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What is the key to efficiency of our classes 

The key to success is hard work. It’s not the matter of magic. Having received the recommendations of the tutor, each student should trust them and follow the specified path. This is the only way to achieve a happy and balanced life.

Sandra, London: 

“I started attending individual consultations and then group classes The Field of Love together with Agnes. We wanted to become more self-confident and luckier in a way. We were young and wanted a lot)))

I studied at the institute together with Agnes. We were roommates. We worked together as waitresses in a cafe in the evenings. But those were the only similarities we had. We had very different dreams and methods of achieving them...

Agnes wanted to get everything at once without making any efforts.

She wanted to have fun and enjoy life in the first place. This took its toll on both studies and attitude to work. In my turn, I was always scrupulous about everything I did. Perhaps, I’m a bore? Sort of)))

We approached “The Field of Love” classes in different ways as well. I diligently followed all the tutor’s recommendations, didn’t skip a day in the group, asked for advice when I couldт’t perform the ritual correctly. I even walked my amulets and talismans, as the coach advised. Although it was winter and it was bitter cold in London that year.

And as for Agnes, she followed the tutor’s recommendations for the first week, and then... she got bored. After all, she had to radically change her lifestyle, focus on spiritual growth.

She thought that she would wake up rich and famous if she followed the tutor’s recommendations for only 7 days.

But it doesn’t work that way. And Agnes chucked up classes.

As for me, I kept on studying hard systematically and in a month they noticed me and offered the assistant manager position in the cafe! It was a very good offer, especially since I wanted to build a career in the restaurant business further. Moreover, they raised my salary, which was very much to the point.

Did Agnes envy me? Probably, yes. But she was looking for the cause of her failures in others instead of herself. And once at the lesson she told the tutor: “All that’s nonsense and waste of time. It doesn’t help anyone!” I saw that our mentor got upset, because she put so much effort into our training.

Then I discussed with the girls from the group whether the tutor’s recommendations helped us, what we achieved in such a short time.

It turned out that each of us could boast of results. Someone enrolled in advanced training courses, someone got a marriage proposal, someone was promoted...

Five years have passed. I work as a manager in a large restaurant chain. My career gets rolling by leaps and bounds. Needless to say, I didn’t stop attending “The Field of Love” classes, because I see the results they yield. I haven’t heard of Agnes for a long time. I know that she dropped out of the institute, changed jobs, but achieved nothing. However, everyone determines their own affairs.”

Recipe for a happy life 

Many of us, like Agnes, want everything at once. They want to take a magic pill and lose weight. They want to find a formula for success and get rich. They want to cover the face with a miracle cream and lose a dozen years. Sometimes people come to our “The Field of Love” classes with such a request, in fact, they come for a miracle.

Do miracles happen? Of course, they do! And the stories of our students are the best evidence of this. But these miracles are not magic tricks, it’s hard work on a regular basis. First of all – it’s self-improvement. It implies working on your thoughts, mindset, attitude to any – positive and negative – events in your life.

We won’t give you a magic pill. But we will write a prescription for a happy life, including a list of recommendations, practices, rites.

And if you follow the recommendations of the tutor, trust their advice, attend group and individual classes on a regular basis, your life will change miraculously.

Our mentors are uncommon people. They have exceptional abilities that help students become successful, rich, healthy, and happy. Our tutors have a huge charge of energy – the Power received from the Universe. Even if you are simply close to the tutor, you get a significant amount of positive energy. That is, changes begin to occur as soon as you come to a group class, seminar or individual consultation.

Tutor’s recommendations

Why do classes fail to help? 

Unfortunately, mentors don’t always hear words of gratitude. “It didn’t help me,” some students claim. But it can’t be true! While listening to the mentor, tutor’s recommendations, the student is already gaining divine knowledge and positive energy.

Nevertheless, one day we received a message from a student, filled with anger and disappointment. The girl accused the mentor of the fact that she didn’t help her and wasted time on others. It’s a very unpleasant statement.

When we figured out the situation, it turned out that the student hadn’t completed a single task to the full! And she completely ignored some of the tutor’s recommendations and comments! Of course, this is the reason why no positive changes occurred in her life.

So, if it seems to you that the classes don’t help, look through this checklist. If at least one point is true, you know what to do – change your attitude.

Why seminars fail to help: 3 reasons: 

  1. First of all, your attitude and desire to change are important. No occupation will produce results without it.

Imagine that you decide to lose weight. What will you do? Most likely, you will get rid of junk food, buy a yoga mat, hula hoop, or at least scales. By doing so, you will show the seriousness of your intentions.

Of course, if afterwards you lie back on the sofa with a bucket of ice cream, you won’t get closer to the goal)))

But it is important to speak out your intentions. You can even write them down and stick them to the mirror. What should you write? For example, “I want to change! I deserve a better life! I will be happy, successful and beloved!”

  1. No doubts allowed. 

Having doubts that the tutor’s recommendations will yield results, mistrusting the words of the mentor, you can completely destroy everything that you achieved during the classes.

Doubt is a very dangerous virus, it infects your soul, activates all the worst and negative in it.

And what do negative thoughts lead to? To the negative consequences!

You think that you won’t be promoted at work, and thus, you form your future with this thought and... you don’t get promotion, your colleague does.

So clear your mind of doubts. Don’t let them settle in your head. Push them away!

  1. Seek out a true spiritual mentor. 

Pseudo-shamans, motivational coaches, business coaches, psychologists... nowadays, it’s hard to find out who really can help you and who just profit off of you.

Don’t turn to shady “helpers”. Our project “The Field of Love” is tried-and-true. We’ve been helping people all over the world for several decades and working in 32 countries on different continents. Our tutors are real spiritual people. They have helped thousands of people, they will help you too!

Don’t give up, take classes in groups and at seminars! Be happy!

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