the secret of success

The secret formula of wealth for our readers only 

Do you want to repeat the world’s famous businessmen’s path of life? What is their secret of success and what does the transformation music have to do with it? Read below.

The secret of success: formula for the advanced

So, what is success? This is the effort divided by time and multiplied by the mind raised to the power of ten. Difficult? Let's understand.

Effort divided by time is the level of your success. You also know that time = money. Because time is a valuable resource. The more time we spend on specific efforts, the smaller the output. The secret of success in any business is to be able to save time and act effectively.

You will ask, “What does the mind raised to the power of ten have to do with that?” If only efforts were enough for success, the number of millionaires on Earth would increase many-fold. After all, there are millions of hardworking, strong-willed people. But somehow they don't make the Forbes list. Because they lack knowledge, experience (in other words, intelligence).

Here is a simple example from our practice. A William from Glasgow consulted our coach. He was a beginning businessman. He seemed to have calculated everything: he created a business plan, came up with a trending business idea, found his niche, created a team of narrowly focused professionals, rented a great office and bought expensive equipment. But the business didn’t work out.

What did William do? No, he did not hire an auditor, did not involve a business consultant, did not turn to the coaches of “Field of love” for help. He decided to consult with his friend. And he advised William to take the rest of the money out of the business and open a new business with it. But William's company dealt in engineering solutions because William is an engineer himself. And the friend offered to invest in restaurant business, in which William does not understand anything!

The most surprising thing was that William followed his friend’s advice. As a result, he was in huge debt. Already on the verge of despair, he turned to us. Our coach analyzed his activities and the whole situation, helped to think through and develop a plan for further action. At individual consultations, the businessman learned the secret of success, received valuable advice, an amulet for good luck and special transformation music.

Fortunately, after the seminars and group classes, William paid off his debts more quickly than he had expected. And now he runs a successful business related to engineering.

The secret of success from professionals 

How not to suffer from your own arrogance amd unprofessional environment? Where to get the intelligence for business? Before starting a serious business, people have been turning to sages for thousands of years.

Who do you usually ask for advice? The secret of success is often searched for in social networking sites, the Internet or the older generation. But what advice can bloggers give – “business experts”? If they were successful, they would go about their business and not reveal to competitors the secret of success and prosperity. Parents, for example, are a different story. But they were born and lived in a different time, far from the modern economy, digital technology and the demands of society.

It is great if you have a knowledgeable business mentor who can give advice, warn in time, answer the most difficult and urgent questions. If that businessman had turned to our coach right away, he could have avoided losing his business. And the  transformation music, items of Power and attending workshops would have helped expand the business.

the secret of success

So, you can see that the secret of success lies in 3 elements: 

  • Any effort without intelligence is useless.
  • You need to act and make decisions quickly, otherwise you will not get the desired result.
  • Laziness and self-doubt hinders many people. No matter how beautiful the business idea is, and how wise the mentor is, without diligence and effort, you cannot build a business.

The transformation music as the secret of success in business

You have probably heard about the serious impact of different sound frequencies on the human body and the surrounding space. That is why representatives of all religions sing spiritual songs in temples, shamans and priests perform special ritual tunes. To tune in or cheer up, we often listen to certain music. All significant events of our life are connected with it.

Particularly effective is the  transformation music, which is written by the shamans. Why? Because its creation requires the most powerful energy, and at the time of composing the music, shamans conduct special ceremonies, summoning the good spirits. And every time when later you play this melody, the guardian spirits come flying to it.

The transformation music is also unique because it is created for each person and a particular case individually. For example, it can heal the body if you have health problems. Or reveal your special abilities. To retune you in to the wave of harmony and success. Find yourself, your inner Self, answers to difficult questions, find the secret of success in your business – all this is possible using special rhythms.

All you need is to come to the seminar “Field of love” or to an individual consultation with our coach and tell about your problem. The coach will choose a special melody for you, charge it to solve your problem. Try it! Listening to music will not be difficult, it will not take much time or effort, especially because it can be done anywhere: in the car, on the public transport, while jogging or doing sports.

Let the unique magical power of transformation music into your life and get ready for a big change in your destiny!

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