Causes of disasters

6 December 2019
Causes of disasters

How can each of us stop trouble in different parts of the world?

Tsunamis, floods, man-made accidents, forest fires - every day there is some terrible disaster on our planet. We are looking for the causes of disasters in negligence, fatal accidents, self-serving calculations and God knows what else. And in fact, they are in us. Our thoughts and actions.

Why do forests burn?

What do you think are the most frequent natural disasters? Fires! Just think about it: more than 340 million hectares of land suffer from fires on our planet every year! Forests and pastures, houses and public buildings burn, people, animals, birds die... The most terrible fires occur in Australia and Africa, South America and Russian Siberia.

Right now, the north-east of Australia, the Amazon forest and the Irkutsk region of the Russian Federation are in fire. In many regions they imposed the state of emergency. People are evacuated somewhere, firefighters, rescuers, army and volunteers are fighting with fire. But it is almost impossible to defeat the flames. Only rain can stop it.

And if in Russia the rain begins with the onset of the off-season, then in the dry regions they can wait it for years...

 People try to stop the fire. Volunteers come to help firefighters. Including our students of the Field of Love project. But to stop fires, we need to understand their true cause.

Of course, everyone knows that the causes of disasters, including forest fires, are people. Careless handling of fire, sometimes deliberate firesetting. In tropical countries there are high temperatures. But that's not really why forests burn.

Causes of disasters

Energy of destruction

What is fire? It's Yang's energy. The energy of destruction, aggression, anger, hatred. Where does it come from? From us. Our bad deeds and thoughts, irritation, hatred, indifference constantly increase the amount of negative energy in the world.

Look at the information field we live in. What do we see on TV, read on the Internet and in newspapers? Shootings, robberies, murders, fights. Catastrophes and natural disasters.

Let's open a secular chronicle - maybe there is positive content there? Alas, no. Gossip, divorce, division of property...

The news is soaked in negativity. Negative also surrounds us in everyday life. We quarrel with our neighbors, argue with clients or colleagues, and listen to unpleasant words from our boss. What do we do at home, among the closest people? That's right. We lash out at them. Which, of course, leads to family conflicts: with a partner, children, parents ... 

So we're living in a vicious circle of evil. We endlessly increase the amount of negative energy. These are the causes of disasters - our anger, indifference, despiritualization ...

The power of love

Is it possible to stop fires, floods, hurricanes, plane crashes, industrial accidents? And many other things that threaten us with death and total destruction of our planet?

Yes, it is. Yin energy can do that. This is water. It is the energy of love. The more love there is in the world, the less natural and man-made disasters. But there is very little love in our world. Look at the number of divorces - every second marriage breaks up. Look at the statistics on domestic violence - every 40 minutes a woman dies in the world! At the hands of the closest person! Look at the number of orphans, lonely old people, and people living in the street.

If we lived in love, would there be so many dead, mutilated, homeless people? Lack of love, hatred are the main reasons for disasters.

But what can I do, even if I am a good, responsive, generous person? Will I stop all fires and hurricanes in the world? Can one righteous man save the world? No! This can only be done through joint efforts.

That's why we created the Field of Love project 20 years ago. We bring together all the people who care about the fate of our planet. Those who want to do everything possible to stop wars, poverty, epidemics.

Causes of disasters

In the circle of those who care

Together, we conduct a strong circular prayer. The more people gather in a circle, the stronger the power of the prayer. This has been proved by our disciples and tutors more than once. We have stopped earthquakes and tsunamis, epidemics and floods. And, of course, we gather in different parts of the world to stop fires every year. We pray that the energy of Yin, the life-giving water, will be spilled on our long-suffering land.

We call on all concerned people to join our great spiritual family! Attend group classes and seminars to pray together for the salvation of the Earth. Ask our tutors for individual consultation on how to help yourself, your family and others with prayer. Use the magical power of talismans and amulets. Tell others about us and share our articles with them. Stop the causes of disasters!

And most importantly, always reach out to the person who asks for it. Whether it is a little kitten that has lost its mother. Or the shore of a lake covered with garbage. Or a majestic forest suffocating from carbon dioxide. Animal, plant, human - you can help anyone. Simply by not passing by. Simply not throwing garbage on the ground. Simply not answering rude the person who has scolded you.

Love is precious moisture, which is stored in a unique vessel - the human heart. It is hard not to spill it. But it is not impossible. Every day, doing at least one good deed, complimenting at least three strangers, you increase the volume of love in your heart and in the world.

Remember, as Neil Armstrong, the first man to step onto the surface of the moon, said: "That’s one small step for a man, one giant leap for mankind. " You can make such a step everyday: towards peace, harmony and happiness.

Power will come to you at our seminar - bring new people to our seminars and be happy! 


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