, during this procedure, the spirits reveal to the shaman even those moments that you have long forgotten about. And then the shaman tells you what caused your problem and how to solve it.

Moreover, the spirits tell the shaman which amulet should be chosen for you and your family: protective, for good luck, against diseases, etc. You can purchase such amulets at our group classes, seminars and outdoor events at the Places of Power.

Shamanic diagnostic

It may take several different rituals to make a difference. The shaman’s assistant will give you detailed recommendations so that you can work correctly with your fate.

Come to our classes and bring your acquaintances and friends, You will understand why problems occur in your life and find something that will make you a happy and successful person.

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