Shamanic Healing Music

How to be healthy and happy 

Life in metropolitan cities is oversaturated with negative and aggression. All this creates the conditions for the appearance of spirits of resentment, unhappiness, illness. They begin to suck strength and health out of people. But there is a protection method - shamanic healing music.

Attacks of a metropolitan city  

How often did you feel overwhelmed and exhausted after a hectic day? This happens precisely because of energy losses. All that surrounds us - advertising billboards, kilometers-long traffic jams, intrusive media, conflicts with other people - all this destroys human nature, disrupts energy and gives no chance for a happy carefree life.

This also concerns shamans. Just like other people, they face energy attack. But it is much more difficult for shamans. After all, the shaman nature itself implies unity with the nature, but not a struggle against the aggression of the concrete jungle. How do they cope?

Involving the spirits of the good. 

For this purpose, shamans use shamanic healing music created by the Great White Shaman. Therefore, they always and everywhere carry their player and listen to music with one of the headphones. And they listen to the voices of the spirits carefully with the other ear.

Creating shamanic healing music 

Music composed by the Great White Shaman bears the deepest meaning. At this moment, the White Shaman harmoniously merges with the spirits of his musical instruments, performing a unique ceremony of unity. 

Obeying the magic sounds, good spirits fly to him from everywhere. There are hundreds, thousands, hundreds of thousands of them! Their song is woven into a common musical rhythm and makes it truly magical. Subsequently, when playing this magical music, the listener receives protection against the aggression of the outside world. At the first sounds, it, like a magnet, begins attracting the helper spirits. And they, like a huge protective cocoon, envelop a person and accompany them everywhere.

Shamanic Healing Music

What are the types of music

There is a melody that helps only in a particular case for each situation in life. Sometimes music is composed for a certain person. But in most cases, the shaman has a whole collection of compositions for almost all occasions. At our seminars we are happy to select music for everyone who turns for help.

It is not uncommon that someone who carries the destructive energy of envy or anger comes to your house. With their aura, they poison your home. Therefore, you need to purify your house as soon as possible, otherwise grief may settle under your roof. For such cases there is special purification music. It accumulates good spirits and perfectly neutralizes all evil left by the envy visitor.

Stephanie, Toulouse:

In that year, more than ever, everything went just fine for me. I got married, my career went uphill, and incomes grew. And then my husband and I decided to move to the city center to walk to work and to be in the thick of things all the time. Before that, we lived in a quiet suburb. And our slow paced life seemed not to let us develop.

We moved, and our life has changed dramatically. Alas, not for the better. The apartment we rented was much smaller than the previous house. We could not invite friends, so we started going to bars and restaurants oftener. We began drinking more alcohol, sleep less, and get more tired. The metropolitan city pressed on us with negative. There was even no place to walk the dog properly - the nearest park could only be reached by car. My husband and I began to quarrel, get offended at each other. Clouds thickened over our family.

Tap it all off, I was diagnosed with a tumor during the scheduled examination. It was a shock! We dreamed of children, were going to visit the whole world. Will I die ?! I was shocked ...

Treatment began, but the predictions were extremely unfavorable. I was getting worse. In the mornings, looking into my husband’s eyes, inflamed from lack of sleep and hidden tears, everything turned upside down inside me.

Then I turned to the shaman. From the very first minutes of communication I was covered with a soothing wave of goodness coming from this person. He explained that my husband and I fell into the thick of the negative energy that is destroying our lives. The spirits of this place dragged all the powers out of us. My husband’s energy turned out to be stronger, and mine weaker. So evil beings penetrated into my body.

The shaman performed several rituals, after which I immediately felt better. He selected a complex of shamanic healing music for rehabilitation. I started the therapy. From the very first chords I realized that something started to change in my body. And even my consciousness was changing with me. These feelings of awakening and healing can not be compared with anything. I felt some forces were gently cleansing my body and filling it with new energy supplies.

When I visited the doctor again, he was amazed at the result. I was improving! They gathered a consultation of experts and carried out a thorough examination. The verdict was unequivocal - I am recovering! It was a miracle!

Naturally, we moved out of the city center, and from the city. We bought a big house in the village and the shaman personally checked it for bad energy. I spent a lot of time in the fresh air, walking with a dog. And then with my daughter, who was born a year later. 

Over the years, my husband and I have never quarreled. We did not even get sick. We did not even have flu! The shamanic rituals we regularly attend and shamanic healing music we constantly listen to, help us.

Shamanic healing music can cope with any disease, even incurable. To find the right tunes for you, visit our classes and seminars.


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