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Diagnostics of feminine essence will help you solve them

Did the relationships between you and your partner damage? Do you not understand each other anymore, do you often quarrel and fall asleep with your backs toward each other? Diagnostics of feminine essence will help you fix this!

Terrifying Statistics

Just think: statistics says that more than 50% of marriages in the world end in divorce. These are terrifying figures. It means that almost all couples are unhappy. Conflicts, quarrels, mutual insults ... This all is accumulated over the years and has a bad effect on the emotional and even physical condition of a person.

What should you do if relationships between you and your partner damage and there's no family harmony to talk about? Is there really only one way out - parting? Do not hurry! Diagnostics of feminine essence can help you. Indeed, most often it is a woman who acts as the keeper of family values. And therefore, in relationships it is her energy potential that is most important.

Diagnostics of feminine essence helps tutor understand how well a woman’s potential is revealed.

Sandra, Lisbon: 

My parents were one of those rare couples in which love and mutual respect reign. Of course, I dreamed that my marriage would be the same.

It was only when I turned thirty that I met Bruno. He was not tall, not handsome. But I fell in love immediately and forever. 

We were married only six months later, and I felt like in fairy tales that I read as a child. Bruno adored me, surprised me all the time, and gave me gifts. He could have turned a normal supermarket into a real journey)))) I was in love and happy.

But about a couple of months after the wedding, our coupledom was in trouble. We started fighting. And because we were both passionate and emotional, our marriage was like military activity. We fought passionately, like in soap operas. And then we put up as much passionately. But this life on the volcano deenergized both of us.

A year later, I had the first signs of depression. I was scared. It seemed like our marriage was over...

That's when I learned from my friend that there was a diagnostics of feminine essence. You can do it with tutors of the Field of Love. My friend advised me to attend a seminar . This diagnostics helps to determine the cause of family problems. I was so desperate that I was ready for anything. My partner did not meet my expectations, and according to his words, I neither met his...

The diagnostics of feminine essence itself didn't take long. But it explained a lot. As it turned out, I had a very strong healer in my family long ago. And her energy power was passed to me through generations. But all this feminine power was deeply hidden in my subconscious. Without it, relationship with my husband collapsed, despite the fact that our auras were very organic.

To reveal my potential as a woman, I had to have a series of individual rituals and choose my Object of Power. During the rituals, I could feel the power raging inside me. Tutor freed my energy and taught me how to manage it properly. And the relationship with Bruno has changed! We had another honeymoon. And the main thing is that it has been going on for more than two years already. We have recently learned that we are going to become parents, and our happiness is limitless. Diagnostics of feminine essence has turned our lives upside down. I can't believe we were going to get a divorce...

How does it work?

Diagnostics of feminine essence will help to find the cause of family problems. It can be fear of loneliness or experience of unsuccessful relationship in a past life. All this hides deep in our subconscious and prevents us from becoming happy.

During the diagnostics, the tutor immediately sees what rituals need to be performed to help you. Sometimes these are ancient rituals or special meditations, and sometimes you can do them at home. Energy practices, dancing, yoga and much more. 

Do you want to understand all this? Make an appointment for an individual consultation or come to group classes in your city. To make sure your family life is always happy and nothing can darken it, our tutors will choose special love protective amulets for you!

You have received new knowledge and now it is time for you to become a ray of light for new people. Share this article with them, invite them to become part of the Field of Love, come together to our retreats and classes. Help people and God will help you!

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