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6 things that drain our nervous system 

Modern people, especially residents of metropolises, are under constant stress. Of course, it is impossible to avoid it completely. But it is quite simple to reduce the effect of stress on your life. In addition, stress is an effective tool for human development. The sooner person leaves the comfort zone, the faster his consciousness expands, the flexibility and openness to the world appear. Let's see what causes stress.

Leila, Rome: 

“My father was a popular TV presenter in the 1970s, and, of course, since childhood I dreamed about a television career. I worked like crazy to transcend the glory of my father. I have to become better, more famous, richer – every morning I said these words like a mantra.

Of course, the rest of my life was left behind my ambitions: friends, relationships, children — I was not interested in all of this at all. I was very goal-oriented and very lonely woman.

Everyone can probably image what work on television is. It is constant stress, jitters, deadlines, clashes and force majeure. I didn’t even try to search for  the causes of stress. What for? It is obvious that my life itself is the cause of stress.

When I turned 32, my main dream came true - I got my own show and a prestigious television award. When I was going back from a party in my honor, I had a terrible accident (there was a driver behind the wheel who could not make it).

A severe concussion of the brain and partial paralysis of the face and hands ... I could not speak normally, could not walk. I could not work! Then it seemed to me that I would better die in this accident than this…

I spent several years in clinical depression. There were also attempts to make away with my life. And alcohol and drugs ... Nothing could bring me back to life. I lost the only thing I loved - my work. Why should I live? For what?

God must love me. He brought me to seminar The Field of Love. I was amazed at the atmosphere of kindness, support, love that prevailed at the seminar. After seminar, I asked the tutor for a personal consultation, told about the causes of stress and asked to help me.

They helped me! I did not miss seminars, I studied in a group, for the first time in many years I went on a trip - to retreat to the Place of Power. It impressed me incredibly! Such energy! Such Power was in this place! I realized that I did not want to die, that I needed to live. I must find my predestination - and this is not television. At the Place of Power, everything that I did before the accident seemed so insignificant to me.

I start helping to organize events The Field of Love and it turned out pretty well. I began to communicate with women who found themselves in difficult situations - they listened to my advice, because I also survived the tragedy. I gave myself up to volunteering with passion - and felt happy! Really happy!

Once the tutor took off the amulet and hung it on my neck. I know that such talismans are the strongest. I realized that the Universe itself protects me now. And the Universe did not take long to wait - I was offered to telecast about volunteer projects in different countries of the world. The producers were not scared of my physical characteristics. So I returned to the TV and found myself!”

What is stress 

People who are in a constant stress often come to our seminars The Field of Love. We can say that stress is the most common disease of our time. But what is it in practice?

Stress is a reaction of the body to a physical or psychological influence that violates its usual rhythm of life, as well as the state of the human nervous system under such an influence.

Everything that unsettles us, whether it’s joyful events or troubles, is the cause of stress.

6 main mistakes that intensify stress: 

  1. Sedatives 

Today  more and more people are looking for causes of stress in the office of a psychologist or psychiatrist. And typically they get a universal recommendation - to start taking sedatives. But nobody tells about the destructive effect of such drugs on your nervous system.

Pills suppress your will, inhibit thought processes, and even provoke depression. Do you want to reduce stress? Do not take sedatives no matter what!

Causes of stress
  1. Alcohol 

Alcohol relieves anxiety only for a short time and helps to forget about problems with its inhibitory effect. But then it aggravates the situation, as it gradually destroys the nervous system, which health is the guarantee to stress resistance.

In addition, using a glass of one or another heating drink, you risk your nervous system to get lazy and to stop fighting stress by its own forces. And then you will inevitably find yourself in the office of a psychiatrist. And then see point №1.

  1. Smoking 

Smoking is not modern - it seems to be recognized around the world. But how many people take a cigarette during stressful or conflict situations. It is believed that tobacco has sedative effect. In fact, on the contrary, it stimulates the autonomic nervous system, including its sympathetic department, which is responsible for the development of a stress reaction.

In other words, nicotine creates additional stress at the physiological level. And stress + stress = stress squared.

  1. Lack of physical activity 

Our body is a truly unique tool for life and spiritual development. Naturally, with its proper use. This is an efficient energy storage and a unique self-regulating system. The problem is that most people just don’t understand the needs of their body, and, believe me, it simply yells about the need for physical activity and especially during stress.

After all, any kind of physical activity burns an excess of adrenaline, which is produced during stress, improves the functioning of the immune and cardiovascular systems and, most importantly, contributes to the production of endorphins - hormones of happiness. So by depriving your body of physical activity, you lose a valuable tool for reducing stress.

causes of stress
  1. Comfort eat 

The essence of this phenomenon is that the mind protective mechanisms are turned on during stress, and if it is hard for person to cope with difficulties in social life, he or she decides to get a pleasant experience, at least at a lower physiological level. But the effect of such an “analgesic” is not long, unlike the problems that arise with being overweight. And the causes of stress also do not disappear anywhere.

  1. Coffee 

Coffee builds up a tolerance and acts in some way like the initial stage of stress - increases the load on the heart and increases pressure. Coffee, just like stress, activates body’s resources by stimulating it to action. But since resources are limited for each person, the stage of exhaustion comes faster after their faster use.

So, no matter how difficult it is to give up on a cup of coffee in the morning, you need to do this. Otherwise, the nervous system will finally be exhausted, and again see point No. 1))

Do we need to deal with stress? 

Not always. After all, stress is the reaction of the soul and the body to bad living conditions, to a person’s wrong choice. Stress is the reaction of the soul to the restriction of talents, freedom, social, creative, personal and other realization.

Muting stress is like trying to lower the rising temperature with ice cream. Stress is great, because it helps a person not to die during life, but to reconsider his or her life stance and start living!

Why? Because our body releases the so-called stress hormones: adrenaline, norepinephrine and cortisol. Cortisol allows us to exist in a stressful environment and deal with stressful situations. Adrenaline activates the body. And all stress hormones greatly increase a person’s capabilities: both mental and physical.

Remember, for example, what did you do during exams at school or college? If you could quickly get together, answer any tricky question of a teacher, it means that stress hormones activated your mental activity and ultimately led you to success,

Therefore, here is the advice: reconsider your life in terms of a healthy lifestyle, spiritual development, personal realization, and not be afraid to take a step towards something new. For example, to become part of our spiritual family. Attend our group classes and seminars, go to retreats at the Places of Power, and help our volunteer projects. All this will reduce the causes of stress to nothing, and a new, amazing world will open over you.

causes of stress

Well, if you need to deal with stress in a matter of minutes, full yoga breath will help you: 

Sitting in a comfortable position with a straightened spine, you should take a slow, smooth, silent breath with the lower abdomen first and after it is filled (without tension), you should make light filling of the middle and slightly upper chest.

Then you should make an exhalation: first, the stomach contracts, and the air quietly, smoothly pours out from the lower abdomen through the nostrils, then the middle and upper parts of the lungs are empty.

There should be no break between inspiration and expiration. Breathing should go like a wave, inhaling and exhaling are maximally lengthened without any tension, but due to entering a completely calm and peaceful state of detachment and slight euphoria.

Having entered this state, you should focus on the feeling of pulsation in the region of the heart, temples, fingertips, and then feel it throughout the body. Having achieved this feeling, you mentally move to the Himalayan summit, feeling surrounded yourself by streams of clean mountain air, the rays of the sun and the bright cosmic prana - the grace of God.

After 3 minutes of such breathing, you suddenly realize that stress is already gone!

It is important not only to study, but also to practice the knowledge gained among like-minded people. We invite you to join the society of happy, open and loving people in our classes and retreats!

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