the book “Siberian shamanism”

How to find wealth, success and good luck

Despite the fact that the “Field of Love” project is held all over the world, unfortunately, not everyone can get there. The book “Siberian shamanism” is a gift for everyone who is interested in ancient culture, wants to become part of a large shaman family, understand their predestination and grasp fortune.

Ramona, Buenos Aires: 

“Coaching programs, business courses, and all-knowing gurus – all offer the same advice on how to achieve success. But do these tips help? Until I had the book “Siberian shamanism” in my hands and got acquainted with shamanic practices, I could not understand the principle of attracting cash flow, did not participate in the “Field of Love” project, I thought that it was impossible to achieve success and prosperity.

Five years ago, I was an administrator in a small hotel, working part-time as a translator and guide.

I always had enough work, but I had to work hard and make great efforts. I earned money that was enough only for the most necessary things.

Besides, I felt that I deserved more, but I didn't know how to get out of the vicious circle. And this chance was given to me by fate.

At work, I met people who came from different countries to our city for the “Field of Love” seminar. They invited me, too. Two days passed quickly, and when it was time to say goodbye, I realized that this was my chance to change my life.

I signed up for an individual consultation with the “Field of Love” tutor, where I underwent a karmic diagnosis and finally realized why there were so many obstacles in my life on the way to wealth and success. It turned out that this was a test by the spirit of money. 

Wow! He tested me!)))

Of course, I asked the tutor what I needed to do to increase the amount of well-being, and began to follow all the recommendations: I purchased an amulet for good luck, signed up for group classes and read the book “Siberian shamanism”, which gave me answers to all my questions. And I discussed the most complex energy practices with the mentor at seminars.

In five years, I have learned to work with cash flows and conduct rituals to attract success, found spiritual harmony and got rid of a lot of chronic diseases, but most importantly, I found my way and predestination.

Now I run a hostel chain and clubs for learning foreign languages for adults, do charity work, and help organize the “Field of Love” classes in our country.

And when someone asks me how I achieved success, I always advise two things: to attend the “Field of Love” classes and read the book “Siberian shamanism”.

Bad and good spirits 

From the shamanistic point of view, different spirits influence our entire life. Some of them are good, they bring us happiness, good luck, and health. Others are bad, they destroy us with negative thoughts and emotions, provoke alcoholism, drug addiction, and lead to suicide.

It is necessary to write about Dzayan Dzayachi in a different way, he is not bad, in fact, he helps if a person handles money correctly, respects it, spends it correctly..

One of the most cunning spirits is the spirit of consumerism. He seduces us all the time. Advertising, promotions, and discounts are all his ways of getting us to spend as much as possible on completely useless things.

Even if you are a very reasonable person with a cold head and all your spendings are calculated in advance, the spirit of consumerism will come up with a trap that you are likely to fall into. Advertising, marketing, banking system (loans, mortgages), slot machines, casinos, stock exchange. All these are tools of the cunning spirit. With their help, he pulls money out of you, and you, accordingly, begin to suffer.

But there is also the spirit of money Dzayan Dzayachi. He helps everyone who handles money with respect, spends money on good and useful things.

If you make friends with the spirit of money, you will not have financial problems, your prosperity will increase, and peace and good luck will accompany you.

the book “Siberian shamanism”

How to make friends with Dzayan Dzayachi? 

  1. Change the goal-setting. 

If you have a worthy goal related to the benefits for other people, then the spirit of money will begin to help you. Please note: philanthropists always have enough funds to help people. Scientists who are burning with the idea of inventing a drug or device that will save millions of lives always have a sponsor.

So if you spend money not only on yourself, you will have by an order more of it.

  1. Seek help from a shaman

Only a shaman can negotiate with the spirit of money. He will ask for good luck and well-being for you. Therefore, come to our seminars and group sessions and consult our mentors. Use the power of magic objects.

  1. Read the book “Siberian shamanism”. 

It is written by the Great White shaman and teaches you to control any spirits, including the spirit of money.

What is the book “Siberian shamanism”? 

Many books have been written about shamanism in the world, but most authors are only superficially familiar with the ancient culture. They are attracted by unusual clothes, rhythmic dances, drums... and few people know of what is behind the external attributes. History, archaeology, and anthropology do not provide an answer to why the shamanic tradition is alive and has such great power throughout the world.

The book “Siberian shamanism” is a unique publication released as part of the international “Field of Love” project.

Thanks to our students and volunteers, the book of the Great shaman is available in Russian, English, Portuguese, Spanish, and many other languages.

Valuable, interesting, easy, informative, it answers the most difficult questions and contains practical advice – the book “Siberian shamanism” has received only positive responses from around the world.

The book provides answers to questions about the formation of a healthy body and soul, healing from the larvae and dark spirits, finding harmony in the family and people around them, attracting career success, cash flow and building a dialogue with the spirit of money. By combining the knowledge gained from the book with individual consultations, group sessions, and places of Power, each person can build their own path to happiness, health, and success.

The “Field of Love” project and the book “Siberian shamanism” will help you avoid the traps of the spirits of the Lower world, find answers to all the painful questions and point the way to a happy future.

You can buy a book for yourself or as a gift anywhere in the world at one of our seminars! Check the schedule and sign up for classes of the “Field of Love” project. We are waiting for you in the circle of a large shaman family to help and teach you how to be successful, rich, healthy and happy!

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