Estrogen and testosterone

What can a hormone imbalance lead to? 

Our endocrine profile affects not only our health and mood, but our whole life. Estrogen and testosterone are both female and male hormones, the balance between which is extremely important. In the article you will find out how to maintain it properly to realize your potential and achieve success in any field of activity.

Bertha, New York: 

"When I was little, my parents used to spoil me in every way. I grew up a fragile princess who received all sorts of toys, beautiful outfits, and most importantly, ocean of love. No, I didn't grow up selfish at all, and my parents still have a special place in my heart. When I was a kid, I never thought that anything in my life could change. But in my last year of college, I met him. And I fell madly in love.

Stephen was bright, cheerful, and energetic. He charmed everybody around him, talking all the time and was going to get rich.

Steve considered himself a great director, the truth is he had not made a single film yet, but was constantly looking for a sponsor for his future film...

My parents didn't like him. And after Stephen asked my father for money and he refused, the groom had a final quarrel with my family. And he took me to New York, away from my family. That's where we got married.

Family life wasn't all sweet. But I was blind in my absolute love for my great director. I worked two jobs to pamper my lover with delicacies and buy him fancy things. Because he must look stylish at meetings with producers.

And I gave up on myself. I had no time to care of myself chronically.

I went from one job to another, carried unmanageable bags from the supermarket, and I even put a new lamp on the wall.

A school friend came to my place in New York City one day and was in shock. She said I was getting masculine. It was unpleasant to hear, but then I just brushed it off.

And one day, standing in front of the mirror, I suddenly realized that I see a creature of unknown sex in it. Apparently, estrogen and testosterone played a bad joke on me, and I had a hormonal imbalance. The doctors prescribed me a bunch of hormonal drugs. There was an excess of male hormone, too. I noticed with horror mustache above my upper lip, and my beautiful lush hair turned into pathetic oakum. 

I realized that I had to change something. I started looking for information on the Internet, and I came across the Field of Love website. I really liked the articles and stories that were published there. So when I found out the date of the next seminar, I rushed there like a lamplighter. These classes became my safety valve! I felt like a woman again here.

They helped me discover my female identity at an individual consultation. Estrogen and testosterone came back to normal through numerous female practices. And the protective amulet in the form of a pendant became my permanent jewelry and a source of power.

And my appearance has also undergone major changes. Estrogen and testosterone were no longer in conflict. The estrogen euphoria brought back my beauty and femininity.

One beautiful spring day, I was coming back from the Field of Love seminar. Suddenly, a man ran at me. I was even frightened at first. He turned out to be an advertising manager of a world-famous cosmetics brand. He offered me to try myself as a model in a shampoo commercial. And I wanted to make a big change in my life, so I made my mind.

And I passed this casting! I got a very lucrative contract to advertise a whole line of hair products.

When Steve found out about it, he immediately started making plans how to spend my millions. But that was the last straw. I moved away from him, broke off sans contact with him, and finally met my other half a year later. And the Field of Love project played a major role in this again, because my future husband was a famous journalist who wrote a number of articles about this wonderful project.

Now I am absolutely happy! I enjoy life and thank the higher forces for bringing me to the Field of Love project.  

Estrogen and testosterone

Male and female hormones 

Let's see what estrogen and testosterone are. Testosterone is an amplification hormone, and estrogen is a pleasure hormone. Testosterone leap causes us to be excited, compete, win and overcome difficulties cost what it may. But estrogen causes the feeling of the strongest pleasure, enhances femininity and attractiveness.

Therefore, it is important that a woman produces enough estrogen. Then her femininity will open as much as possible and she will feel healthy, happy and beautiful.

Excess testosterone depresses positive emotions. That is, the woman can not rejoice. She is constantly in conflict situations, gets angry occasionally and in general becomes more aggressive. Have you noticed such reactions in you? So the amount of testosterone is critically high.

Estrogen, on the contrary, helps a woman to rejoice at every moment, radiate goodness and happiness.

Estrogen is also the best way to deal with stress and depression! Where there is a hormone of pleasure, negative thoughts will not pass! No antidepressant is as effective as estrogen).

How do you increase the amount of estrogen?

  1.   Physical exercises that bring you pleasure. 

Yoga or dance, cycling or roller skating, ice skating or skiing. No matter what activity you choose, the main thing is to enjoy it.

And do not revolve around the physiological component: I'll lose this many pounds, pump up here, pull it up there.

Fighting for every gram or centimeter is unlikely to please anyone.

But if a note of competition, competition or just banal jealousy creeps into these exercises, the estrogen and testosterone can change places very quickly. Then your body will start pumping testosterone to the max. And you'll get irritability and aggression instead of feeling good. So if you're not going to the Olympics, forget about the competitive spirit!

  1.   Special rituals and energy practices at Love Field seminars. 

Our tutors recommend various special practices for increasing estrogen: womb breathing, breathing of passion, eroyoga, working with intimate muscles, and of course, special rituals and initiation of the "10 Great Women", which you can do only at seminars.

And the ritual "Correction of the matrix of female destiny" helps all women of the lineage to free relations with partners from conflict and violence and learn to love yourself. It is also very important for every woman to have individual energy protection. To do this, we recommend buying a special amulet Amazon, which will scare away the dark spirits that take away woman’s energy of youth, joy and prosperity.

Estrogen and testosterone
  1. Regular group activities help maintain high energy levels, increase estrogen levels and form a new habit of taking care of yourself.

Tutors of the Field of Love recommend students to engage in various dance techniques that develop sensuality and pleasure. Moreover, our tutors teach special women's practices, which help developing the complex potential of women.

Female body produces especially much estrogen during bioenergetic striptease classes. During this sensual dance, a woman gives herself completely to the pleasure of movements and literally bathes in the hormones of femininity.

You can learn them at group lessons in your city or on the channels of our tutors, where there are free video courses that increase estrogen levels, and thus make any woman happy, healthy, strong and beautiful. Subscribe and sign up!

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