Amulets and talismans

The power of guardian spirits 

The shamanistic AMULETS AND TALISMANS is gift of the higher worlds to the shaman

Performing the rite, the spiritual journey, the shaman brings into our world the guiding spirits, the intermediaries between the human world and the spirit world. In the future, they become invisible helpers. To hide the energy from strangers and to show respect to the sacred powers, the shaman directs every spirit in the so-called a receptacle – a special subject. The receptacles for spirits can be different, the strongest guardian spirits find their lives in the symbolism of the shaman's clothing. After every rite they are becoming more and more on the clothes. These symbols help the shaman to communicate with the spirit world, perform rites, heal and help people. 

The shaman’s costume 

The shaman’s costume itself has great energy, which is why it is not worn every day, but only during the rituals, and should be treated very carefully. You can draw an analogy with superheroes – they also do not walk around in cloaks and masks in everyday life, but wear them only when they are saving the world. 

Amulets and talismans

How it works? 

Creating amulets and talismans, the shaman does not just give them some image, he puts in a chosen spirit, which is responsible for health, luck, happiness, well-being, and it will protect from bad people, help in business and even heal. This amulet can be worn every day, you can take it with you on trips or important meetings, or store it at home or in a car. The shaman will advise, for example, an amulet that will attract a man. 

One day a woman came to our training

The problem she had was petty – a new car. What kind of problem is it, you may ask, it is a great joy. The fact was that for the first month three wheels broke down in that new car. Right while driving (fortunately, not so fast) the wheels bent. The insurance, of course, covered the repair, but the woman was just scared to drive the car. In addition, she bought a car to drive her 5-year-old daughter to the kindergarten. The woman was terrified. At the training, she was advised to buy a special amulet charged by the shaman. The car hasn't broken down since. As our student said, it even was as if gasoline ran out less often. 

The shaman knows what spirit to put in the receptacle to help you solve the problems

In the next article we will tell you what amulets there are and how to store them correctly. You can buy amulets and talismans at our seminars and trainings and also at the individual consultation with our Masters. Here you can see the schedule.

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