winter solstice

How to make the turning point of the year your ally?

Did you know that we actually have 4 New Years in a year? These are the winter solstice, the summer solstice, and the spring and autumn equinoxes. Today we will tell about their importance, power and special energy for turning your desires into reality.

Winter solstice: the real New Year 

This most important day of the year falls on December 22. Since ancient times, in all cultures and traditions, the winter solstice has been revered especially as the most energetically powerful day. December 22 is marked by the shortest day and longest night. It seems that the light will never return to Earth.

The ancients perceived this as a turning point and tried to fight for the light with all their might.

All the most hideous demons, larvae and other inhabitants of the Underworld came out and tried to do harm to people. To frighten them away, people held merry festivals, burned bonfires, filled the darkness with light. They sang songs and performed ritual dances, tried to do good deeds to attract good spirits. And the sun began to accumulate its power, fighting the darkness.

The winter solstice is a period of rebirth after the battle between good and evil. Invariably, the forces of light won, and people helped them in this. The sun was reborn again, growing, going through all the stages of this beautiful and endless cycle.

It is no coincidence that this time is extremely important for people with special abilities (shamans, healers, psychics, white witches). 

They make the most of the winter solstice to conduct the strongest rites and rituals. As a result, real mystical and wonderful things happen.

winter solstice

Soaring up the career ladder 

The winter solstice helped Katarina from Athens to realize a great dream.

The girl had always studied diligently, entered a prestigious higher educational institution at the faculty of law. She was the best in the class, literally living her specialty. Teachers praised her. There was no doubt that Katarina would have a bright future with a prestigious profession and a soaring career.

But after graduating from she couldn’t find a job for a long time. A friend of her parents’ helped her to get a job in a small law firm. Do you think they appreciated Katarina's knowledge and enthusiasm there? She didn't even have a chance to show her abilities. After all, she was only charged with filling printers and carrying around coffee to employees.

She couldn’t even get a paralegal’s job. Time went on, but katarina did not seem to be noticed.

The girl was quite desperate and was ready to leave, to go wherever the road took her. Everything changed when she accidentally got to the seminar “The Field of Love”. Katarina's thoughts and ideas about her place in life and career were simply overturned. The girl began to regularly attend group classes, passed trainings, individual consultations. Now it has finally become clear to her that she can control her own destiny and influence the people around her. Katarina has started to believe in herself and has become a real Woman of Power!

It is through activities in the “Field of Love” that the girl managed to know about the strongest influence that the winter solstice can have on life. Katarina made a wish on December 22 for a promotion at work, a career, finally getting a real position and a decent job. And project master performed a powerful ritual with the girl. It is difficult to compare with anything the feeling of being filled with energy during this period. Also Katarina received from the hands of the master a special amulet – the Object of Power, charged with good luck and success in affairs.

It’s only been a few days... Help came unexpectedly. One client of the firm where Katarina worked was acquainted with her boss and got really surprised at how she could work in such a position. He invited the girl to work for him as a lawyer.

3 years have passed, and Katarina is now managing the legal department in this company, which continues to develop successfully.

But the most surprising thing is that positive changes have affected not only Katarina. Her little brother, who had been suffering from asthma since birth, and no doctors and medicines could defeat this disease, suddenly completely recovered! One well-known medical journal even wrote about this phenomenon. Of course, Katarina knows the true reason for this miracle – a circular prayer for the loved ones, which she repeatedly took part in. And, of course, the special object of Power she’d acquired for her brother in one of her first classes.

The winter solstice: spend the most important day of the year correctly

To fulfill your plans, it is very important to prepare in advance and properly do everything on December 22. On the eve do a general cleaning of the house, give away things you don’t need. Say goodbye to all the painful memories and let go of the past. You will have a new successful start, which the winter solstice will give you!

Carefully cleanse the surrounding area for an important ritual that is performed only on this day. You will learn at seminars and group classes “The Field of love” how to perform it properly, But at home, on your own, you can also hold a simple ceremony.

For this, you will need black salt where sea salt (such salt can be purchased at our classes or replaced with usual white salt), dissolve it in water and carefully wash every corner of your room, mentally expelling the all the negative. Fill the space with pleasant meditative music of transformation. It will help to harmonize everything around and your body too.

winter solstice

Now you can start reviewing everything that has happened to you in the past year. Start with experience and mistakes. Be sure to thank the Universe for everything.

Make a list of the grievances and bad events, all that you would like to leave in the past. And burn it on December 22! By the way, if you burn your grievances during the ritual at the seminar or group class, the effect will increase sevenfold!

Also you will need another list. Write down the most pleasant and bright events of the past year. And also what you would like to gain in the New Year.

Very soon you will feel the energy that the winter solstice gives. After all, you have cleansed not only your home, but also the energy to fill the future well-being. Get ready for magic, unusual things will happen to you and your loved ones. Diseases will begin to go away, the burden will fall from the soul. In relations, there will be harmony, your children will become more attentive and obedient. Those who only dream of a soulmate, will surely meet a worthy companion. Expect success in work and pleasant financial bonuses. Things will go on the rise in all directions.

We are waiting for you at the seminars and individual consultations in “The Field of Love”. Bring photos of your loved ones. Pray in a circle of like-minded people for your loved ones, ask for good luck, happiness and health for them next year. And our masters will perform the strongest rites to strengthen the energy that the winter solstice provides. Amulets and objects of Power will help you to keep the positive effect for a very long time, get rid of the envy of enemies and obstacles on the way to your goal.

Let us work together to change your fate! May you be on a winning streak!

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