Power of Lineage

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 More than 20 years ago, we have created and been still conducting one of the most unique courses all around the world — “The Power of the lineage”. We constantly complement and improve it in accordance with your needs, questions and experiences.

Power of Lineage Video Course 

We conducted classes of this course in many countries, tried to cover as much territory as possible. But our opportunities are not limitless, and our tutors are physically unable to get to all the places where we are waited for. So then we decided to create a video version of this course.

 Now, wherever you are, you can always order the “The power of lineage” video course, simply by e-mailing us, and start working with your own lineage.

Sections of the video course 

Our video course is a collection of basic techniques and exercises. First of all, it introduces a prayer for the living. In this section, we describe how to protect all your nearest and dearest using the power of lineage.

 Another major section is prayers for the dead. Remember, most of our problems are inherited by us from our ancestors. And if their souls are still suffering from pain or are tortured by the influence of evil spirits, then all descendants will suffer from similar situations until we change this.

 There are in this course also exercises on cleansing the house and living space. The house of any person is his lineage nest, from where all relatives feed on the power. And when children travel to different cities and create their families, they will still draw energy from the house where they were born. We teach how to create such spatial power in the place where you live.

Power of Lineage

 Sally, New Orleans:

I have always lived fair to middling. I had average abilities in school, an ordinary, unremarkable job, a very spotty income. Such a life was not exactly horrible, but rather dull. An endless “Groundhog Day”...

One evening I was returning home from an unloved work. And suddenly I noticed an advertisement for the Power of Lineage Video Course. I read the annotation and thought that my life was too bleak. So could this be connected with the lineage problems? Having a long think about, I ordered this course.

I should say that it was sent to me quickly, and I took the plunge into a new world for me. Very much was new to me. I was amazed at how this video course shook up my vision of life. So that minute I decided to attend the seminar personally.

They helped me to look into the world of my ancestors. And it turned out that I repeat the karmic fate of my great-great-great-grandmother. She once dreamed of becoming an artist, but in those days it was believed that a woman should be occupied with family and children. She was married off and she buried her talent, becoming an ordinary housewife. At the seminar they helped me change the whole line of failures of my lineage, and helped  choose the Object of Power that brings luck in all affairs. 

From that moment my life rapidly changed to the better. I didn’t even expect such an effect. My friend called me and invited me for an interview at a reputable travel company. Needless to say, it was about this line of business that I dreamed of. And they accepted me! And even paid for my tuition.

My father decided to move to Florida and presented me his apartment. And I became a volunteer of charity projects “Field of Love” and for the first time in my life I felt myself in the right place! I participate in animal related projects because I really love all animals. It is such a joy to communicate with them and help them! And all this is the events of the last three months!!!

Now, when I’ve fulfilled my predestination, my life can’t be called ordinary anymore) Fortune and luck have become my constant guides. The power of lineage helps me to overcome difficulties and achieve success. Now I can easily call myself the happiest person.

Such stories are not unusual. 

Our video course has already helped many people to understand that all problems in life can be overcome and their own destiny and the fate as well as the fate of their lineage can be changed.

Want to get the most benefit from the video course? Then immediately after having watched it, go to the site, select the nearest live training and attend it. After all, nothing can replace live communication with a shaman at the Place of Power!

Power of Lineage

Do not waste your time, work with our video course, attend our shaman seminars, get amulets and talismans, and comprehend the wisdom of the ancestors! And then your lineage will acquire the strongest power. And your children will get a healthy, strong, flourishing, constantly developing lineage tree!

It is important not only to learn but also practice the knowledge you obtain in the circle of like-minded people. we invite you to join to the group of happy, open and loving people at our classes and retreats!

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